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Sep. 24th, 2006

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Went to the Equestrian event in Concordia. Got home sometime after 1:00 am -- had dinner with some Bergenthalers, Geoff, Nan, Mark, and Alberic's sister Marianne. 12 all told, but they managed to find a table and a booth near each other.

Saw much horsey activity, including some of what's involved in training and qualifying for the experimental jousting. Very cool stuff. Didn't see the fighting at the barriers, but I heard that went well. fitzw had fun helping out with stuff in the ring and is now warranted ground crew. I just did the chatty thing :) And got some more spinning done...

Anselim (Mark) received his AoA - yay! He'd gone up with Geoff to show TRM one of the chamfron he's working on for the equestrian champs, tried to make his escape -- and failed of course, but not before falling on his butt. Lovely court doc, and a well deserved recognition. Happy Day :)

Also 2 OSCs and a Manche. Regret I'm tired and don't remember the names of the OSCs - one is Concordia's Exchequer and the other does lots of stuff with kids, among many other things, of course. Manche was Alayne Nyvern Nightwatcher. Other AoAs were given out to various local folks. Top 8 pairs for the pairs equestrian competition were announced and called into court to receive tassels from HRM Anna. Some people had paired up with different people during the afternoon, so a few folks received more than one tassel (they were very good). HRM Brion received one :) A large contingent of riders came all the way from AEthelmearc, about a 4 hour drive, and definitely contributed greatly to the success of the day.

Some of us did a bit of singing with Rufinia [correction - Rufina], John Elys, and Deonna von Aachen, most esp. Emma and Lyle, but Pagan and I had fun giving a try at sight-reading stuff in German. Lots of pretty music!

Allergies were giving a few of us a bit of grief, but we all managed.

Lucia and Balthasar were there, both looking well, altho' of course she isn't 100%. It was marvelous to see them there and she definitely got lots of hugs all around :)

Tomorrow, or rather, later today, we'll be going to the farm. Taking some old roofing tiles, etc. up to put in the farm dumpster (city won't take it, and it's silly to pay for a dumpster when we only have a couple of barrels full of the stuff), so happily we have another choice. More than that, will have to wait until tomorrow...


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