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Hey, at this point I'll take what progress I can get :P

L's rash has finished with the scabbing and is on to being red marks that are slowly fading. Pain is a continuing problem -- off to get more pain meds today. So far, seems to be progressing like a "normal" case; we can only hope.


L started to change out the old dining room ceiling light yesterday, but our replacement has a small crack in the glass so that needed a little glass glue and overnight set up. He needs to pick up a few things at the hardware store anyway -- yay trying to fit new things onto old things. The replacement was the floor model and deeply discounted, plus the crack/repair won't show once it's attached, so it's all good.


New mattress and box spring delivered yesterday. Not a bad night's sleep last night, although it will take a bit to get used to, of course. I think the last one had a 7-year warranty...which we exceeded by a few years...this one has a 10-year warranty.


Turned a curtain I wasn't using that way (made for previous house) into a body pillow case, and turned half of a pair of old curtains sideways to convert it to use in our hallway window. The other half is in the living room doorway now. So on bad hot/humid weather days we can work in there without trying to cool off the entire house. I may also hang the translucent white curtains around the stairway, to help keep the first and second floor zones more separate. I've done it before, but I wanted to wait until after yesterday's delivery.


Fiddled with cutting out pieces for making a bag last night. I think I'm at the point where I can sew today.


Oh! And not finished, but I found and have been working on finishing the edge on an old bag project. This one is a big one based on camel bags IIRC -- um, Persian? Anyway. Started two of them back when we were still going to Pennsic but the seam edges are to the outside and then wrapped in yarn, so at some point I just stopped, because of whatever life thing was happening. We've actually used them -- they're sized to hold the walls and ceiling of our oval marquee tent. But it would really be nice if the edges were done and the toggle closures attached.


Hung up a wall cabinet in the downstairs bathroom to test-fit. Needs magnet closures at the top of the doors so the upper parts don't stick out from the frame. Once that's done we'll screw through the back to anchor it to the wall.


Hung up a few pictures, moved some things back into place in the radiant room (from when I moved them to the side for the washer and dryer earlier this year), mailed some Japanese prints to a friend who is a devotee of the culture, gave a few other things away, moved some books and games into the trailer (L helped with that), did some digging and weeding, moved a trellis/hanging-pot-holder-thingie near to the patio, repotted two tomatoes and hung them on the thingie.

Hm. I guess I did a few things. Of course, what I wish is that I could do more, but hey. I suspect it's still more than I was doing a year ago?


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