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Wow, what a great day! We had some things we had to get done in the morning, but then off to the event, arriving in time to catch up with a few folks and have some scrumptious lunch. Then off to teach two classes on finger-loop braiding (Lyle did most of the talking this time -- I prepped the materials and assisted here and there). Almost went to a class or two but ended up chatting and brainstorming on a variety of topics, hanging out with Henna and Annastrina at the loom, and signing a scroll (old business finally and happily concluded).

At various points throughout the day I got to talk with Emele, Elizabeth Rose, Charis, Angharad, Henna, Annastrina, Gregory, Catherine, Sarah D, Barbara, Barbeta, Jean-Louis, Ernst, Geoffrey, Harkin, Cedric, Pagan, Emma, Rob, Max, Constance, Brangwyne, Yvonne, and well, more people than I can list. Some folks I only got to say 'hi' to all too briefly, like Liam, Griffin, Eli, or Azure, for instance, but it was good to see them there. Saw Bianca in the first finger-loop class (*waves*)... a full day indeed.

[EDIT: Also got to say 'hi' to Hugh_mannity, Jeene and Tabitha Johnstone, Tommaltach, Fiona, Montague, Gwenhwyfar and ? (I forget how to spell his name -- Jen and Nick Hyatt with their cute baby and Nick's mom), and saw in-passing Erik von Hemeor, Ferral, Caitlin O'Dochartaigh, Zadia and Adelia, ....

Eleanore MacCarthaigh stepped up as Bergental's Luminary (A&S Champion) at Court -- our Luminary was Baroness Emma, who is more than a little busy now with being baroness :) ]

Back to the event...after classes were done, off to court to see the scroll presented to Barbara of Bergental, Lady Angelina also received her well-deserved Fountain award (now called the Order of the Cup of St. Brigit, for service), and a young man was inducted into the Order of the Sable Bear (martial). I'm afraid I didn't catch his name, although I do recognize him -- we don't cross paths in our interests; polite and friendly though! There were some other pieces of business, like thanking people with a special token for their years of service in Bergental (mostly folks who were busy working at Investiture, who Their Excellencies had been trying to catch up with), and welcoming SCA newcomers.

Then I was called in, for a new award Their Excellencies started last autumn, for people who have been active for a long time in the barony, have at least two of the baronial awards (I think?), and continue to be people who are looked to for advice or inspiration...something like that. Mistress Pagan Graeme is the first of this new order, the Polaris. And now, I am the second. There is a lovely mantle being made by Mistress Sarah Davies - she had a question on which color I'd prefer for the lining and also how I'd like the front done, but it's of a quite lovely soft dark green wool, with the Polaris star pieced and embroidered on it -- star designed by Lady Elizabeth of Rivenstar (Hi apprentice!). I'll be getting that at the housewarming next Sunday :)

Someone, I think it was Harkin? noted that I seemed surprised at the award, and I replied that I figured I would probably be inducted sooner or later, all things considered, but Baroness Emma had come up with something special that I certainly could not have expected. The scroll is a work in progress, because they were letting everyone who be a part of the award-giving to add color or white work to the illumination. And then they read out the names of the people who had already worked on it through the day... quite overwhelming. At both of my peerage elevations I was able to maintain my composure, but not today. I was and am honoured by my peers who felt I was worthy of becoming a member of the orders of the Laurel and the Pelican, but this is....different. I've felt somewhat distant from the SCA, as living up in the hills makes participating more challenging and we've been so busy with kung fu, the family farm and now our new place that I was feeling peripheral to baronial activities. To know that so many people care is heart-touching. Well, I wish I could be more poetic or something, but I just start crying again, so you'll just have to take my word that it's one of the best things that's happened to me in the SCA. My barony is full of wonderful people!

Dinner was also superb and the cooks provided GF-alternatives for the bread, spaetzle and dessert. Lady Yvonne made one of the best cream fillings I've ever tasted.

