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Sunday was some work at home, a site walk-thru for Novice Schola, then Scribal Workshop, the home for Concentus practice. Went out to dinner with Concentus members, then home to call my mom.

The walk-thru went quite well, and now I need to start contacting teachers and building the tracks. At scribal I did a bit of spinning of my new stuff from Rhinebeck, and did consults with various scribes on calligraphy, design, etc. They're all doing great work, and Phred's really been gung ho on this -- two scrolls are now complete for Yule! It'll be nice not to be rushed on them before the event -- also, she's pretty busy in November, so this gives both of us a big break, as well as being less stressful for our new scribes. We got a few calls regarding the fire at Bethesda during the workshop. Pagan filled us in on some things at Concentus, and then of course there's more on that in [personal profile] baronessmartha's blog. Concentus practice went well -- we reviewed some older pieces and worked on a new piece. Dinner was good and happy, although I had a little trouble following some of the references when the conversation turned to Dune - I've only seen the movie and the mini-series, not read the books. Phone call to mom was okay, with good parts and rougher parts.

Monday I did a lot of work with changing from summer to winter clothing, and sorted out some things for giveaway/throwaway. [personal profile] fitzw put up the two shelves I painted last week, on the inside studio wall. Polyurethaning happened.
Renoferret did more polyurethaning of the baseboards, trim, etc. Did some correspondence and a phone call regarding the fire. Did a few loads of laundry, trying to get all the summer things clean and put away. [personal profile] fitzw and I were both having some back issues by nightfall. Got email from mom, and we've worked out the rougher bits from the phone call. Most of the time I enjoy speaking with her, but I always have to be careful of how much information I give her, because she tries to be 'helpful'. She lives alone and doesn't get a lot of visits from my brothers (all in Calif.), so I know the calls are important for her mental/emotional well-being, but it's probably a good thing we live 3,000 miles apart. We both have pretty strong personalities, so we clash on occasion. With her health being more fragile these days, it's important for her to stay as positive as possible. Unfortunately I can't be everything she might like me to be, especially in support of her, because I have to maintain my own health, etc., and that means doing my own thing.

Tuesday, more cleaning, more correspondence. Took a nap mid-day, and [personal profile] fitzw kindly worked on my shoulders and back a bit. I owe him some work, and a haircut too. Tonight he calls Z, after dinner. I think I'll work on turning the blue and green Shetland batts into something resembling rovings so it's a bit more orderly in appearance.

Dinner time! Pasta and red sauce :)
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