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Yes it's on Facebook, but it's a public post so you should be able to see it without having an FB account?

Very cool young woman, started learning to make knives when she was six, and now at 14 is also teaching others.
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Yesterday was a good day. Got the maps out to several places then home to finish getting the place ready. I don't know about the other sites but we didn't get any visitors here. A lot going on this weekend including right in town, so not a lot of surprise there. But there were two of us artists, the weather was beautiful, and L kept on working on things so the place is looking really good right now.

As regards the remainder of my congestion, I'm going to say I'm 95% of the way to being done with it. L might be another week or so I think, but doing better regardless.

As regards the art...looks like I can draw :)

No, I'm not sharing the picture right now; still working on the tree. Plus there's all of its surroundings to work on still, but my fellow artist was impressed I'd gotten as much done as I had -- pen illustration can be a bit on the detailed side, and I did draw a lot of leaves! But I think I captured the personality and silhouette of the tree, so I'm pretty happy with it, and feeling more confident that I can pull off the rest. It's been a long time since I've really drawn...

I love the work of the other artist, Walter C. He's a great water colorist. Professionally he's a landscape architect but he has a lovely feel for landscapes and nature. Interestingly, this was his first time painting a tree from life. He's observed their shapes and lines for years in his work as an architect but all his paintings have been from his minds' eye (much like birch illustrations I've done). So, a new experience for him :)

A successful day for artists and trees.


Mar. 13th, 2014 12:44 pm
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I may not eat much cake anymore, but they're still fun to look at:


A couple of local restaurants have taken to making flourless chocolate cakes, which are quite yummy and decadent :)
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When we had our housewarming last spring, we set up the rug loom so that folks coming to the party could help make a rug for our home. Most of the work was done then, but of course not everyone could make it, so we left the rug on the loom for other occasions. It was fun for folks to try out the loom; for many it was a first time weaving, and it inspired a couple of folks to get back to their own looms.

But it was time to clear the loom for new projects, so off it came. L took pics, one of which I'm finally putting up here. The tassels still need trimming in the pic, but we love the rug! It came out exactly the right length to fit in the hallway, with no planning on our part. I'm not generally partial to random design color-wise, but I think this came out perfectly, and I don't even mind the uneven edges. Goodness knows our house isn't a paragon of square corners and level floors, and it shows the individuality of our friends and family, while coming together to create something wonderful.

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From [livejournal.com profile] danabren, who got it from [livejournal.com profile] marymont who said this: I don't remember when Art Every Day Month was last year, but I'm going to use March's designation of National Crafts Month to justify (not that it needs justification) this upcoming month as AEDM.

[livejournal.com profile] danabren
Me likey!

Sewing is Art. Poetry is Art. Cooking is Art. Embroidery, quilting, knitting, dancing, metalwork, home redecoration, gardening, flower arrangement, tying a ribbon, writing an essay, piling rocks in a charming way, coming up with a series of new curses after smacking your thumb with a hammer. Anything involving the creative process is Art. Obviously, the Art Police won't come rapping at your door if you miss a day.

So, having no idea it was Nat'l Crafts Month, yesterday I spun some Romney from an old project I'm trying to finish up and pack, filled up the spindle and wound it off. Still have some more to go on that.... also wove 3 inches on a scarf.

And tidied up a few bits here and there... more of that coming, as I try to sort out just how many projects I should have out. I'm realizing just how much "empty" space I need in order to work, especially for drawing, and I have way too much stuff out, of all kinds. More books, decorative items, crafts, dishes, etc. will be getting packed -- enough to be able to move some furniture out of the apartment. One of the effects of spending more time meditating, I suspect... the which I do while soaking and working on muscles, tendons, etc. One of the reasons my soaks in the tub take an hour is that somewhere in there I stop working and slip into still meditation :D


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