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Sep. 15th, 2009 10:39 am
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Farmers Market was wet last weekend. More potentially wet weather coming up. Hopefully it will just be overcast this Saturday.

Pearsauce is becoming sauce. I think it calls for maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of what an applesauce recipe calls for, in regards to quantity of water needed -- pears are very juicy! They are also sweet, so I have not added any sugar at all, just some cinnamon.

Got more tomatoes at the market Saturday, and some more from the garden -- should be enough to make another small batch of sauce for the winter. Very small, sigh. Well, maybe I'll pick up more tomatoes this weekend. At least this way I don't have to deal with all of them at once, which is kind of nice.

Must harvest hops!

I'm about ready to kill my keyboard. The "o" key is misbehaving and doesn't always work, so then I have to go back and put the "o" in words. Rarr

Dress is coming along nicely for Coronation. Still need to make sleeves to attach to kirtle. Need to look at pics -- don't know if they're fitted in the lower arm, and if so, by lacing or buttons.

Went up to the grove yesterday (whoa!) and then on up higher. We're working on slowly opening some space up here and there, trying to keep the grapevines in check in that area (they're all over the hillside), bring some light in here and there. Balance.

Kung fu is Kung fu. We've decided to keep going for a while longer, as my knees seem to be holding up. L was planning on continuing, but I'm glad we'll be continuing to carpool.

Tonight is gold sash practice.

I need to talk to one of the teachers about my hip, see if there's anything I can do to help it.


Sep. 4th, 2009 10:38 pm
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Looking at recent entries, I realized I'd said I was "psychically" active the past couple weeks and then went on to talk about kung fu. *sigh*

That should have read "physically". Rarrr

Speaking of which, I only observed class today, as the hip is still recovering from last Saturday, and the knees aren't exactly thrilled with me either. Good decision on my part, as the instructor today was doing a whole bunch of hopping in various ways as part of warm ups :P

Some rolls and various escapes, most of which I knew but it was nice to see them again. Couple new escapes today though. Although the lapel escape turns into a reversal, so kind of two things there.

I was watching one of the rolls closely, as we'd gotten do the part of person flipping the other person into the roll once a few months ago and I'd been wanting to see it again.

I did get to practice some of the escapes with another student -- she was just watching the first class and was going to be in the more advance class afterward, and offered to pair up with me just for that part, so we went outside to go through them a few times :)

Fitzw was active in the class :) He's been pretty amazing this week, in fact, since he's also been helping with haying, and unloading and stacking hundreds of bales this week. Around 200+ each day, the past three days at least, and earlier in the week too I think. I helped a little bit yesterday, just kind of knocking them down and pushing them over from one end of the wagon to the other mostly. They're heavier than the ones at the beginning of summer were...

Blue heron sitings all over town. Either we have more than one, or the one is covering a lot of territory...

Kung Fu

Sep. 2nd, 2009 02:56 pm
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So, very physically active couple of weeks. Last week, kung fu MWF and exam on Saturday. This week, MTWF. Why Tuesday? because we are now gold sashes and there is a gold-sashes-only class every other Tuesday. So of course we went.

Right hip/thigh business still going on. Can't snap my kicks, and outward rotation is done carefully and within limits. Still better than after our first exam :P

Staff tonight, and I will continue to try to be careful. But it's possible we'll learn new stuff, so I want to be there. Or we may end up doing review stuff, which is okay too, since I still pretty much suck at flowers. Although a little better after yesterday's class. Instructor Ryan is really good at breaking flowers down into parts that make sense and at figuring out what you're doing wrong. Yay!

Yesterday there were only three of us (me, L, and Sunshine) and we were pretty comparable in experience so that was good. Accursed yoga moves as part of warmups again -- actually I kind of like them, but my abs are pretty whipped now. No jumping yesterday, yay!

Various standing and line drills, learned Fan Yao, Yi Lu Chuan review, then onto Cannon. New stuff in Cannon for all three of us. Then flowers, walking down the room and then sort of turning back/forth while alternating between downward and upward flowers.

Walking flowers was kind of funny at one point -- for one type R was talking about having one's hands in pretty close to the face/chest area, but when I tried to do it as close as he had it I got stuck -- um, I may not be particularly well-endowed, but I've got more than he has :D So, yeah, adjustments need to be made...
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For some detail, see [livejournal.com profile] fitzw's post HERE.

