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Sep. 10th, 2006

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Last Saturday we went to the farm, and picked up balls of rag strips for the rug loom, a clock winder, shuttles, spool rack, and sundry other weaving-related items, plus a butternut squash, and some yellow squash and cucumbers.

Went to the fleamarket on Sunday and managed to find a few interesting things, including a very nice cobalt blue glass, which I think will be a prize at Crestfallen. Also found a pair of candlesticks that think might make decent bases for a couple of saltcellars I'm going to assemble (one for personal use and one for someone else), and an open silver salt cellar, which will probably be another of the prizes for Crestfallen.

Monday we primed the scraped wall. Sometime during the week the renoferret started putting up the siding. Looks good - will post pics when the siding's done. Still waiting for the electrical inspector...

ellid asked why we didn't make it to Barleycorn yesterday:
We got stuck on the highway, with no useful (needed E-W, not N-S) exits anywhere nearby. Took 1-1/2 hours to go about 5 miles. Turns out there was a double accident, first a single vehicle, then a tractor trailer driver ran into the parked police vehicle of the officer who'd responded to the first accident and was directing traffic and stuff. Fortunately nobody died, and the officer wasn't injured, although that was it for his car -- the trucker's vehicle pushed the car off the road and landed on top of it.

Anyway, by the time we got past that, it was late enough in the day that we would have arrived too late for the baronial and royal courts, and since we weren't staying for dinner that meant we'd be there for 2-3 hours to visit with friends. I like my friends, but that's a very long day on the road for a short visit.

So we went home and did useful things around the house, finished watching the Farscape Peacekeeper Wars movie that we recorded sometime last spring, washed the cats, made A&S tokens, did some test spinning, etc.

Yes, we had to wash Roselynde this time as well. Fortunately she's a short-hair, so one time should do it for her -- third time for poor Peredur Mawr. Roz looked incredibly Siamese when she was wet...
It looked to be mostly flea dirt and dead fleas in the rinse off, and some of them were quite small/immature, so we're hopeful that we're near the end of this business. Still don't know how he got them in the first place, since neither of them go outdoors. Our theories are that since Peredur likes to lie on the inside doormat, that a flea could have jumped in from the porch, as the cat from next door was an outside cat with no collar, or that he might have picked one up at the vet's when he was there for overnight observation when he was sick. The vets try to keep a clean environment, but you never know when an animal might come in that has fleas...

Today we're off to a site walk-through for the Crossroads at Canterbury event site. Should be fun!
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Did a bit of catch up on correspondence in the a.m., then went to breakfast with some other folks. Once our group was all together, we went to see the Crossroads at Canterbury site and have a meeting. Only had a little difficulty finding the place, and still got there an hour early for the meeting. So we went for a little walkabout and the place is amazing. Some of the buildings will need a bit of work, but overall, a terrific site -- we're all definitely looking forward to the event next year! Meeting was long, as expected with so much to cover, but great to meet new people in person and renew some acquaintences.

Had dinner at Piccadilly Pub in Sturbridge (very good fare, and watch out for those desserts! I'll be putting in some extra time working out Monday).

Listened to interesting CDs in the car going to and from the meeting one of which had a version of Alle Psallite on it, then learned the chorus to a Stonemarche song, which led into singing other songs like L'homme arme, Cakes and Ale, and Dona Nobis Pacem. One of the CDs was the Cantigas di Santa Maria (think I've got that right) -- one of our folks thinks she has the music for it and will be looking for it.


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