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Posted elsewhere and forgot to post here. The Bergental Novice Schola event was rescheduled from its original February date owing to the entire state of Massachusetts being shut down for snowstorm Nemo. It is now scheduled for March 16.


Apr. 2nd, 2012 12:49 pm
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Managed to get class materials together for Novice Schola. Both the event and our class went well.

I got to one class, and managed to successfully melt glass for the first time! When I remember, I'll take a picture of my lovely little bead. I made mistakes, but I still like it. Not sure how far I want to go with it, but I think I'd like to try it again. In particular, I would eventually like to try it with more medieval equipment, but modern equipment is likely safer to use at an event site, since we were indoors.

Had lots of great conversations, both with old and new friends.

Between not always eating right, not enough time for soaking in the tub, and poor and/or completely lacking ability to sleep, I'm in quite a bit of pain right now. I still managed to get clothing washed though, and we delivered a whole bunch of eggs yesterday. And though it's quite windy out, the sun is shining; I'll take it.
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That's today!

Mostly ready (well, as ready as I ever am) - just need to pack feastgear and see to L's clothing. He has chicken duty, check on the furnace, and all the usual morning stuff.

Sadly druidharper is still ill, so no cool class on medieval hunting :( Hopefully all the other teachers can make it. Should be a fun day, regardless.

Ah, and must remember to pack inhaler, etc. Most of the time I don't need to bring that stuff with me, but events can be unpredictable. You never know if someone's going to wear a perfume I can't handle, although happily that's rare -- SCAdians seem to lean more in the direction of essential oils, other natural stuff, or just basic cleanliness, than not.

Also, event sites are invariably arid, so folks need to remember to drink fluids! And no, I don't mean lots of tea, coffee, or other caffeinated beverages :D
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(1) So, it looks like I'll be teaching a textile class. Oy. Not being an expert by any stretch of the imagination, this should be entertaining...

I'm not even sure how to write up the class description so that it sounds interesting, but I'd best get to it!

I'll have examples of various fabrics, and discuss the basic properties of different materials. MizPagan suggested I include a bit of history of textiles in the SCA, so I'll likely do that. I will NOT be doing a detailed timeline of when each material was used in each country SCAdians commonly make clothing and accessories for, but I'll mention some examples. Seriously, one could do a class just on cotton, in that case, and yes, it could take an hour to do that.

I will not be going into deep detail on things like appropriate patterns, although I'll probably bring some exemplars for that as well. The one thing I want to help folks avoid is buying upholstery fabric with a rubberized or other type of backing that keeps the fabric from breathing.

Ah, and I should include a handout that lists some useful fabric web sites, like fabric-store.com, fabrics.com, denverfabrics.com...

(2) Fitzw is teaching a song class this year. Period rounds, easy enough to learn, and I'll be one of the 'shills' in class, for when we break up into parts. One of our baronial folks has been after more music that everyone can sing, so Concentus only has a couple of choral pieces for this event -- for the rest we'll be singing rounds at feast, with the choir breaking up to help each of the sections of tables.
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Well, nothing terribly definitive at the moment. W's staying at the hospital and getting antibiotics; he has a blocked kidney. They want to see if that works first, before just going in there and doing something more invasive.

Novice Schola seemed to go well. We got there late, needing to get in a short nap before going in. [livejournal.com profile] harpnfiddle was able to re-schedule my class to later in the day than previously scheduled.

Had a great chat with [livejournal.com profile] countessinn about weaving. She had a lovely napkin on display, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her work.

[livejournal.com profile] ellid took [livejournal.com profile] harpnfiddle as an apprentice! And Baron Ernst took Angelina as a student :)

My thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] harpnfiddle (Lady Barbeta Kyrkeland) for her service as Luminary this past year. And congratulations to our new Luminary, Lady Brigitha in Kollrami. Vivant! Vivant! Vivant!

Got to see Gryph and Azure's little boy (didn't touch, as I have a cold), very cute. Chatted with various folks, saw some nifty art, including brand new stuff out of the pewter-casting class. Didn't stay for dinner as we needed to get to the hospital before visiting hours were over. W was very tired and sleepy, so we didn't stay long.

Got home to find that not only was the driveway all plowed out, but someone had shoveled off our porch and stairs! Also, brother R did the evening feeding of the cows, so L didn't have to go down there in the dark to do it. MIL M got a little caught up on sleep this afternoon/evening, and I expect we'll get some sleep tonight as well.