Overall I handled the PT part of it better than last time (which is both to be expected and hoped for). Mildly injured at the front of the point of the right hip, but not as badly as last time. Could fake walking normally most of the time at places we went to after the exam, which is a definite improvement over last ti!

We'll see how I'm doing tomorrow... despite overall physical improvements, I won't continue with kung fu if I think it's very likely to injure me in a way that will affect my daily life when I'm older. Hopefully I can continue though, as I seem to need some sort of structure to exercise. Also, it's often fun ;)


Aug. 18th, 2009 12:21 pm
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Last week:

Laundry from Pennsic plus keeping up with at-home laundry. Necessary ironing done. Summer trunks repacked and put back in place. Weeded a few tomatoes, then concentrated on finding and uncovering the flax. In two weeks, weeds went from zero to 3 feet :P Happily, can still find the parsnips and carrots, although we should probably pay some attention to those this week...

Also back to kungfu, which is going along well enough. Testing at the end of the month.

Lots of hay needed to be put in the mows -- L and others doing that. I did help out once, but mostly was directing my efforts toward other areas.

The upper part of the hayfield (Southeast/central-ish) has been getting dug up. With the change in weather patterns, the drainage system could no longer keep up. So they dug up a bunch of the pipes and replaced them with larger ones. This would be one of the many reasons farmers (at least around here) aren't rich... The geese were not terribly disturbed by the construction work :)

Sunday, had excellent lunch with Emeric and other folks.

This week:

More kungfu. Need to look for another type of knee support, by Futuro, to try out. Saw Emeric again last night after class. Sarah S helped me with fitting my bodice pattern -- has to be re-done because of combination of losing a little bit of weight (not much, really), getting in better shape, and changes in posture from recent training/PAW-cises.

More when there's more, I guess. It's rather hot.
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Hm, well I guess it's a good thing it's just the two of us in the car this year... although I would have enjoyed traveling with [livejournal.com profile] harpnfiddle again :) Still, it made being able to change our departure date that much easier, and hopefully L will be more rested and less frayed around the edges! We were going to work the farmers market Saturday and then pack up during the afternoon/evening and leave Sunday a.m. But he's been flat out for some months now, so having all of Sunday to get things together and then leaving Monday a.m. will be better. Probably better for me too, as I've added to my to-do list by getting re-authorized for rattan combat! My fighter pants have gone missing and my knee pads were attached to them. I haven't fought in a couple of years so they've probably been MIA since we moved from Holyoke. Eh, the pads were pretty old anyway...

So, now I'm making new pants -- in linen of course -- and am almost done with them (I hope!). I've put pockets on the knees to slide padding into, so tonight I need to try that part out and see what adjustments need to be made for correct fit. I sort of modeled them on a pair of martial arts pants I have, although the gusset is only single piece instead of the three pieces that my pants have. Only folks in camp will ever see them since I still use fugly plastic leg armor, so I wear a pair of poofy pants over the armor to hide everything. But linen rocks, both for durability and dealing with damp conditions, so hot and humid or cold and rainy, they shouldn't give me grief.

We've also decided to bring a bedframe after all. Just a futon frame, but with the strong possibility of rain, L wanted us off the ground, and I agree. In fact I want to bring a few bricks to set our trunks on as well. The tent and groundcloth _should_ suffice, but better safe than sorry.

Class last night went pretty well overall, but we were doing floor sweeps -- new for me and L. I did all right considering I can't get down low enough to do it properly. Would have been better if I'd thought to take my shoes off -- darn carpeting was catching at the soles and so I twisted my left knee some. New shoes still haven't come in, so I'm wearing my walking shoes :P But it was interesting to learn; I'll have to work on that one... We did it always on the left leg for the pivot point, but circled in both directions. There is also a higher up version of the sweep but we didn't do that yesterday.


Jul. 16th, 2009 11:04 am
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Lately I'd been getting somewhat discouraged about kungfu and things that require me to use my body in hard ways -- this includes gardening and haying of course, but kungfu had my attention in particular because after all, it isn't as necessary as work on the farm. I'd seen some improvements but continually having to use anti-inflammatories in order to get through the classes wasn't helping me to look at this activity favorably. And although pain is a part of the reason for taking them, the major reason is to keep various muscles from going into full spasm. And I don't have to take them the day after like I did when we first started, except when things go wrong. Like last week for instance. The weekend before, we'd had kungfu class Friday, kungfu plus walking in the parade on July 4, and then haying on Sunday. By Monday I had a headache that wouldn't quit because my shoulders were messed up, and my right arm was weak (which had already been a problem on Friday).

