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Did some of the cleaning stuff, but no sewing. Moved some fiber stuff into the garage. And since it was such a nice day out, I finally had the courage to bring a fleece outside and see if any of it was worth saving. I bought the fleece several years ago in the first blush of my enthusiasm for learning about spinning, etc., then never had time to deal with it. It's been sitting in a bag under the basement steps all the while... So, book in hand to know what problems to look for, I dumped it out onto a tarp on the driveway. No bacterial stuff thank goodness. But there was black fungus (black tar-like stuff on the tips) on some of it, which I removed (the entire lock, not just the tip) -- lost about 1/3 of the fleece, unfortunately from the good parts. The center back of the fleece isn't as good as the shoulders or sides, and also it seems to have the most grass in it, but I'll still save it for later. Meantime, I hope to have time to wash some of the nicer stuff next week.

The electrical inspector came today... he came yesterday too, but we were out to lunch, so he let fitzw know he'd be here again this morning. Most of the rough work passed. Apparently the older side with the concrete pad is required to have GFCI outlets, so we'll have to replace those (fitzw can do this, yay!). We're also supposed to have a light that points at the new door, grr. The door's less than 10' away from the garage door, which has a light, but apparently you need to have a light for each door. So, we got a motion detector one that our electrician will have to put in.

Meantime, the renoferret's working on putting up siding, and now can work on finishing the wall insulation and putting up sheetrock inside. Yay!

Getting prize stuff ready for Crestfallen this weekend, picking things out and making sure I have all the receipts in order. Working on court documents the rest of the week as well, with help from ellid, fitzw and Phred (no journal). Have to go shopping for chicken for making Chicken Scarborough for the potluck feast, and maybe pick up a few other odds and ends.


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