Mar. 1st, 2009 12:06 am
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Great event, lots of good conversations. Lots of happy learning.

Very tired now.
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This is an event for people new to the SCA and/or who would like to try something new/learn about something new.

We already have a number of teachers, but I'm wondering if there are any particular sorts of classes that people would be interested in seeing at this or similar types of events?
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Excellent day yesterday! We did have a few things happen, like one of the teachers being too ill to come and teach. [livejournal.com profile] harpnfiddle filled in more than adequately, with a Celtic Music class (emphasis on Scottish, as that's her area of interest) and the intro to harp class.

Learned interesting things about written music (like how to tell if it was for lute and definitely not for harp - accidentals), working songs, etc. We talked about the various reasons for a lot of music not surviving.

Also made it to the juggling class late in the day. I'm not good at it, but it occurred to me that it might be another useful exercise for the arm, so I'll keep giving it a try. That was a popular class :)

The fighter classes were both popular, with the one on why fighters should dance having people spilling out into the hallway because they wouldn't all fit. Aethelhawk/Taz was teaching that one. I talked with him about it over lunch, and he was pleasantly surprised at how well it had been received. Sir Jeff assisted from time to time with supporting thoughts and examples, which he was very happy about too. Taz's hope is to encourage there being more men on the dance floor and more women on the field, so that there's more parity in both.

I was going to go to [livejournal.com profile] masteralcuin's class, but [livejournal.com profile] ellid and I and Magnus needed to do judging of the A&S entries, and that went over about halfway through his class. I didn't want to come in late and disturb the class, but I'm hoping it went well.

Picked up the armor & stand, cloak, blackwork piece, for the demo next week. Today we'll assemble a few thing out our work.

Got to chat with lots of folks, including one of our new people that I hoping to meet in person, J. Nichols, and also his daughters. Lovely folks! He looked sort of familiar but I wasn't sure why, so I asked his name and sure enough he was who I thought he was -- turns out he found out about us through the demo we did at the Springfield Quadrangle. L was answering questions on the handbound books he had on display, and I do remember chatting with him at the time. Got to chat briefly with one of our new teachers too, by virtue of taking the juggling class.

I usually do a random 'survey' of students and teachers too, and overall everyone was pretty happy with their classes. Light attendance in some, heavy in others -- you never know from year to year, which classes will have peak attendance. But even if there's only one student, if it's an enthusiastic one it can make a teacher's day (speaking from experience).

I'm hoping we have dance again next year, but that will depend on if schedules can mesh.

[livejournal.com profile] sorcieredeneige came in first thing in the morning to help out a bit and check in with folks, before she headed back out to work on getting more stuff out of the flooded basement. They can't get the furniture out though, at least not yet -- too heavy. I expect that means she's sleeping in the spare bedroom upstairs right now, since the basement was essentially her own little apartment. Sigh. She lost all the fleeces. She at least still has her prepared fibers, but that's still quite a blow. And I'm sure many other things besides the fleeces, like some fabrics and books and such. And of course all the holiday stuff is stored in the furnace room down there, so some of that is likely gone as well.

She did get a lovely stack of books from Small Churl Books while there. And she's been getting deeper into research on bread and finally found more info on types of wheat in the medieval and renaissance period. Good for her!

[livejournal.com profile] gwynt_y_storm's work on the Roman marching kit was well received too, another highlight from the day. Although I don't think I have much to do with it really, I'm still proud of her and the work she's doing.

A little headachey this morning. Novice Schola tends to kill me physically, no matter how much other folks are doing to help. And it was a rather long day too. But we need to take advantage of the clear weather to do some work in the sugarhouse, barn, and apartment, moving things. So, I'd best do some of my ROM exercises, and get to work!
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The double-sided tape worked fine at first, then a manufacturing flaw caused the dispenser to stop dispensing. The boxes of replacement cartridges are nowhere to be found.

Meditation is good.

New plan. Printed out bookmarks that have some of my calligraphy/illumination on them. Next is punching a hole at the top to run some ribbons through (yes, I know where those are).

There are 4 types, each with a different quote.

1) Burn old firewood, Drink old wine, Read old books, Keep old friends. - Alfonso X, the Learned

2) When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes. - Erasmus

3) A room without books is like a body without a soul. - Cicero

4) One's work may be finished someday, but one's education never. - Miguel de Cervantes.