Sat and watched class Monday. Wednesday we didn't make it to class because of falling trees from the storms up here and in Sunderland. L did some serious leaning into those muscles so by Thursday I was headache-free. Friday was crazy at the farm so we stayed home.

Then on Sunday we had study group, and as an addendum to some readings I'd been doing for myself, when I was talking to M and D at their car (after the meeting), I got the rather clear message from 'upstairs' to "Suck it up." Um yeah, that was the wording. And of course not just referring to physical activities but life in general. Yay. Time and more than time to get on with things as best one can.

So, class on Monday went okay. Also did weeding Monday, Tuesday and yesterday, and even managed to plant some more parsnip seeds. Did not help with the haying, as I figured weeding, digging, hacking with a hoe, and planting were enough. I've also been trying to keep the tighter shoulder and upper back muscles in line with a self-massage device called The Answer (looks like a question mark), especially since L has been getting wiped out with all the haying.

Class Wednesday went alright. Then off to SCA rattan fighter practice because our authorizations had lapsed the previous month and at least one of us needs to be authorized for Pennsic (that inspirational leadership bit :D ).

I'd been debating whether or not to even try given how my shoulders/traps have been the past few years, but I had this beautiful new helmet that Sir Geoff had made for me.... *sigh* So Wednesday afternoon I moved the padding from the old helmet to the new one and tried it on, and it was pretty decent. So I packed everything I could find, borrowed knee pads from L because I couldn't find mine -- and borrowed gauntlets at the practice for trying out spear because mine still need finishing (another project pre-Pennsic project).

And now as of last night I'm re-authed in sword & shield, and also in spear. Two weapon forms, whoot! And, the shoulders are mostly behaving.

Oh, and I finished the two chitons for L this morning.

So, I guess, here's to sucking it up?
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Farmers Market went pretty well. We got hung up getting there, but happily a bunch of folks helped us bring thing over to our spot and get the EZ-up set up quickly and everything. Very windy, so everyone made sure their tents were staked/weighted down. Uncertain-looking weather, but we only got a brief sprinkle at one point -- blowing sideways, mind, but brief. Got a little spinning done but not much, because the wind was messing with the spindle. Took a short walk down to one of the tag sale spots that usually has some interesting stuff and bought an old steamer trunk and a basket/writing desk. Whoot! The trunk will need some fixing up; we'll need to make a tray among other things. But it's basically in good condition and was only $20. The writing desk/basket is in excellent condition and was only $4!

We started breakdown half an hour early, went home, changed and went down to Amherst. Met up with kungfu folks, did a run-through of some of the demo stuff, stretching, etc. Shifu was there with his son. I got to do some of the performance stuff, for about half the parade I guess, then took the bag of flyers from Shifu so he could do some fancy stuff along with Jess and Phil and Mark. Handing out flyers is probably one of my least favorite types of activities -- having to go up to strangers and see if they want to take some marketing material, yay (bleh). But it went pretty well, and while it may only be my personal perception, it seemed like the Asian and Indian folk were more willing to make eye contact with me than with some of the other folks. Be that as it may, many flyers were handed out, so maybe the school with get new students. They were pushing the kid adventure camp, and the parade's a good place to do that. I ended up doing a lot of running to catch up with our guys -- happily the knees didn't object once! So I seem to be regaining my sprint ability :) J's dad was there to take pics, so I suppose we may end up on the web site or something. Oh, and the weather down there was slightly overcast but not as windy as up the hill, so good parade weather. And as L and I were walking back to where the car was parked (L got in a lot of walking yesterday!), we got thanked by some of the VFW folks for being in the parade -- I think they were probably part of the organizing committee, but that was still very cool. And a lady who's organizing Amherst's 250th anniv. parade asked us about the school and being in their parade -- happily she had one of the flyers so we just made sure she knew that J would be the one to talk to about getting that process started.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig after that, to change into everyday clothing. I still had a bit of a headache from the lack of sleep and all, so I undid my braid -- and was promptly amused. Most of my hair was dry, except where the braid started at the nape, which was quite thoroughly damp still.

