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Helped do some mudding of the garage yesterday morning. Potted some chives, checked on the state of the Sage -- looks dry enough to bottle some, probably tommorrow, as it turns out I have the day off from work.

Finished up spinning for fitzw's shoeliner project, at least for now. If he runs out, I have some wool roving left and can make a bit more.

Cleaned/organized yesterday, and doing more today so I have space to lay out and inventory all the stuff for Fall Festival. Still haven't found one of the paintings I was working on a while back. I saw it sometime this summer, so I know it's here somewhere... another reason to clean.

Finally printed up pictures for my mom that I was supposed to do a couple of weeks ago. She has some pictures from Christmas, her study, and a family trip on her PC but doesn't have a good color printer, so she asked me to make prints for her. She probably mostly wants them for backup in case her hard drive crashes. Yes, I've explained about backing up files onto disks -- she even does it once a year I think, with help from one of my brothers. To her the only real backup is a hard copy, so I really had to work on the backup onto disk with her when her book got over 50 pages ("Mom, do you really want to have to re-type the entire book if your hard drive crashes?"). sigh

Hoping to have time in the next few weeks to make some shirts and at least one new pair of pants (all in linen!). Slowly phasing out clothing I don't really care for or are worn out, so figured I could replace some of it with clothing I like and is comfy and long-lasting. I have some cotton still, of course -- got some really wild (for me) turquoise corduroy with a black pattern on it last year, which I want to make a new jacket/windbreaker from.

Re-discovered some boxes on the back porch (enclosed) that need sorting. I should probably toss most of it away - after 10 years in the house, and I've looked in those boxes a number of times over the years, I obviously don't need at least 98% of what's out there. And if I can't let go of some of the really sentimental stuff, I have a space in the attic it can go into. We store most of the baronial gear on the back porch, and now that I have more gifty stuff to store, plus the new serving pitchers for high table, I need to free up the space. It's nice to have space... sometimes I like to just stop for a moment and look at the living room, which has a nice big open space right now... good for yoga, or lying around with the cats, or both (cats are very good at yoga).

Scott the Renoferret was off yesterday helping another handyman, so fitzw did more taping and mudding yesterday when I was at work. Today he's back again, finished the ceiling mudding and is putting in support joists on the shared wall (he prefers to over-engineer for roof support, and I don't disagree with that!), plus finishing cutting the holes for the glass cubes. I love my glass cubes! These are only 8"x8", but they're just right for the space. We're running a line of them along the top of the shared wall, to put a little more ambient light into the older side - plus, they look cool. My dad used to have a wall of them as a divider in his study, back when we all lived in California, and I always loved how they looked.

Oh, and apparently there's a good side to have Cheerios twice a day, as I lost another pound this week -- not to worry, we don't have cereal for dinner _every_ day -- probably 3 times this week though... I've also been doing hit and run snacking of small handfuls of almonds or tomatoes during the day. Keeps me from munching out on too much food at once, and no sugar drops either. I may not require "second breakfast", but "elevenses" is a _good thing_.

Had a head/jaw/neck-ache this morning, but the Aleve is finally starting to kick in. Did some work on my muscles too -- I have a massage this afternoon before my adjustments, but it's only for 1/2 an hour, so I'm trying to get some of the work out of the way so she can dig into the deeper stuff. Yay!

It isn't enough to maintain the status quo (which is an illusion anyway) -- sometimes you have to push yourself to go just a little further than you've gone before.


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