Well, I'm just not sure how to balance all the things I need and/or want to do, but I do want to keep in touch with my SCA family, so we'll just have to figure it out.
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Posted elsewhere and forgot to post here. The Bergental Novice Schola event was rescheduled from its original February date owing to the entire state of Massachusetts being shut down for snowstorm Nemo. It is now scheduled for March 16.
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This morning I packed up a box of SCA stuff I won't be using this year, and likely will be packing some more later on -- we'll still have choices for events but it's nice to have some space in the apartment. Packing books has been the hardest, since we're always going to different ones for reference, but again, space is precious. If we can get enough stuff out of the place I might even be able to paint some walls, which would be nice.

I've been packing up books, fabric, and now crafting supplies... two boxes of leather and sheepskin so far.

Tonight I'll be getting an outfit back from a friend and trying it on. I'd thought I wouldn't have attached sleeves for it because of giving away a different outfit that has attached sleeves.... forgot that the black Spanish tabarda has matching sleeve bits. We're not sure if I loaned the yellow skirt or not -- I might have given that away at some point. Skirts are easy enough to make though. I never did finish the pearling on the tabarda's trim, so maybe I can throw a few more on before baronial birthday :D

I have to work on my hair for birthday... need to make a fake braid -- it won't show, but if I can I'd like to wear the braid cover I made to go with the clothing :)

Apparently even a half-a$$ed attempt at a grazing diet is somewhat effective, as I've managed to drop a pound over the past week and a half. Yes, even eating chocolate.

Home therapy continues, with occasionally odd results. I developed a foot pain, sometimes the ball of the foot sometimes the top of it, and I'd noticed that the IT band area would be tight at those times. So I tried poking around at the upper end of the band below the greater trochanter (upper end of "hip bone") and found a spot that turns off the pain. Pretty cool, huh?

I think that as some things get loosened up and others remain tight, stresses are getting applied differently and occasionally nerves complain. Anyway, good reason to keep going, since I don't really want to keep the foot pain part.
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Well, that was an interesting exercise.... been looking for photos of Bergental's early days and did find some -- found some pre-barony pics even. But if I didn't have some of Jolanna's photos here, I wouldn't have even one from Bergental's first investiture. One of one of the coronets on its cushion, one of Etienne, one of Dmitri walking with his banner being carried, but that's it.

If anyone has pictures from any of Bergental's investitures, would you mind sending me a copy? Looking for: Etienne & Elwynne, Barry & Sonja, Tommaltach & Fiona, Kai & Michalene, Lyle and Elwynne.


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Bergenthalers past and present, and friends of Bergental too: we'd love to see you at Bergental's 21st celebration of becoming a barony on February 25! Please do contact the registration person and make reservations, to ensure sharing in the wonderful feast we'll be having :)


Ironically, we're turning 21 at a dry site, but hey -- we'll be plenty merry despite that!
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As announced at the business meeting last night and now on the Bergental discussion list, pending finding our successors Lyle and I will be stepping down as Baron and Baroness of Bergental.

Candidates may submit their letter of intent to Bergental's seneschal, Lady Emma MacMinn, until November 1, 2011. Entire process, assuming all goes smoothly*, expected to take about a year.

*Smoothly depends on things like if we get our mailing labels the first time we request them, not the second or third time..... also on when investiture can be scheduled. Last time was at Pennsic, despite our effort to schedule months ahead of time. We don't want an away-investiture again -- a lot of our folks can't make it to Pennsic or other faraway places, and having an after-party just isn't the same.

No, this is not related to the new curia ruling. We've had a good run and are ready to take a break and let someone else do this.


Jun. 2nd, 2011 09:00 am
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Well, that was an interesting day, yesterday. The valley got the brunt of the damage. I think we were lucky to have only four human fatalities overall. Of course, our tornadoes were a lot smaller than the ones down south, but had they come earlier in the day, things could have been different. Lot of property damage and a LOT of trees gone, including some venerable ones in Springfield.

Some 26,000 folks in Springfield will likely be without power for a few days.

As far as we can tell, all Bergenthalers are accounted for and are themselves fine. BKDelong will be coming to help out his mom and brother.