An easy evening with a few light chores. No fireworks for us after a long day. Nevertheless, we did have a delightful light show last night :) The moon was up (she'll be full in a few more days) and the clouds were scudding by. There was a small but intense rainbow around the moon, coloring the clouds in pinks and electric to medium blues. And then finally she had the sky to herself and we went to sleep.

This morning, a beautiful sunny clear day! We made a list while we were at the market of things we need to do this summer, and some of it is getting done today!

Busy Day!

Jul. 4th, 2009 07:28 am
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Getting ready to go to market this morning... since the candy L and I made is being handled differently from things Marian made, I have to count it all to see if any was sold during the week (4 pieces, yay!). We should be able to pay back for the syrup we used to make the candy out of today's commissions hopefully.

We'll be leaving market a little early today, despite the crowds that may be in town for the town-wide tag sale. We volunteered to help the kungfu school out with their part of the Amherst parade. Not exactly my idea of fun in some ways -- I prefer demos under more controlled circumstances than marching down the road, not knowing who's going to be doing what in the rest of the parade... but it turns out to be a good thing we volunteered because a bunch of their regular demo crew are out of town or have other obligations this year, so they're short. Matt and Leeta are seeing if they can pull in a couple friends or family to handle some of the non-performance things, like taking a turn carrying the banner or giving out candy and brochures (organic lollipops made by some of the youth students).

Sun's out (is cautiously optimistic). William cut some hay yesterday, so I guess he's feeling somewhat optimistic as well. Although it's so wet still that it'll probably take longer than usual to dry, and maybe extra tedding.


Jun. 17th, 2009 09:58 pm
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The weather was perfect today! Sunny but not too hot, and a bit of a breeze. I took pictures of some of the laundry, and some flowers and plants too. It was a perfect laundry day; I was able to put up two loads on the lines, one after the other. I'll see about putting up some pictures tomorrow.

One of the problems with exercising more and doing all that lovely gardening and farm work is the increase in laundry time this time of year....

Dug and pulled up a bunch of weeds in the herb garden today. I have hopes of maybe moving some things around tomorrow earlier in the day (forecast of rain in the afternoon). If I'm lucky, I'll make enough space to plant a few seeds. Seems I went a little crazy ordering things this year.... sigh. It won't all fit. In fact the reason I have to move some things is because the soil's better up here and everything has gotten huge! I should have moved some things last year I suspect, but I definitely wasn't up to doing that much work with my shoulder at the time.

Speaking of exercising, we made it to staff class today. Phil (instructor) had us do more stretching stuff than usual today, but that was good because my shoulders and upper back have been kind of unhappy -- no doubt all the digging and stuff. We got to finish learning Southern Staff -- whoot! Made Ras (another instructor) laugh when I got realized we'd reached the end and go excited about that :D And now, more practice, of course!

Strawberries are increasing in number! Must make something with them!!
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Our first time at the farmers market this season went pretty well, all things considered. We remembered almost everything and we got set up on time.

Then L had to go back home to continue work on the weekend migration, which had started to get interesting on Friday and continues to be so today. We stayed home from kungfu on Friday because of it in fact, although we did go to class today as the timing was all right for it today.

Traffic at the market was medium to lowish, but nice folks and some good chats. The guest crafters next to me (we mostly do food but have a guest non-food vendor at each of the weekends) make pants and skirts for babies to kids age 5, from "a combination of vintage, donated, re-purposed & new fabric" -- all sorts of funky fabric combos. I'm going to go through my fabric stash and see about liberating some stuff for them. I still have a lot of cotton, which they seem to use a lot of, and they can use anything from a yard or so down to small scraps (accent pockets, etc.)

I chatted for a while with a nice young lady who's interested in learning to spin -- I had some spinning with me of course -- I joked that I'd hypnotized her with the spinning and that's why she stayed as long as she did to talk ;) She's a student at Double Edge Theatre; I have piddling theatre background but we talked about all sorts of things, including baronial courts (sort of semi-structured improv). So I'll be bringing some extra spinning stuff for the next few weeks, for whenever she can make it to the market again, and we'll have a go at spinning.

