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For Bergental's upcoming newsletter, the question was posed - If money weren't a question, what sorts of gifts would be on your wish list, that are related in some way to your medievalist hobby?

That was a fun exercise, but what I'd like to ask here is - what sorts of more reasonably-priced or easily made things would you like for your medieval hobby?

Examples: A particular clothing pattern, new (to you) music to sing or play, pad of nice art paper, linen thread or other notions, some leather for making X project, X live experience (trip to museum/playing or dancing with friends, etc.), a coif or purse or other accessory, books, etc.
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Chocolate bark is made - three types: raisin, pistachio, almonds. Each type with semi-sweet chocolate.

Discovered I'm out of baggies -- probably have been for a while, as I don't have a lot of use for them these days. Have to go get some.

Realized with help from Fitzw that I don't need as much trim as I thought I did, for making the belt. So used a piece of solid silver I have instead. It probably isn't any more period appropriate than the other trim, but I'm happier with it anyway. Sewed it onto a piece of the same wool I made the dress from, left a small space around the trim and sewed on narrow flat silver cording I have to outline the main piece of trim. Tapered at ends and attached some big silver rope-cording I have, for tying it closed.

Not sure it needed garnishment, but I added three of my little brass running bunnies on the center front part of the belt. The center starts in the front, wraps around and crosses in the back, then comes around to the front again and ties below where it started. In the back you see an "X" and in the front it looks kind of like a point-down triangle.

Fitzw's green Norman over tunic just isn't looking good enough anymore (not for court), so we're going with his dark blue Norman one, with a green layer underneath. He has some other green clothing, but it isn't Norman and he wants to match.
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Dress is mostly done. No embellishments but will be wearable. Need to finish hemming the neck and doing fiddly bits with the points of the front and back gores by hand. The sides _should_ be laced, but I don't have time for that so I took advantage of the fact that the dress is made of wool and that my shoulders are relatively flexible, and completely sewed up the sides. Yes, I have tested that I can pull the dress on and off over my head, and it passed.

Middle layer will be interesting. I have a few make-do options. Chemise is of course, all set. Can't find my silk veil anywhere, so guess I'm veil-less again :( Haven't had time to make a linen veil out of the super lightweight stuff. Oh well, so I'll be SCA-norm for most tinhats...

Still have to make a belt, and that's been problematical, as I forgot about it when we went shopping for fabric and so I don't have ideal trim. I may use some white and silver metallic trim, putting it on a fabric backing. It's some sort of stylized 4-petal flower pattern -- still reads as a "rose" despite the lack of a 5th petal, at least in my brain... And I have some silver cording, so I could use that for the part of the belt that hangs down in front. Hm... and find some gems or something to accent it, so it doesn't look like a knight's belt (also for the pretty, thanks!) Oh, and if I have time, I have a short piece of trim that might look spiff around the neck.

Don't have time to make something new for L, unfortunately, as the discovery of the fire spark damage was too close to Yule, especially given everything else going on. But we have a plan for making it less noticeable. Hopefully it will work -- gotta test that today.

Have to check Paypal today and get all that squared away, and email Ellid with info on one person.

Have to make a list of everything for silent auction that I know about, print out a certificate or two for a couple of items (custom-made bracer by Aleksei and ale/beer by Ateno).

Make chocolate bark today, so it can set overnight.

Check and finish packing feast gear.

Cut a little bit of holly for the wren's bier.

Loaner clothing for BG is hanging on the door. Herald tabards also hanging on the door.

A baron from the Midrealm might be stopping by at our event. He came through earlier in the year and had so much fun at fighter practice that he wants to visit again.

And in non-SCA activities today, finish making soup and make some applesauce :P
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Just a fabric update. Hand-scrubbed a little piece and then high heat dried it. No appreciable shrinkage but a tiny bit of nubbling. So I washed the whole piece on delicate cycle -- I actually interrupted the wash because I was impatient and skipped 2nd rinse, going straight to spin cycle. Then I put it in the dryer on Knit/Delicate (low heat), because that's the setting I usually use, when I use a dryer. It looks good!
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Oh, and did I mention we made it to Osgood's last week? Got some nice green wool for my dress, at 20% off (they were having a rare sale).