Here at the farm we got off quite lightly, although I expect some of that might be owing to the diligence with which the tree folks have been taking down branches overhanging/near power lines over the past several months... only gardening I did was water some new plants in their pots and get them onto the porch for protection from the wind. Today I should be able to get some things into the ground.
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Going through some of the wardrobe and seeing about maybe giving a few medieval items away to some folks... and realizing that if I make anything new for SCA wear for this winter, it won't be late period.

All the stuff I like for later period is fitted, and I'm changing size too fast for that to be worth the effort. So, the patterns I got from RH will have to wait until next year :( And, probably any really serious efforts at Victorian clothing too... at least until January.

So, going back to Norman for a while. I like Norman, and it was fun trying on my dress from 5 years ago and having it be a bit loose around the middle.

Fitzw is batting around the idea of a color court for Yule -- thinking Green and White/Silver. Wouldn't have to be both, or lots of it, if you already have something else planned, but an accent would be nice :) I'll need a new dress for that though, as I don't have a lot of green in the winter wardrobe (or white/silver either). He does have a green Norman, so that's one less thing to make. Hm.... maybe a silver undertunic though? Hm.... or he can go green and green too, as he has that. Well, we'll see.

Silk and/or wool would be nice....

In the meantime, I'm changing one thing that's relatively safe to do -- socks! Picked up some heavy and light weight socks. They're more expensive than cotton, but they last longer and also wool wicks sweat and dampness away, and if you get your boots or shoes sopping in cold weather, your feet will still be much warmer than they would be in cotton or acrylic.

We need to make a trip to Noho, to Acme Surplus. They've been carrying wool socks the past few years, and we could pick up some plain ones there for a decent price.


Dec. 3rd, 2009 03:51 pm
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BBM/Bergental Yule is this Saturday.

Concentus is doing pretty well and we seem to have worked out the bugs. We will be singing in a boar's head at feast, and later on performing four pieces. Just a short set, as it promises to be a full evening. We've also made changes to the auction piece, so time for that in the evening will be very much minimized.

Our set (in the order I can remember it, not the order it's actually in):

Veni, Veni
Personent Hodie
Green Growth the Holly

I still have ironing to do today. A kirtle for someone else, the black vommes (sp?) for Fitzw, and some regular clothing too while I'm at it.

Need to look for one of my caps for another lady, and see about maybe some accessories, etc. I'm dressing three of our choir members who happen to be within a few inches of my height, for this event. We couldn't be more different in build, but it will do for this event. And none of the dresses will look too short, owing to my predilection toward long hems (that noblewoman thing, you know?) :D

Hm, need to get all my gifts together for Saturday as well.... I think that should keep me busy through tomorrow...
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- We got the merchant booth set up at the Community Hall and the cash box to Nancy for Saturday.

- Re-vamped sleeves of red linen dress to have buttons instead of lacing -- a kluge for the 14th c. outfit, as blue stripey dress is still under construction (have to do a re-fit for my arms, esp. since my exercise levels have changed with the surgery, etc.)

- L made a spear


- All packed for the event, and I may even have managed to get gifts for everyone.
- Leaving soon!

New stuff made in a week's time:

- Decoupaged and adorned 3 trays, 1 vase, 6 boxes
- 35 cards (print, fold, cut, stuff)
- 4 magnets

(rest of re-stock was complete last month)
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Have been madly cleaning, sorting, organizing, tossing, and also making up stock even though I didn't have a show coming up -- or so I thought. Ashfield's having a winter festival thing this coming weekend, the same weekend as Bergental/BBM Yule. Then one of the folks at Elmers said that we could set up on Friday, and that they have people to cover if you can't be there. Then Palestrina's Sitivit Anima Mea was giving us fits so we were going to put in another extra rehearsal on Friday. And other complications of course, like the %$*?! grass-fed beef pickup still hasn't happened and has to happen by Dec. 7. (You know, that fake expletive doesn't look right, but I don't have a lot of experience with that, sigh). So, no show and less stress, yay. And yet, I was still decoupaging things... (a few for us, but also for sale)