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Thursday (hey, it's a _very_ long weekend, for me!):

Had a lovely dinner last night with [livejournal.com profile] fitzw. We got to Greenfield early enough to get to the bead store first, where we got the most beautiful silver hawk pendant. I'd seen it the last time we were in town, for the winter fare farmers market, and it was still there. My plan is to secure it to my crane bag with a really good pin, so that it can represent air most of the time there, but I can still take it off to wear on occasion.

The restaurant was crowded but we were seated in about 5 minutes. Service was still good in spite of the workload, although probably not as high as they'd like -- when it's quieter the waiters do things like prepare your chopsticks for you :D Had a most excellent discussion about the Coligny Calendar. L has been working away at studying it in more detail and wanted to lay some of it out in discussion, to help him sort things out. Since I'd been having some trouble following some of how it worked (in spite of [livejournal.com profile] gwynt_y_storm's good lecture - I'm just slow on some things), it was great for me too, as L was able to explain some things to me so that I could keep it in my head. It took a few tries, but I have the basics down finally. The math of the system is what intrigues him the most, of course. I believe it goes well with the sacred geometry stuff he's studying, too. We also talked about the calendar in relation to other calender systems, and a bit about the language as well (old Gallic). A wonderful time!

Bought some little composition books for the teachers at Novice Schola last night. Just little ones, but handy for taking notes at a museum, library, someone else's class. Or jotting ideas in, that kind of think. Don't like the covers though, so I tried decoupaging some nice paper onto the covers of a few of them.


Decoupage isn't strong enough, will try some double-sided tape I have. That sticks to pretty much anything. Need to finish covering the gift notebooks today.


- Pack green bog dress (loaned from [livejournal.com profile] gwynt_y_storm, the cat clan's cheese slicer, L's teaching materials, feast gear, baronial chairs, coronets, harp(s) (although they won't go into the minivan until tomorrow morning). Pouches or bags for notebooks and other odds & ends. Travel snacks and water. Site donation check from a friend in NH.

- Ready clothing for tomorrow

- Clean minivan, put in two seats for the folks we're taking to the event. May have to put cartop carrier on as well, because of the stuff we'll be picking up at the event.

- PT and a little weaving. And maybe a bit more spinning, although if I do it'll be the Icelandic, as I want to get further along on that project.

Novice Schola. Long day. Have to get Eli there for helping with setup, so we'll be up super early, since we have to get down the mountain, pick up him and Sarah L, and then get to Springfield by 8:00 a.m. We'll be staying for dinner of course, which from the sounds of things will be a nice intimate affair. Then cleanup (at least a little, before the event staff kick me out), take people home, go home.

During the day:
Do baroness stuff (hold hands as needed, chat with folks, check out the arts displayed, help out where needed, and of course, be decorative and spiffy-looking). I'm sure everything will go wonderfully, although we always have a glitch or two -- part of the fun :D Hm, maybe I should browse through my class handouts and see if I can throw together another class, in case we need it...

Collect items from Sir Jeff, Mistress Caitlin O'D, and Mistress SD [livejournal.com profile] ellid, which will be displayed at Wandering Moon in Shelburne Falls on Feb. 23 (part of a renaissance-themed fundraiser for the local food pantry).

One of my apprentices, [livejournal.com profile] gwynt_y_storm, has been working away at various things Roman. I've been reading up on her progress with various projects in her journal with great interest, and she did show me a couple of things a few weeks back, which only whets my interest in the rest of what she's been making. The greatest holdup for her has been lack of a proper place to do metal work/forge work, but she's been doing a good job working around that lack so far. Hopefully we can do something about this soon, perhaps later in the year.

- Trip to transfer point for recycling.
- L and I think there was something else, but can't remember what it was. Hopefully it will come to one of us....
- I don't expect to do a whole lot Sunday, being the day after an event. I still get tuckered out after being out and about all day.
- History Channel is showing Life after People at 8pm. We caught a few bits of it last time, but not the whole thing. Hypothetical scenarios on what would happen if people suddenly weren't living in various given places (degradation of structures, how domestic and wild animals will fare, etc.). One of the bits we caught last time was from an actual place -- cities and towns do get abandoned, even today; it was really something to see how quickly the place they were at had gotten overgrown. Not completely surprising to me, with the stuff I've had to deal with in my own semi-tended garden spaces, but still interesting.