Looks like L will also be getting a new tunic... he was going to wear the green Norman he already has, but apparently he was near a fire this year when it threw off some sparks, and it now has a few holes in. Perfectly wearable still, but not for court.

Wool site

Nov. 3rd, 2010 02:32 pm
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Not cheap, but they do offer $1 off per yard on orders of 20 or more yards.

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So, I found not only the silk/wool piece but two other pieces of green wool, and also a very light grey wool (silvery even). None of them has enough yardage :(

So now I'm looking online and find:
http://www.denverfabrics.com/catalog_itemdetail.aspx?ItmID=KK798 (Green wool tricotine)
http://www.denverfabrics.com/catalog_itemdetail.aspx?ItmID=TT163 (Green wool suiting)
http://www.denverfabrics.com/catalog_itemdetail.aspx?ItmID=RR523 (Dark green wool suiting)
http://www.denverfabrics.com/catalog_itemdetail.aspx?ItmID=AAA138 (Black/green wool gab)
http://www.denverfabrics.com/catalog_itemdetail.aspx?ItmID=KKK544 (Dark green tricotine)

Some of the above have a tiny bit of lycra (1-3%), all are on sale this week. Some of the price breaks are pretty amazing (from 22 down to 7.95). There's also a dark green wool gauze, but I don't really know what that means. It sounds hard to work with.

For the plaid-oriented there's a couple of green and cream wool plaids... (they have a plaid section so you can probably find them pretty easily that way).

And totally not what I'm looking for, but it's neat looking:

Plus for the more neutral look... (wool/silk blend)

In silk:
http://www.denverfabrics.com/catalog_itemdetail.aspx?ItmID=1367 (Spruce green)


I just picked up some silk suiting at fabric.com -- jade green and black herringbone suiting. Don't know if it'll be suitable for Yule, so I'm still looking at the above fabrics, but I'm sure it'll be perfect for something!

Next, looking for white....

[EDIT] I also have some green cotton velveteen, but again, that's more suited to late period. Still, it's green so I should include it here...
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We're doing a color court this year (word is slowly getting out). Green and white/silver.

DOESN'T HAVE TO BE YOUR OUTFIT -- CAN BE JUST AN ACCESSORY! Yes, it says that in the announcement, but people seem to fixate on the clothing part for some reason.


I have this lovely medium-dark blue and green silk/wool blend that I'm contemplating using for making a Norman overdress from, for this. The woven pattern is a sort of a plaid, but not the kind with big blocks of color. Got it from Freya years ago, and been keeping it safe until I was sure of what I wanted to do with it (I've also contemplated a late period style as well, but late is out until my weight stabilizes). It has a super dreamy drape :)
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Some over description of event at [livejournal.com profile] lady_jade_01's LJ:

And some photos, also hers: Here.

Some additional stuff not in the above post:

Sir Tommaltach issued a challenge to all Bergental fighters, throwing down a gauntlet in court. He will be wearing a special favor whenever in armor (except major Pennsic battles, to protect the favor), and Bergental fighters may challenge him in combat for the favor. The challenger must best him with three different weapons forms. Should the challenger succeed, he/she will wear the favor and carry the challenge to the other warriors, and so on. The names of the bearers of the favor will be inscribed on the back of it.

Sweet moment in BBM's court. Severin expressly took up the challenge of winning their heraldry challenge because the prize was a to-be-personalized embroidered item. In this case, the back of a mirror. He had it embroidered with his lady's coat of arms, as a sign of his gratitude for all her support and help in making it possible for him to pursue activities in the SCA.

Their Highnesses are really cool people, as are their respective partners. Looking forward to this reign, and to working with them again in the spring at Coronation. Although after that particular event, they might be a little too tired to help out in the kitchen, but we'll see ;)

It was nice to see that tradition being revived, I have to say.

Concentus performed well, with flying colors :)

Had some good chats, both with people I already knew and some new folks as well. Didn't get to chat with everyone I would have liked to, but alas, not enough hours in the day.

