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May. 18th, 2016

helwen: (Due Consideration)
Nearly all the plants indoors are now outdoors or on the porch (easy to enclose if it gets below 40F at night). I've a few more upstairs to move out, but it's too late in the day for that now.

Moving plants onto the porch entailed moving a bunch of stuff around or off the porch, then moving a table and a long bench onto the porch -- bit of work, but got it done.

Also transplanted a few new plants into pots on the patio: Petunias, Pansies, one Lady's Mantle (to keep my remaining one company), and a mix of leaf lettuces.

Did you know that Petunias come in black? I didn't know that until this past Saturday - now I have two of them :)


I've been looking for a couple of nearly-finished tent bags for a week or so now, then figured I'd probably have to move the plants to find them, and I was correct. Hate have so much stuff jammed into one space; now I have room to go through what's still in the dining room and get things sorted.

Hoping soon to either rearrange or otherwise make enough space in the trailer to move a coat rack into it. It's a lovely old thing with a center post and the rack is a spiral with acorn-like knobs to keep things separate. I've used it for a few different things but it really isn't fitting into the house anymore. Since we're working on insulating the trailer and making it more usable, a coat rack is an eminently practical addition.
helwen: (Due Consideration)
I succeeded in moving the claws off the sewing machine and onto a tray table today. Of course I couldn't just move them :P So now they're a bit smoother, etc. Maybe tonight I'll poke holes into the tabs for holding them onto gloves...unlikely I'll get to actually baking them tonight, but soon.


Unpacked some crystal water glasses I bought in my 20s and found a space for them in the cupboard. Some travel mugs I think L wants to hold onto for a little longer are now tucked in the back of the coffee machine cabinet.

Unpacked a bento box too, so I can see it and remember to use it at some point. If one isn't using something, even just for display, why keep it?

Put the boxes from those in the barn loft. Yay tidying!


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