Got in some gardening Saturday and Sunday. More strawberries, and the second sowing of oats is up. Strawberry smoothies last night, of our strawberries and the local farm's yogurt :)

Couldn't make it to the stencilling workshop or the Pennsic prep meeting Sunday :( Too much work.

Kungfu class tonight was good. We did some work on tantiao, finishing the move with jumps and kicks -- my kicks are um... well, something to work on. We finished learning Yiluchuan. Now more practice! We'd gone outside for that part of class, and it started sprinkling part way through -- youngest fellow in our section commented on it, but the rest of us were fine with it and he dealt with it. Besides, I don't know about him but I was already soaked from sweat, so the rain was rather pleasant and refreshing!
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Helped move 170+ bales today. Most went into a mow for now, and 50 into a truck to go to a customer. Then went to pick a few strawberries -- not a whole lot yet, but we only want to share so many with our outdoor neighbors ;)

The grass we didn't get out of the bed before it became unsafe to continue (without risking damage/disruption to the strawberries) had gotten lodged what with all the rain and wind, so I got out a pair of hand clippers and shortened the grass around them. Now they should get more sunlight and I may try to dry out the cuttings for a saunders mat.

A saunders mat is a high quality archery target mat, made by wrapping up straw/hay into a long tube and then coiling it around like one of those braided rugs you may have seen. They're very expensive. Building construction foam can also be used, but people with more powerful bows have problems with them because the friction heat from the arrow head sticking into the foam sometimes causes them to fuse together.

I got a blister on the side of my left thumb from doing too much clipping, sigh. Darn 'lady hands'.... they're useful for lots of things, but they don't form calluses worth a damn. Someday I'll train myself to always use gloves when I should.... oh well. At least I have strawberries :)


Jun. 10th, 2009 10:06 pm
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Last week no kungfu for me, although I did go Friday and watch. I'd been feeling better but then noticed Friday afternoon that my feet and ankles were swollen and elevating them for an hour didn't do much so I just watched. Bummer, as they were doing a lot of fun stuff, sigh. Saturday they were better and Sunday they were fine. Right foot has stayed fine, left is mostly fine (checked just now -- left is fine). No pain except the usual places :D

There's been a lot of work on painting the barn by various (mostly) relatives. Even I did some work -- painted up in the cupola with nephew Chris and his wife Beth, a little painting down below and also scraping (tidying some windows). We still have a few more windows to neaten up, which I might even get to this week. The cupola was fun -- C and B had climbing gear so I got roped in and wore one of their helmets for standing up in a couple of the windows.

Most of the garden (what we've managed to plant) is looking pretty good. Need to get out and pick strawberries tomorrow and see if the soldier beans are coming up. Probably have to re-plant seeds for squash because of the cold we had, plus the loofah seeds. Need to get rid of more violets in the herb garden as they're crowding things like my scented geranium.

Irises blooming all over the place around here :) Nice that my MIL and I both like irises!

The event this past weekend was very nice despite us getting off to a rough start (left a scroll at home and poor L had to go back and get it) and my new bow breaking. Oddly I haven't found that to be terribly upsetting. Beautiful weather, lots of folks to talk to and visit with, and I learned a bit about throwing axes.

Staff class tonight was fun -- we got to learn new stuff!
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Exam was today. L and I both passed :) Overall it was pretty good and interesting. I did something to my left hip in the forward breakfall though, which is annoying. Currently icing that and the right knee (left knee will follow, but I only have two packs). Had I not been so much digging in the garden this week, I might not have done quite so much damage to myself :D

L is doing better than me, happily. This is good, since he's just gone out to load 50 bales onto the truck. His dad wanted him to do it this morning, and L wisely deferred that to after the exam. I'm debating going out to the garden, but will probably wait until tomorrow morning.

It was very interesting watching the upper classmen go through their forms -- nice to see what we have to look forward to!
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Well. Not that I've really practiced except in my head, but I had been contemplating playing flute on Mon. with the local amateur band. That was before we did kicking practices and taking turns holding the kicking pad. One guy kicked too high and smacked the top of the pad into my mouth. At least I had my teeth together like the teachers said to do... so, two bloody lips means no playing. Pretty funky thing in some ways... I've never gotten my upper lip split before I'm pretty sure, not even when I got popped in the mouth in Junior High (the joys of teenagers). Kicking part of class was definitely a little rougher than usual for me, so back to having ibuprofen before and after class, at least today.