Won a couple of items in the auction; a couple of embroidered mats/doilies, and a beautiful strand of amber. I like amber but have avoided buying large quantities of it. This strand had a very nice energy though, so I'm glad I ended up with it.

Fracti Modi was there performing during the day. They continue to improve, and are always a delight to have here, adding greatly to the atmosphere of our events.

So, very good event! I was especially pleased that [livejournal.com profile] druidharper connected with Quintus, and also to find out we'll have at least one new teacher from our group, Magnus, at Novice Schola in the spring.

As an offshoot of various discussions, we may end up with another teacher from our group, and I had an idea for a new class that I'd like to teach. I'll have to work on the description so it sounds interesting and makes sense to readers, but it would be useful to anyone who spends a lot of time doing stuff in front of them, be they artists, researchers, or athletes (or a mix thereof).

Clean up seemed to go pretty well. Helped as usual, of course. Had to stop though because the baby powder scent from the central ladies bathroom was giving me grief, and the lungs were definitely on the losing side.

Got home about midnight.

Slept in a bit this morning, took some more allergy meds plus inhaler, went up to town to deliver eggs and 1 lb. containers of maple cream (1/2 lbs. the other day), had brunch and visited one of the buildings with crafts, etc. That was interesting -- ran into some folks I wanted to talk to, made some connections. Came home and diddled around on the PC and stuff, then Penny and Dorcas came by to buy a small leaf bottle of syrup, so chatted with them for a bit. Still tired, but feeling mostly pretty decent :)
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Just a few more things about Yule... BBM has an oak tree on their arms, so the acorn is one of their special symbols. One thing they did was make marzipan acorns, with silver rings hidden in some of them (nibble carefully!). If you found a ring in your acorn it would purportedly give you good luck :) What was fun in particular about this was that the baron and baroness of BBM got two of them! Happened to them a couple of years ago also. And two or three Concentus or -related folks got rings as well. I don't remember how many they said there were. I'm not crazy about marzipan but it was actually pretty decent, and they were very nice-looking acorns too.

And another thing their excellencies BBM did was give small acorn ornaments out to any who wanted one to bring home, which I thought was a nice touch. Apparently Aelfgifa keeps an eagle eye out for acorn stuff whenever she goes shopping. TJ Maxx was one place she had some success -- I'm debating whether to maybe pick some up for Oakstone or try making some Sculpy ones... the former would be shinier but more fragile, and the latter would be sturdier but not... shiny.... ooo....


Various folks helped here and there with cleanup. We had lots of decoration because the person in charge of EK 12th Night at BBM this past January bought a lot of stuff, so might as well make good use of it, yes? Gold and red banners, white tablecloths, red runners with a thin gold piping, and some green garland. They look like they should be usable for many years. There were also decorations edging the stage earlier in the day and later on the tables of evergreens, with apples, lemons and oranges laid out on them. At one point during the play Arlecchino picked up an apple, wondered if it were real, and then took a big bite! Thank goodness it was real :D The character practically swooned over the apple, then tossed it to the capitain, because afterall, Arlecchino was rich now (inherited) and could buy apples.

A number of folks complimented me on my look yesterday. I was wearing my 14th century overdress that [livejournal.com profile] lady_jade01 made for me, along with the under dress that I kluged the buttons on (one could use a big better fitting, and then of course the lower sleeve needs to be rotated so the buttons are at the side, not under my arm, but I didn't have time). It was a little amusing because I hadn't even used a mirror to do my hair. Just parted it down the middle, made sure my braids started up over my ears, tucked the ends of the braids in under where they start and pinned them in place. Wore my coronet for most of the day, to complete the look. Not hard at all, really.

Anyway, it was somewhat bemusing when one friend made a point of letting me know that I had presented, to him, a perfect picture of something just right, as sometimes happens in the SCA, which I appreciated but couldn't quite figure out why I was getting similar reactions throughout the day. Now it's true that I have a rather 14th c. figure (we found that out when we were all doing the fittings for Crossroads at Canterbury), but it wasn't until we got home that I saw what I think other people were seeing. I looked in a mirror (no coronet now of course, but braids still looped) and saw that my face was the same shape as a lot of ladies' faces in 14th c. manuscripts. I never thing of myself as looking terribly European medieval, being half-Chinese, but there it was. Huh. Still not sure if I want more 14th c. clothing, but it was an interesting discovery.


