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Sep. 26th, 2006

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Folks on LJ certainly are busy! Not too much excitement here...

Did inventory on cards to see what I need more copies of... Yesterday I had a client in the a.m. Met with Deth in the afternoon to discuss Bergental's web site -- structure, access, and changes we want to make to it.

Had my Sunday night tak with my mom on Monday night (was still too tired Sunday from the equestrian event :P ) Talked about her book, research, stuff on the internet, using cleaners that are better for the environment, de-cluttering, and of course, politics.

Did some more spinning, but winding down on that project for now. Need to paint this week!

Today I have a trip to Home Depot to get more insulation, and then off to work.
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I've thought about this a few times over the past few years, and today the thought came about again. I do enjoy cooking, but with all the various projects we have around here, it's often difficult to find time to cook from scratch. When we're both really beat we just have cereal for dinner... Part of the problem also is that I work until at least 6pm on Tues & Wed and until at least 7pm on Thurs, so by the time I get home I'm not terribly interested in doing much. So, the thought was, if I only charged $50-100 per month for room and board, what's the likelihood I can get a cook (someone we know, being the very strong preference). Silly thought, but in order to cook healthy meals for lunch and dinner I like to have an hour for prep, cooking, and cleanup for each meal. Ah well, unlikely, but a pleasant fantasy. Tomorrow I need to start getting up earlier in the a.m., so that I might at least have time to make a decent lunch after doing all my other stuff.

Tomorrow I have to pot some chives, bottle some of the sage I dried, and write descriptions of same for the fundraiser at EKU.

Also thinking about other things, like spending more time painting, both on paper and on ceramics (Odbald's been doing his best to get me into doing it, and it is a lot of fun). Might be time to get more serious about art again...


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