OTOH, was doing a little tickle fu sparring with L after class and found I've gotten a _lot_ faster. So's he of course, and he's gotten pretty good at deflecting too; I really had to crank it up some, which is how I discovered I'd gotten faster. Good way to bleed off a little of the adrenaline from getting popped in the mouth, although the rest took a while to go :P

Stopped in at Frontier Pizza and got calzones, mmmmmmm!

Mostly packed for tomorrow, but still need to pick out some clothing and that sort of thing. And then some sleep!
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L and I have been working on recovering the strawberry beds -- not easy because they got taken over by weeds last summer, what with the rain and all. The strawberries have multiplied in spite of that, but usually I end up digging everything out of a spot, sorting the strawberries out by hand, and then re-planting them.

L recovered a good bit of the west end of the garden yesterday, and so we managed to plant some corn. We also planted some wax beans at the east end yesterday.

All but one of the potatoes came up, so not bad out of 22 plantings. Peas are starting to come up too. The seed package for that recommended planting the same area every two weeks until it gets too warm to do that... I don't have a lot of seeds, but I'll be doing a second planting this week as I have enough for that. The first lot are coming up, yay!

And I'll go through the seeds and see what else I want to plant today....

Kungfu class went pretty well yesterday. We learned a new section of the southern staff form, doing blossoms and then going into pubu and slapping the staff down. My 'hurricane knees' still isn't very good, but about the best these knees are going to do, at least for now. Happily my stomach muscles seem to be mostly recovered from being sick, for which I'm very grateful.

I still take ibuprofen before each class -- I've only forgotten a couple of times, and boy is that not a good idea. But I've been needing to take more after class less and less often, and icing isn't so critical now either, so overall I'd say I've made some improvement health-wise. Yesterday I did some extra ibuprofen, but then I'd been digging in the garden two days in a row, plus planting and sowing and such, and that's a pretty intense workout too.

Hm.... a nice soak in the tub might be in order later today... especially since I need be more diligent about daily practice. L and I will be testing for white sash on May 30 and I'm still not feeling completely confident about a number of things.

Meanwhile, need to empty some stuff out of the car and start getting ready for the weekend, as we'll be going to War of the Roses. *sigh* I enjoy going there and being with folks, but between that, the exam, and then our own local Sommer Draw event, L and I will be missing the first three weekends of the farmers market. So no events after that until Pennsic.


May. 14th, 2009 10:15 am
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Made some progress sorting a few boxes of stuff. Few more things going into giveaway, and more like things finding each other.

Staff class last night -- pretty good aside from my lousy rendition of hurricane knees. Have to work on that... although a lot of the work is getting in better shape. So, maybe a walk soon -- looks like it's going to rain today.

Instructor J told L and me on Monday that we're likely to be testing for white sash at the end of the month, so need to practice even more for that -- although my biggest personal worry is the PT because my asthma still gets in the way of the jogging part. So, more walking on hilly roads! Last night those in class got their pictures taken for updating the website. When that goes up, I'll post about it.

This coming weekend has become less stressful, as the project L was going to have to work on all weekend got moved to a weekend in June -- so, stress not ended, just delayed. That mean just Bergental Town Meeting on Saturday, 11am - 7pm, here at the farm, cleaning at the kungfu school Sunday morning and then lunch with the other folks cleaning, maybe a little more cleaning after lunch, and then choir in the evening.

Hm, and maybe a trip to the transfer point before town meeting, if we can manage it...

Gardening progress has slowed down.... I need to get all the seeds out and look at them, see what I have and when they can go out. I didn't do any starts this year, so tomatoes from seed might be um, interesting.

Dandelions are flourishing, so I really should go out and pick a couple bagsful for making dandelion wine. The stuff from last year needs to be decanted and then we can get that started.

Oh! And on my walk I should see if the fiddleheads are up yet!