Lyle didn't have to man a booth at the festival. Which was good because we left the event too late to be considering dropping off boxes at [livejournal.com profile] gwynt_y_storm and Jeni's place. So he loaded 60 bales of hay for his dad while I mostly emptied the minivan and grabbed a little breakfast (the rest of my dinner from the feast, which I hadn't had time to eat). Had some hot chocolate, went to the festival. He went on down the hill with the boxes and cash to S & J's, then over to help out with finishing emptying stuff from the event site, then back home to cut up pumpkins and squash.

Festival was slow at the community hall. First year, need to work on advertising and outdoor decoration. Still, had some great conversations. Jan, the lady next to me, was selling jewelry, some of it with tiny paintings of flowers. She was knitting to pass the time. We talked about plants and knitting -- she's the head gardener at Smith College for the outdoor gardens and has been at Smith for 24 years. I explained how to knit beads into her work.

Next to her was Dan of Warm Colors Apiary, who had pollen, honey and candles. I learned a few things about helping bees when I said I was more interested in supplying the bees with nice pollen than in raising them. We also talked about bears and bees and that was interesting too. Maybe another post on all that...

Also talked with Carry, the other painter, about energy, nature, and art stuff. There was also a lady selling polar fleece blankets and some pet and kid stuff, and a guy (Cricket Hill) who makes jams, relishes, and pickled stuff -- some rather unique things too, like hot pepper relish, apple butter, spicy carrot marmalade (goes with beef or game meats), etc.

I'd brought some drop spindles with me, so I got quite a few questions about winding off onto my niddy noddy, and about drop spinning.

Things were slow enough -- no doubt the cold weather didn't help -- that people started breaking down after 1pm and most were gone by 2-2:30pm. I broke my stuff down too since it wasn't realistic to stay open as the sole vendor. No phone at the place, but I got a ride home from Lester and L came back with me to load things up. That went quickly, we got a bite to eat at Country Pie, and then briefly checked out the Town Hall, which was breaking down at this point (10 of 5pm). Chatted for a bit with an interesting lady, Darcy, who makes fantastical beaded jewelry.

So, a kind of quiet festival, but some more good conversations and possible connections.


Dec. 7th, 2008 09:18 am
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A most excellent event. I got to see a lot of people and even spend a little time chatting with some of them, although not quite as much as I would have liked, of course! Let's see, some of the LJ-ers who were there... nazrynn, rocksryan, liamstliam, antoniseb, yew_hall, rising_moon, dreda, pezgirl247, ellid, countessinn, harpduchess, alethea_eastrid of course (the queen), harpnfiddle, lady_jade01, Chrisilin, islenskr, masteralcuin, rufinia, shalmestere and hudebnik (did I get that last one right?) and others who's LJ names I either don't know or remember at the moment.

The king, Darius was also there, and of course their excellencies Aelgifa and Dinsdale, baron and baroness of Barony Beyond the Mountain. I Sebastiani entertained with a lovely and funny play, with some pointed references to our Crestfallen Tourney. Fracta Modi were great and we had a wonderful time singing the Palestrina pieces with them. We were also graced with Rufina and John and Deonna and friends, who sang a bit at feast and I did catch a little of the instrument playing :) Oh! I almost forgot -- there was this guy Daniel, dressed as an eastern type of monk, who played Japanese flute a couple of times during the play -- he was totally awesome! I got to chat with him briefly later on and complimented him on his playing. What a treat!

Diarmait, our new Herald, was indispensable yesterday. He managed things like getting the scrolls signed by fitzw before the spear tourney started, took care of getting Seamus' scroll from this summer signed by us and returning it to lady_jade01, generally helping with getting things moved, setup, breakdown, retrieval of stuff and such. I think he's practicing magically appearing when needed :D

Baronial Court was fairly short -- presented a scroll to our Standard Bearer Aethelhawk Keyfinder and took fealty from him, then fealty from Bianca Gabrielle di Solari (our new archery champion), then presented a token of our appreciation to Concentus, then an Hourglass to Erik von Hemeor. We had one more piece of business but the recipient had not made it to the event.

