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Gathered some fiddleheads today. Well, edible ferns anyway. There's more than one type of fern where the curled up leaf is edible. I should have been out last week but was a little busy and didn't get to it.

My first time really harvesting in and around our property -- before I've done it near the family farm. Here...usually been too busy to remember in time, but I made sure to note where the ferns were last summer so I knew where to go looking this year. The ones I transplanted are starting to spread, too.

This week though I got the treat of seeing red Trillium flowers and purple/blue Creeping Myrtle flowers (Vinca Minor) -- and learned that honeybees like the Myrtle. Vinca Minor is not native to New England but it doesn't shut out other plants and critters from co-existing...too much. It is considered invasive in some states but is under assessment in Massachusetts. Since our dandelions are just barely starting to bloom, it's hard to begrudge the honeybees food this early in the summer.

Put in my monthly order with DoTerra - arborvitae's on the way! That will be going into my bug spray, along with a few other oils :) Good thing too, as my old bug spray's pretty much empty. This week we're learning about the floral oils -- Clary Sage is good for balancing the hormones (male or female people) -- thinking that's going to be a good addition.


About this time a year ago Fitzw came down with Shingles. He still has the nerve pain from time to time and it's hard to say when/if that will go away completely. But he's miles away from the shape he was in last summer, and steadily improving.

Celebrations remain fairly low-key for us, but a number of Peeps have been sacrificed (among other things) and the land seems to be happy and thriving.


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