Then we decided to walk to Sidehill to get milk and yogurt and ran into Lester, who was cutting up some firewood for next winter. It's a good time to do that, with the leaves mostly down and clear ground. Anyway, of course we stop to say 'hello' and he says that he was happy to see us because he had something to ask me. Seems the Community Hall is participating in this festival and are still trying to fill their vendor spaces and was wondering if I might set up? We explained about the SCA event, but he said that we could do just Sunday. As we're talking Nancy walks up and says she was looking for us too -- same reason of course. At the time we thought we still had the Friday rehearsal, but Lester said he could be there earlier in the day, and Nancy said she'd make sure he remembered, and she even volunteered to cover the booth for at least part of Saturday. Sigh. They're trying to make sure more people know about the availability of the hall for town use, and one of their vendors cancelled, so.... we'll be setting up Friday at noon.

Even L got into it.... we may be having guests this weekend, but he said he could take care of entertaining on Sunday :D Although if they make it I'd like a chance to chat with them too... wonder if they could stay until Monday morning.... well, we'll see if they make it first, eh?

Meantime, [livejournal.com profile] countessinn asked if we'd found any order medallions here, but no joy yet. So I was going to add wooden nickels to the art supplies list and see about making a few, but happily she has that well under control. Brigit bought nickels and folks will be painting medallions. We also chatted briefly at the business meeting last night about the A&S competition, and I have to say she's really been getting into being the MOAS and being very thoughtful. Thank goodness for living in the barony we do! We're blessed with many very cool people :)

And, no practice on Friday after all. Our voices are getting tired from practicing two days in a row the past couple of weeks, so L doesn't want to push it the day before the event. Meanwhile, between the mp3s [livejournal.com profile] lady_jade01 made and the extra practices, we finally made it through Sitivit Anima Mea and it even sounds relatively decent. We may not have all the nuances yet, but it's good enough to perform at Yule. We'll get there yet, I'm sure.

So, managed to find the houppelande for Todd to borrow (barn aka the outer warehouse, sigh), and am slowly gathering together stuff for the weekend.

Can't find all of my decoupage papers and am extremely annoyed because I'm missing a couple of color families right now. If they turn up by tomorrow I'll give it a shot using some of them. Have to start varnishing today or tomorrow so I can't work on making new things after a certain point... Oddly enough, they may still be packed, although I thought I'd opened all the art supply boxes...

Also couldn't find the boxes I'd painted last year, so had to get some more paint to do up at least a couple more boxes. (tried the barn one more time this afternoon) Found my boxes!!! Whoot!

Meanwhile, forgot to check the apples when their scent wafted to me last week, so had some bruised apples to deal with, which has now been done. Still need to peel and chop a few of the other types of apples, but then I can make applesauce.

Hey, it only took 4-1/2 hours to finish this post, not too bad...
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Cold but sunny out, today. Been enjoying reading about the signs of spring in other folks' posts. No buds here, but the sap was running this week (and once the Maples bud, sugaring season is definitely over!). Various little birds create quite the racket in the morning, and in the evening on Wednesday, L heard a great horned owl. Sometime earlier this week we went up on the hill to take some photos for the sugarhouse website (which I still have to tweak and send), and heard one of the local hawks too. Chipmunks are coming out of hibernation, and a couple of days ago I saw a bird with nesting material -- he'd landed briefly on the roof outside the east-facing kitchen window.

Over 100 gallons of syrup, so far. We are still producing Light. Marian is happy, as that's what she needs for making candy, cream, and powdered sugar. We'll need around 40 gallons of that just for Ashfield Fall Festival! Some of the fresh syrup has been getting shipped out too -- it's that time of year :)

Today is more cleaning, more moving stuff, just like all week. We took a big pile of ours and the parents' stuff to the transfer point for re-using/recycling/trash yesterday. I cut out a green tabard this week, which I still have to hem -- hopefully today. Need to check supplies/materials for Sunday too. This evening we'll be delivering some eggs, mailing stuff to Canada, and returning some things to friends at Needleworkers.