BBM had a fairly brief court as well, with one of the folks they called up also getting an AoA from their majesties. Royal Court was excellent, with many awards given out. Of local interest, Barbeta, Eloi, Seamus, and Angelina all received their AoAs. Tommaltach and Fiona were given Silver Crescents :)

We didn't coordinate perfectly on letting friends of recipients know ahead of time about all the awards, but did try. One of the problems with a busy schedule and a tradition of surprising people, I'm afraid. And I forget sometimes that not everyone goes to Court. Of course we'll keep trying, no doubt with varying levels of success.

L had loads of fun in the spear tourney, Concentus did well overall, and dinner was awesome. It was interesting combining the two groups' traditions. BBM had a wassail bowl and pitzelles (sp?) in the sign-in area to welcome arriving gentles. They have a tradition of a youth crossing a line of greens at the back of the hall, proceeding up to the front and leaping over the "fiery" yule log, and then proceeding to light candles around the hall in a sunwise direction. It being a large hall the Youth had helper youths. The log was a real piece of wood but since we didn't have a fireplace it had mostly those flickering electric tealights arranged across the top, plus one real candle. The real one was supposed to be the log's fire that the Youth lit a candle from but it went out if someone passed it quickly -- like when the Youth jumped over the log. So we had to be a little flexible there. Ernie was reading the page explaining the traditions aloud to give group participation instructions (like toasting with "Wassail!" instead of "Vivat!" for the evening).

Our Night Visitor came again this year. I'd forgotten about the eyepatch... He accepted our hospitality for a while, chatted with folks, and gave out some treats as he went.

We did the story of the Wren and some wren songs of course. There was a live auction late in the dinner too.

And of course there was much enjoying of food and conversation. One of my dinner companions was Gudrun, who lived in Bergental some 20 years ago, and turns out to be a real-life cousin of the Alethea, the queen. Much amusement was had -- probably the best royal high table I've been at.

There are a couple of other BBM traditions I haven't gotten to yet, but I have to get ready to go work my booth at the festival.
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- We got the merchant booth set up at the Community Hall and the cash box to Nancy for Saturday.

- Re-vamped sleeves of red linen dress to have buttons instead of lacing -- a kluge for the 14th c. outfit, as blue stripey dress is still under construction (have to do a re-fit for my arms, esp. since my exercise levels have changed with the surgery, etc.)

- L made a spear


- All packed for the event, and I may even have managed to get gifts for everyone.
- Leaving soon!

New stuff made in a week's time:

- Decoupaged and adorned 3 trays, 1 vase, 6 boxes
- 35 cards (print, fold, cut, stuff)
- 4 magnets

(rest of re-stock was complete last month)
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Have been madly cleaning, sorting, organizing, tossing, and also making up stock even though I didn't have a show coming up -- or so I thought. Ashfield's having a winter festival thing this coming weekend, the same weekend as Bergental/BBM Yule. Then one of the folks at Elmers said that we could set up on Friday, and that they have people to cover if you can't be there. Then Palestrina's Sitivit Anima Mea was giving us fits so we were going to put in another extra rehearsal on Friday. And other complications of course, like the %$*?! grass-fed beef pickup still hasn't happened and has to happen by Dec. 7. (You know, that fake expletive doesn't look right, but I don't have a lot of experience with that, sigh). So, no show and less stress, yay. And yet, I was still decoupaging things... (a few for us, but also for sale)

Then we decided to walk to Sidehill to get milk and yogurt and ran into Lester, who was cutting up some firewood for next winter. It's a good time to do that, with the leaves mostly down and clear ground. Anyway, of course we stop to say 'hello' and he says that he was happy to see us because he had something to ask me. Seems the Community Hall is participating in this festival and are still trying to fill their vendor spaces and was wondering if I might set up? We explained about the SCA event, but he said that we could do just Sunday. As we're talking Nancy walks up and says she was looking for us too -- same reason of course. At the time we thought we still had the Friday rehearsal, but Lester said he could be there earlier in the day, and Nancy said she'd make sure he remembered, and she even volunteered to cover the booth for at least part of Saturday. Sigh. They're trying to make sure more people know about the availability of the hall for town use, and one of their vendors cancelled, so.... we'll be setting up Friday at noon.