L has the day off and my PT is on Tuesday! Lady Alfdis will be coming by sometime in the morning to pick up the items from Novice Schola, as well as some items from myself and [livejournal.com profile] fitzw. (We'll have to pack up those things Sunday and/or early Monday morning). After that, who knows? We'll probably give Una/[livejournal.com profile] sorcieredeneige a call, to see how things are going. The basement flooded and she and her mom and a couple of friends have been working on cleaning up. [livejournal.com profile] ellid will be going over Sunday to see what she can do. Hm, I'll talk to Una at the event Saturday and see how things are going. If she knows that she'll have help on Monday, she can put some things off until then so that the weekend isn't quite as hard on her.

I'm sure we'll still have some time to ourselves in there somewhere. Good thing we're used to flexible schedules!

Time to get busy!
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No more fluffy snow, sigh. It's raining today. The car has a coat of snow because thankfully it snowed a few inches first; should make clearing it off tomorrow morning a little easier, having the snow between the car and the ice coating it's getting. Good thing William was able to get that load of wood to the new customer, and also more into the house (separate from the wood already inside, because it has snow on it and needs to dry out). L helped out with that of course, and even I helped a bit.

Do-It-Yourself Alternative Energy and Insulation Projects Site. And Go Romans!! )

Small But Awesome Water Use Thing )

Weaving, PT, Spinning )

And I should write up a report or two today as well. And somehow, maybe Thursday? I need to get out and shop for small thank-you gifts for the teachers for Saturday. I was hoping to find the asian market in Hadley last week, but we had to go all the way to Amherst instead. I'd really rather not drive to Amherst until Saturday, when we'll be picking up one of our folks to go to Novice Schola. I thought blank notebooks with an asian motif on the covers would be both useful and attractive, and appropriate to this time of year, of course.

Novice Schola is on Saturday. My class scheduler, Lady Kathleen, has been marvelous! And of course the Event Steward, Baroness Fiona, is right on top of things, and Luta and Lady Una as well. Our liaison, Lord Detharlion has been keeping us up-to-date on things at the church too, thank goodness. Now we just need the weather to cooperate, so that we can all get to the site and have fun teaching and learning all day!

Novice Schola Event
Novice Schola Class Schedule
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-Yoga stretches
-A bit of walking
-2 loads of laundry (1 massage sheets, 1 clothing)
-S-twist spinning, white Icelandic
-Wound some Z-twist white Icelandic into a ball
-Brought spinning wheel in from studiolo and removed bobbin for windoff
-Bank deposit
-Began looking at Egyptian art
-Correspondence, general and one for Novice Schola
-Caught up on entering receipts into Quicken
-Paid a bunch of bills online

Plans for tonight:
- Wind off z-twist white Icelandic from bobbin onto niddy noddy for setting
-Take some Emergen-C, throat's a little sore and have a bit of a headache
- Work on court doc for EK 12th Night
- Possibly spin more
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[personal profile] fitzw found water in the basement Saturday morning. Decided it wasn't too serious (as in immediate danger) so we left it that way until after the event. Checked it again when we got home, and he's pretty sure it's the water heater. Monday he'll call the maintenance folks and find out if the liner can be replaced or if the whole thing has to be replaced.

Had a "napkin" find at Ocean State Job Lot on Friday while I was out getting other stuff for Yule. Linen/cotton placemats, off-white, only .50 each. Bought 20. Was amused to see [profile] gwynt_y_storm's friends and family using same ones at Yule, as tablecloth protection (as has been noted in a couple of things I've read recently about tablecloths). I'm planning on washing them up and seeing if they'll work as napkins. In theory they should soften up enough, but if not I'll use them for gift wrapping or something.

Chena River Marblers open studio sale. Was all psyched to go, but today we're pretty tired. We've gone nearly every year since we first met them several years ago, but decided a nap was a better idea.

I have a Revels meeting this afternoon, and [personal profile] fitzw's going to the regional fighter practice. Should be a fun meeting; I'm looking forward to brainstorming and seeing what people have been doing!

Yule Feast

Dec. 10th, 2006 01:56 am
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A number of things changed this week, up to and including on Friday (doesn't something always happen just before an event?)