Got email from my brother Kent this morning (he'd lost my phone #), that our mom is in ICU. She went in last night, complaining of chest pains. She'll be under observation at least until Saturday. He's going to call her again sometime today to see how she's doing. I expect they're running some tests too, to see what's up, and what treatment may be needed. I was going to work on scheduling for the end-of-May trip, buying tickets, but will wait until after Saturday now.

Saturday is more cleaning and prep. Some friends will be coming over at some point in the day to help with moving a few things, and helping with cleaning. Yay!

Sunday is Alban Eiler/Eostre/Easter/Vernal Equinox. We'll be celebrating down at the Sunwheel in Amherst, MA, at 10 a.m. Visitors are welcome!

We were so busy yesterday we didn't sacrifice a peep, so that will happen today. Must not forget to do the peep sacrifice.... yes, it's silly, but the one year we didn't....
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Dentist and PT this morning -- 2nd of 4 PT/wk schedule.

Then I need to spend time looking for stuff for Bergental Yule, which is on Saturday. Have sorted a bunch of things, but want to go through the list today and see if I'm missing anything.

Hoping to start painting again today, but that depends on the SCA stuff and on finding all my paints and such.

Too hot in the bedroom last - advantage of a smaller bedroom. Need to leave the door open unless it's below freezing outside I guess. Might as well share the extra heat with the rest of the apartment...
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Saturday L got lots of work done on one of the front upstairs rooms -- wallpaper and paint are all gone, and most of the plaster patching and mudding done. I packed up some more stuff here and there, tossed a few things, recycled a few things, put other stuff where it belonged. Also did some weaving here and there.

We finished the last HP book at about 4 a.m., Sunday morning. During that time I completed scarf #5 of 5, second set.

We slept in late of course, but had to get up to go to the farm. L did lots of stuff all over the place. I played some cribbage with M, a game of Rummy Cube when L and W came in for a break. Then I followed them out to help in the middle barn. They were going to work on making a new wall, to extend the space for the chickens, because W is getting some more chickens in soon. But there was still stuff that needed to be cleared out of the construction space, so I helped with that. Shoulder held up pretty well, and I got out a bunch of old chaff on the floor, some old boxes and insulation (no good for re-use, trust me), and re-stacked some things.

The barn is huge and used for a lot of different things, and storage is one of them. Farm stuff, various family members' stuff, things that work, things that don't work but have parts that can be used for things that work, supplies for roof repairs, etc.

The room we were working in is below the hay storage floors and loading platform floor. Chaff has a way of working its way through any opening, and the barn is by no means airtight -- that would be a bad thing, I think, since there's no AC or heating in the barn, so the building needs to be able to breathe. I suppose one of the things I'll be doing, once we're up in Ashfield full-time, is to do a bit of cleaning from time to time, just to keep things manageable.

So, not much wall construction got done, but there's more than enough space for the building to happen, as a lot of the cleaning I did was past the construction area.


Starting to weave the last bit of the current warp; should be able to get enough for a bag/purse.

Need to make a few more Bergental baldrics, to try to make sure we have enough for the fencers, archers, CA, siege, water bearers/first aiders.



Jul. 14th, 2007 07:53 pm
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Finished the seams on the rest of the Snowberg surcoats. Realized I don't have to deal with making one more surcoat because the group leader can wear mine. Ironed the edges on two of them... yes I know the fighters will get them all mucked up, but they should at least start out looking decent. And have some yellow w/black edging strips that can be used as baldrics/belt favors by the archers, fencers, and waterbearers in our group.

Last year I gave the waterbearers some to wear, because they work very hard to keep our fighters healthy (and any other fighters who are nearby, for that matter). Those of us who do heavy combat, fencing, siege, CA, etc., should not take them for granted, because without them we'd have a lot more medical issues come up! Bergental's waterbearers usually include some folks with first aid experience, too.