May. 5th, 2009 03:43 pm
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Went out and planted peas because I can't wait for sunny weather. Went for a short jog/walk down past the east side of the barn and into the field and then back up again, even though it had started lightly raining by then. Did not melt ;)

L was moving hay bales again, this time to do an inventory of what's left vs. customer needs. Ended up helping a bit with that. So, some exercise acquired. Still need to do some form work of course, but I can do some of that indoors (even a bit of staff, sort of -- I use a yard stick instead so I don't break things).
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Kungfu went pretty well last night. We're back into reviewing, which is good since I really didn't remember all the combo things from the one time we zipped through a bunch of them... Now I might be able to practice them on my own. The instructors did work one-on-one with a few folks who've fallen behind on this or that or are beginners, so that was good. I survived even though I forgot to take ibuprofen beforehand -- although my neck is still pretty funky this morning (took some ibuprofen when I finally got home, as the left side of neck/shoulder was trying to spasm). Someday that won't be as much of an issue....

SCA business meeting last night was interesting. Mostly just the usual, but possibilities for Summer 2010.... I'll have to keep a lookout for an old hat I made years ago...

Today is a grey, windy, dreary day. So I'll be busy indoors. A bit more of clothing exchange, and some artwork I expect.

And some exercise, of course. Couldn't do the offset pushups at all on Monday, so I tried them out on the wall instead yesterday, with more success. Since pushups on the floor are still pretty hard on my shoulder, I'm working on doing more of them as wall pushups. I may do some of the regular type of pushups against the counter, to carefully up the ante.
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First part of Saturday was our local town meeting. Pretty interesting stuff actually, as we all struggle with what things to spend on or make cuts on, in an increasingly limited budget. The meeting broke for a late lunch; we went home for that. Ended up not going back for the second half, having other things that needed doing. Like L helping W retrieve a couple of the new heifers. Yes, we have 6 new young ladies here at the farm :)

L also tilled the small stretch of land we'll be planting flax and oats on again. We'll have to go out and weed the flax half as well as possible, as fiber flax isn't as aggressive as grass. He's also planning on sowing it in rows this year, hoping to keep it more manageable -- last year's experiment was not a success. I expect if we keep improving the quality of the land though, that we'll get better results over time.

I worked on the winter/summer clothing exchange, set some clothing aside for giveaway and rags, and found a new home for some of the gift bags, ribbons, and bows. While we still use them at holidays and such (and many people I know re-use bags too), there's only so much space in the house. I'm working on eliminating a whole box from clothing storage -- have a feeling I'm only going to succeed in downsizing to a smaller box, but I'll take what I can get.

Besides, I'm not unpacking all the percale sheets this year, so some of storage is being taken up by that -- we really don't need to have a bunch of sheets out, and they'll be there when the sheets we're using wear out (or we can exchange sets in storage for variety next year). When I was a kid, we only had 2 or 3 sets of sheets each, and you only really need 2 sets. One on the bed and one to replace them when the first set goes into the wash.

Some shopping, cleaning, and printing happened in the evening.

Sunday morning was Beltain at the Sunwheel. We had two guests, which was great :) Things went well overall -- I'd accidentally grabbed a stack of napkins instead of a tablecloth, but fortunately it wasn't windy :D The thing I'd tried to do at Samhuinn worked this time -- tweaked a couple of things. I wrote out the part where we're purifying the grove with the elements so that the druids from all four quarters came in to the center to pick up their element symbols and then went out to scribe the circle all at the same time and then went back to return the symbols at the same time. Four overlapping swirls :) Sort of a ritual dance, if you will. And of course we had a May pole dance, which was lots of fun again -- someday we may manage to wrap our Chief Druid up in the ribbons ;)

A good feast, although we all missed having [livejournal.com profile] harpnfiddle with us for the ritual and the feast in person... but she'd been driving all night so really needed her rest. I was "restrained" and had only one of the donuts. We had strawberry rhubarb pie, so two donuts would really have been too much.

Got in an excellent walk after everyone left, and then I worked on basic form and iluchuan, before we went off to choir practice. That went pretty well, although we were missing [livejournal.com profile] ellid, who is madly working on papers. Potluck convo was good, got home late, called mom, etc.

Monday: L had to help load 200 bales early this morning, then count out second-cut bales to set aside for a contract customer, and then another 20 for someone else (I helped with the second and third bits).

Two loads of laundry this morning, and also picked dandelion greens!

Dandelions are blooming a little early this year, so not as much picking as last year. Nettles are coming up though, and this year I aim to harvest most of my own.

L has a dental cleaning today, so I get to go shopping at Goldthread Apothecary for empty capsules, glass bottles, etc.


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