Yule Prep list )

Lots of folks were at Yule! Beautiful weather, the forest got set up, although it was a good bit of work because everyone's batteries kept dying of the cold, so not all the trees went up. Still looked pretty good and people really seemed to enjoy playing in it. At least one tree went home with someone to be a holiday tree for feeding outdoor birds and such. The fighters knocked down most of the forest by the end. We were theorizing that between ships and boar hunters, this is why England got low on wood after a while.

more on Yule )

Long day, long night. But a very happy day all around.
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NS/BB is February 24, 2007. I've begun sending out correspondence to possible teachers and musicians, only from recent years first, but posting to LJ has had the happy side effect of sending me a couple of prospects already. I've had one confirmation from my formal correspondence, a maybe, and a regret. This year I have a shadow for class scheduling, Kathleen. She's a great lady, who currently serves as Bergental's MoL.

I included in my post to the teachers a wish for a mid/late 14th century England track, in support of the Crossroads at Canterbury event. Happily one teacher, Pagan G, was inspired to do research for a clothing class. She's really been digging deep for this event, looking at recipes, and resurrecting the cooks guild so we can get together to try some things out. I have absolutely no clothing for that century, so I'll have to see what she finds. I know attendees don't have to look the part to attend Crossroads, but since [personal profile] fitzw and I will be working there, I think it would be nice to help contribute to the period ambiance. I'm especially interested in seeing what P finds for headdresses, as I don't like to cover up my ears if I can avoid it. Even one layer of fabric causes problems for me... Ooo, and as both a merchant and a baroness, I probably should make _two_ outfits, one for the day and one for feast!

We have quite a few volunteers to teach from our last business meeting as well, so I think it's almost time to send out the Call for Teachers post to the Bergental list. I'll do that Sunday, since I was planning on giving the first folks I emailed a week's headstart on thinking about classes and schedules, and that way I can send the post to the other lists at the same time.

It's wonderful have proactive event stewards -- I'm looking forward to being able to teach again this year. We're having meetings, phone calls, etc., to plan out each thing. That way the only last minute thing will be the one we can't avoid, which is changes to the class schedule (weather, illness).
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[personal profile] fitzw had a good talk on the phone with Z. I talked to Una about Novice Schola event notice stuff. She's working on it tonight, then meeting with Fiona, the other autocrat, to finalize things.

Got about half of the blue and green Shetland into balls of roving. [personal profile] fitzw read more about weaving. We watched MacGyver DVD as nothing on tv really interested us. MacGyver is very cool, and some of the stuff he does is even handy in real life :)

Tomorrow, more work on clothing, porch, possibly wooly stuff, and no doubt other stuff, then go to work.

Off to play backgammon. G'night!
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Sunday was some work at home, a site walk-thru for Novice Schola, then Scribal Workshop, the home for Concentus practice. Went out to dinner with Concentus members, then home to call my mom.

Sunday )

Monday I did a lot of work with changing from summer to winter clothing, and sorted out some things for giveaway/throwaway. [personal profile] fitzw put up the two shelves I painted last week, on the inside studio wall. Polyurethaning happened.
Monday )

Tuesday, more cleaning, more correspondence. Took a nap mid-day, and [personal profile] fitzw kindly worked on my shoulders and back a bit. I owe him some work, and a haircut too. Tonight he calls Z, after dinner. I think I'll work on turning the blue and green Shetland batts into something resembling rovings so it's a bit more orderly in appearance.

Dinner time! Pasta and red sauce :)
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Not a lot today, really. More sorting of things, found something I wasn't looking for, and still haven't found a couple of things I've been looking for, for a while now. Stressful. Went to the mall and looked at matt board, but it was too wet out, so not picking any up until tomorrow. Did happen upon some beautiful silver beakers in a new store there, and bought them all 4 for $40 (plated, I expect, but an excellent job).

Talked with Una for a while, had supper, made some tea with a bit of lemon in it, talked with Mom for a while, with petting of cats interspersed throughout. Good if sad episode of Inspector Lynley.

Tomorrow a.m., taking Roselynde to the vet for a blood test, to see if her creatine level's normal. Keeping fingers crossed, because if all is well, we can finally get her teeth cleaned. Roselynde, for those who haven't met her, is my beautiful, smart, and queenly cat -- mostly black short-hair/wire-hair, with the conformation of the old-style applehead Siamese. Fortunately she has a sweet voice (although penetrating at times....)

Calling St. Paul's when we get back -- assuming the secretary is in, I'll put in a request to add Novice Schola to their schedule.

Then getting matt board, then painting. I was going to get some more wood boxes for decoupage, but don't have time to go all the way to Michael's for them. AC Moore won't do for that.

Business meeting in the evening.


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