Finished winding the warp onto the little Mountain loom. Don't know if I'll be able to start weaving tonight though... shoulder is giving me heck. I've been taking a lot of breaks this week, to try to not overdo when working on setting up the loom, gardening, etc. We also went to Deth's to start making arrows. I think I'm going to have to give him some extra money and have him make most of mine. I want to learn to do it, but I don't think I can handle making 21 of them :( Still, I should at least be able to get some working knowledge. I learn most crafts fairly quickly.

But the shoulder is definitely annoying. The ironing actually came after the loom work, which didn't bother my shoulder at all. I could pick up the spray bottle to mist the linen, pull the trigger repeatedly, but then putting the bottle down and a little to the side made for the nastiest twinge. So of course I switched things around and got the ironing done -- hadn't realized that I do most of my ironing righthanded before this...
I'm taking Extra Strength Tylenol instead of Ibuprofen right now, because it's supposedly safer for long-term use (as long as you take it as prescribed). But it really doesn't work as well as Ibuprofen does. And when it stops working, it really _stops_. Feh.

Got in a couple of short walks today. Moved some things out of the living room. Yay!

[livejournal.com profile] fitzw has been super busy today, and gotten many things and much done. You can read about it in his LJ though :)
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Good event overall.

Activities of the Day )

Court )

There was a brief meeting of the Herbal Guild after court, then some of us went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Greenfield, before [livejournal.com profile] fitzw took me home for the night. We'd been planning on staying over Saturday night as well, but the heat had gotten to me despite my efforts at staying hydrated, etc. -- I wasn't doing well. Prickly sensations on the upper legs and forearms, and an interesting gripping sensation around the wrists, plus it was making my arm hurt more. feh.

Anyway, the interesting part is that at the restaurant they had a dish that claimed to help with regulating body heat and circulation, so I ordered it (why not?) It was a chicken dish with some big pieces of a meaty type of mushroom, and huge slices of fresh-cooked ginger. They were a little strong at times but I persevered, and by the end of dinner the tingling was gone. Just a tiny bit of a headache, although that could also have been from standing and/or walking for more than half the day... a definite improvement. Now, I knew ginger was good for stomach upset, stomach flus, and for general balancing of the systems, but I didn't know it would be specifically good for dealing with excess heat, just by itself.

So, I guess it's time to start making ginger water again! Ginger water has water, apple cider vinegar, sweetener, and ginger. I'll try to post the recipe later, but variations on this go back at hundreds of years. The people at Sturbridge Village call it Switchel. You can find variants that go back to India or possibly points in the Mideast (sort of like a type of sekanjebin), but I'd have to do the research on that again. L and I have a theory that it may have come over to the U.S. with the East India Company traders. At Sturbridge they use honey for the sweetener, while L's dad uses maple syrup (closer to hand, seeing as we make it).

Was feeling better Sunday, so we went back up to the event site to have breakfast and more chatting. Had a couple of opportunities to talk with [livejournal.com profile] islenskr about sundry things - always enjoyable, and hopefully we'll get together again soon! L took down the tent and packed everything up, then took down the shade pavillions. I helped out with collecting the caution tape and the plastic bottles. A few of the gallon bottles are safe to re-use (#1 bottles aren't, because the plastic gets into the water if the bottles get warm/hot), so I plan on washing them and using them for storing some emergency water in the basement. Most of the caution tape will get tossed as the pieces are too short, but there were a couple of long pieces we can re-use for future tourneys (or around the house -- L used some a few weeks ago to keep people from going across the newly turned garden).

Visited the folks at the farm for a short bit, then home again. We sorted some books upstairs so I know which ones to pack up for the year. Had a good talk on the phone with mom.

