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Trying to do some copy/paste/mod from FB posts, don't always remember. Still doing better than I was on LJ I think...

This past Monday Ray's guy Al came and finished the greenhouse foundation. Next day Al, Jimmie, Lyle and I moved the two frames onto the foundation. I think it rained Wednesday. Thursday or Friday, Al and Brendon showed up with some beautiful compost -- really, looks more like top soil, only not having all the bio stuff that real top soil has (time will help with that).

Frames are bolted well and truly down to the foundation, yay! Lyle removed the last porch railing, as it was in the way of caulking and we don't need it anymore. Caulking where the frame meets the foundation, inside and outside of the structure, was started. More this coming week, I'm sure.

Lyle started bringing glass panels over, getting ready for the next phase. Al and Lyle moved the new sink/cabinet up from the barn to the upstairs bathroom. I helped some with unpacking the thing and moving small stuff into the house -- unpacking shed 25 lbs. of stuff and the other bits shaved off some weight as well -- otherwise it would have been a 185 lb. box with no handholds...

My major contribution was vacuuming, and clearing the path through the house (two possible paths), moving furniture, etc. to make it possible to get the thing inside. They ended up coming into the weaving room, turning left, then a right into the kitchen, then a right into the hallway and up the stairs (which has some winders instead of a full landing), and then second door on the right.

It's probably going to sit in the bathroom for a few weeks but it's in the room so that's an improvement.


We've been moving stuff from the family farm to our place, taking stuff to recycle or trash, etc. I've also been getting more into learning about and using essential oils and it's been helpful. More energy and brain power than I've had in ages.

Trying something completely different like stilting hasn't been bad either :) That's through a local theatre company, Double Edge Theatre (DE), which is putting on an event celebrating our little town. They travel all over the place but their home base is here; just another oddity of our little place in the hills.


The kung fu school is moving down the road, and as a way to help them with that we took all the school crafting stuff home. It took a while, but it's _mostly_ organized. Had to get a few more containers so I can play with what will work best -- and then label everything. I re-cut some of the damaged paper to smaller, more useful sizes, threw out some things, re-packaged some things, etc. I have a better idea of what we have now, which is useful for planning crafts for the summer adventure camp.

Hm....I need to schedule in some time for experimenting, so I know if/how things work and come up with time estimates...


I'll be doing some work with the DE artists on making big puppet(?) heads - papier mache, plus some independent work for some other bits. Also some costuming. Volunteer, but I could use the practice as it's been ages since I've done this kind of work.


Definitely spending more time on my feet, getting in better shape. I have a very long road ahead, but I finally weigh less than when my mother died, and with essential oils I was able to stop using Sudafed, so there's some progress.

Date: 2017-04-17 06:27 pm (UTC)
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Glad to hear that essential oils are helping!


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