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Confirmed that if there isn't someone scheduled at near enough to start or finish time,of shift, that part of the shift will be nipped off to cut down on office overhead.
Owner started up a second office in another town, so I'm theorizing that the cost of a startup is affecting our shifts. The office should have given 24-hour notice and will continue to work on that. Scheduler verified that our shifts are officially not guaranteed.

Will have deal with it for now, but not a happy situation -- tonight's shift is down to 2 hours, but I still have to get to the office before my start time because today's my adjustment. Oh well. Am starting to work on other possibilities for income...

Upstairs Porch: Only two bags of winter clothing left to sort for keep/give away/throw away. Vacuumed up the dead bugs, etc. Removed old plastic sheeting, took down the insulation blind fabric (need to line it, put rings on it), stuffed plastic grocery bags into gaps in old window frames, plus a little duct tape. Started putting foil insulation on wall below windows. Put one stack of clothing storage bins in, to start building surface to put plants on. Although I'd prefer to build a surface over them -- depends on what materials I can find to use for that.

Today I have to finish putting the foil insulation up, hopefully the heavy plastic sheeting over the windows, and insulate the extended part of the porch roof. Then the rest of the storage bins can go back in and we can walk around the bedroom again.

To be done in near future: make the insulated shades, get/make black water containers to put along back wall of porch for passive solar heating for the plants. Possibly get a plant light bulb.

Studio: Only one window needs staining, and the threshold plate between the two halves of the garage to be installed and renoferret's done indoors. I have some trim to paint on the windows, but that can wait until next spring if need be. Meantime, we get to clean, move furniture, and move the rest of the weaving/spinning supplies in today.

After that, some more house cleaning, then off to work. [profile] prince_hring will be arriving sometime tonight from Canada. He's got a wedding to attend on Saturday, so this gives him some rest time and visiting time. Friday night a bunch of us are going out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday, a former Concentus post-practice hangout -- great food, and the accoustics in the hall outside it are great too.


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