Today, still doing all right. Have a book order to fill, things to mail, barrel to buy, and shower gift too. Should be able to do it all in one trip. The barrel is because we still need an overflow for the rainbarrel. The 1 to 1-1/2 inches we got over the weekend filled the rainbarrel to overflowing. Sunday I re-filled all the buckets I had available, taking off 7-8 gallons, but it rained again last night and will be rainy for the next couple of days.
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Great pic of a solar field with this article: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16560106/

Worked 2-1/4 hours yesterday. I had my adjustment a couple of hours before that, so I hung around town in-between, looked for Agway but either drove by it or it's moved. Then checked out a store called Deals and Steals, and found a few things worth buying. In particular they had Tom's of Maine toothpastes for less than half what you pay for them in a Whole Foods or other store. And net laundry bags 3 for $1, so I got some for washing wool in. Also went to Acme Surplus at Thorne's Market to get thumb tacks and then found some 74% merino wool hiking socks there, 2 pr. for $11.99 US. Got 2 pr each for me and [personal profile] fitzw. Deals and Steals also has a style of hiking boots I'm seriously considering -- with my feet not just any shoe will do.

Rob MacMinn turned 50 yesterday -- came to fighter practice, where his wife and sister-in-law had a surprise cake and stuff for him. The fighters opted for taking care of the 50 'spanks', but it took them a couple of hours to get there - Rob's pretty good at defense :D He was one tired puppy at the end of the night though.

Starting cutting out rat bodies yesterday. Many more to do today, then sheep. Will probably alternate between cutting and sewing so that I don't give myself a blister with the scissors. Also worked on finishing one of the girdle book covers, which I should be able to finish today. [personal profile] fitzw started folding paper for the blank books last night.

Time to go to work!
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[personal profile] fitzw received a lovely 12th Night gift from [livejournal.com profile] loosecanon - Rug Weaving by Peter Collingwood! And [livejournal.com profile] msmemory brought the Babees book for me to borrow to help me in putting my feast ware class together. Many Thanks!

Also, Saturday was [livejournal.com profile] fitzw and my 12th wedding anniversary :)

Busy day, long day. Got home very late (or early, as in around 1 a.m.).

Picked up Eli in Amherst, then back to the house, where [personal profile] ellid and Barbara got in. Then we picked up Una on the way, and off to the event. Managed to avoid traffic congestion from an accident on I-91 S. Checked in - ick - not a good system, everyone had to get into line twice. As everyone seeks to find ways to track things more completely, different systems are being tried. This was not one of the better ones. It was similar to Pennsic, only slow. On the plus side I got to chat with some folks while in line, which I didn't have much chance to do later on.

Delivered the court doc, and some medallions for Ygraine of K. Schedules were fluid at the event. Delivered the vigil book [personal profile] fitzw made to [personal profile] ladypeyton. Made it to part of the Laurel meeting, then went up to see what was up with judging. A number of us had done so, so we just started reading documentation and stuff until our team all came together and started judging. If there was a general meeting for the judges we skipped it, as time was passing and we had to get done by 3pm. Most of it went pretty well, although there were a couple of rough spots, and we had to split up our team and really fly to complete our list. A number of entrants were by their tables, which was helpful in the end when we ran out of time to write comments. We'd just verbally give them some feedback and suggestions while hiding the scores we were writing down. Oy. Worked out pretty well, esp. as Roxane was able to do a visual demo of how to do a leatherworking technique for one entrant, to help her with making her next pair of shoes. Overall I would say the teams worked pretty well, as we pooled our artistic and cultural knowledge and learned things from each other about the various items. Made me glad I'm into so many different things though. Whew!

Next time, I think I'll keep my shoes with their nice orthotics on. Someone suggested bringing a chair around to the tables, but sometimes there wasn't room for a chair and then we were running too fast for there to be much point in it. It was like being in the town battle this past summer, only with sorer feet. There was a lot of good work out there yesterday, and I hope we encouraged a lot of people to keep making things.

I didn't have time for shopping really, altho' I looked quickly for a particular type of knife (sold out), and wanted to spend more time at [personal profile] freya46's. [livejournal.com profile] fitzw had been eyeing some lightweight wool there, I think it might have been the cashmeres.

Somewhere in the afternoon I managed to get back to the vigil room and sign the book, but didn't have time to actually go in and see Gavan :( [personal profile] fitzw did, as did [personal profile] ellid and Pagan, so that was good. I did see the vigil spread and nibbled on a few things because I knew I was supposed to eat (we judged food, so I got something there as well). Very tasty and visually it was very appealing and beautiful to behold. The 'bee skep' that [personal profile] zaduzbina made was amazing. Mistress Eleanore MacCarthaigh wondered if we could give her a second Laurel :D

Did get to chat for a little bit with [personal profile] herveus and see his amazing tabletweaving masterwork-in-progress. Also got to chat very briefly with [personal profile] freya46, but only got to say 'hey' to [profile] nazrynn. Concentus sang for the kitchen while [personal profile] ellid and I were judging. We got to sing all together after court, and for HRM and sundry folks in the royalty room, also after court.

Court was very good, lots of good people getting recognized. Gavan MacBane was made a Master of the Laurel - yay! Master Padraig was made a Pelican. It was pretty funny, watching Lucan fetch him from the back of the hall (chatting with others), and then chasing Balfar around through the multiple sets of doors, again at the back of the hall, to fetch him and a number of other fellow 'miscreants' up to the front.

And local boy Odbald Leofa was made a Companion of the Manche. People liked the scroll I did for him -- a "plate" in 16th century styles of Italian ceramics, primary influence from Deruta, Italy. I'll try to put up pics later, but it was too large to scan so they're only photos. I'm glad it was well received, and especially by Odbald himself. He's a real sweetheart and a very funny fellow indeed. We'll be getting together this month, as we both need to paint some plates for Birka. It'll be my first time having ceramic stuff out for sale, but his second year at Birka, so we want to make sure we have enough things to keep people happy.

We had dinner with a bunch of other folks at a Thai restaurant in East Haven, then back up to Holyoke to drop off Una and so the ladies could get their cars and then we took Eli back to Amherst, and then home again, jiggity jig. Our new person, Barbara, had a wonderful day, and Una and others were good about keeping track of her, answering questions, etc.

This a.m. we managed to get up and meet up with folks in Sunderland and go for a walk on the farm. Good walk, good company. Had calzones back in Sunderland and then back home, where we did a few things online (I needed to order packaging supplies), and then crashed for several hours.

So, up for a few hours and then back to bed, I think!
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It occurred to me that I hadn't posted an update on Roselynde lately. As of this past Thursday she now weighs 8 lbs.! And then on Sunday she gave us another pleasant surprise, when she went over to Peredur's bowl and ate some of his _dry_ food. She has since eaten kibble yesterday and today as well, so it would appear her gums and teeth are finally feeling good enough to take on that challenge. Also yesterday, she went into kitty frenzies, which we haven't seen in quite some time. Also called kitty calesthenics, because she runs up the stairs, dashes into one room or another, then dashes down again -- repeating a few times. So, we think now it might be safe to try giving her antibiotics again, now that she's pretty much back to normal.

Here are some pics from Bergental Yule, thanks to Halfdan and [livejournal.com profile] etainmbw:
see pics )
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Or December 24th and 25th, for those who don't celebrate Christmas.

Great Cloisters and Met Trip )

We didn't go to the party last night, as [personal profile] fitzw wasn't feeling well all day, and as I could be a carrier we couldn't risk giving it to others, especially Una's brother, who is more susceptible to catching things. Had a nice chat with my mom, since when I call on Christmas Day she likes for me to spend that time talking with my brothers and niece. She's still doing well, and working on exercising and stretching again.

Read [personal profile] zaduzbina's post this morning. Overall a happy time I think, but sad/mad about their restaurant experience. Having experience with prejudicial behavior myself, I contributed a thought or two, mostly general not specific. Many others also posted. It's good to have supportive friends and family, for which I am myself thankful, today and every day.

[personal profile] fitzw's doing better today. My tummy's a bit unsettled, but managing all right so far. We may or may not go to the movies today. General plan for the first part of the day is to spend time in the studiolo on the looms. Yay!


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