Even L got into it.... we may be having guests this weekend, but he said he could take care of entertaining on Sunday :D Although if they make it I'd like a chance to chat with them too... wonder if they could stay until Monday morning.... well, we'll see if they make it first, eh?

Meantime, [livejournal.com profile] countessinn asked if we'd found any order medallions here, but no joy yet. So I was going to add wooden nickels to the art supplies list and see about making a few, but happily she has that well under control. Brigit bought nickels and folks will be painting medallions. We also chatted briefly at the business meeting last night about the A&S competition, and I have to say she's really been getting into being the MOAS and being very thoughtful. Thank goodness for living in the barony we do! We're blessed with many very cool people :)

And, no practice on Friday after all. Our voices are getting tired from practicing two days in a row the past couple of weeks, so L doesn't want to push it the day before the event. Meanwhile, between the mp3s [livejournal.com profile] lady_jade01 made and the extra practices, we finally made it through Sitivit Anima Mea and it even sounds relatively decent. We may not have all the nuances yet, but it's good enough to perform at Yule. We'll get there yet, I'm sure.

So, managed to find the houppelande for Todd to borrow (barn aka the outer warehouse, sigh), and am slowly gathering together stuff for the weekend.

Can't find all of my decoupage papers and am extremely annoyed because I'm missing a couple of color families right now. If they turn up by tomorrow I'll give it a shot using some of them. Have to start varnishing today or tomorrow so I can't work on making new things after a certain point... Oddly enough, they may still be packed, although I thought I'd opened all the art supply boxes...

Also couldn't find the boxes I'd painted last year, so had to get some more paint to do up at least a couple more boxes. (tried the barn one more time this afternoon) Found my boxes!!! Whoot!

Meanwhile, forgot to check the apples when their scent wafted to me last week, so had some bruised apples to deal with, which has now been done. Still need to peel and chop a few of the other types of apples, but then I can make applesauce.

Hey, it only took 4-1/2 hours to finish this post, not too bad...


Jan. 23rd, 2007 10:18 am
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Here's another one of building the forest at Yule (that's me behind the tree - I was making 'bushes' by sticking branches into the bales):
Yule Woods )

And here are a bunch of the scroll I did for Odbald's Manche:
Odbald's Manche )
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Forgot to write that we took Roz in this past Wednesday for her weigh-in -- gained an ounce since she was last in (7'6"). Next weigh in is Monday or Tuesday. Currently she's off the antibiotics because they're upsetting her stomach, and she's allowed to eat whatever she likes including the other cat's food (she pushed the 18-pounder out of his dish earlier in the week...). Once we have her back up to a healthy weight, we'll see about the antibiotics.

Did serious furniture re-arrangement in printshop Wednesday and Thursday. Things are almost ready for receiving the 2nd double rack from Bill W, and stuff can easily to moved on moving day, as needed.

We have a volunteeer trailer from GW and a volunteer man with vehicle that can pull the trailer, Rob M, for this Sunday, so the forest and bales will be down in the valley, ready to go to the event. We'll test putting on the tree bases sometimes before Yule.

[personal profile] fitzw's been working on armor bits, and the remainder of my stuff's going into the minivan this a.m., then we'll be picking up Una and going up to Sir GfG's place to work on armor. Hoping to get out of there at a reasonable hour and head over to [personal profile] ellid's place for another Thanksgiving get-together. Was going to make jello salad but was too tired and a bit achey, so called it an early night last night. Another time... it'll be nice to see folks though.

Have mostly cut out two outfits yesterday, one for each of us, just need to cut out the bodice and sleeve lining for my outer dress. Still have to cut out pieces for kirtle (me), shirt (fitzw), and the servers' napkins (8-10 of those, I think).

Una's giving me 10 yards of her linen find to do with as I please, so it might become those napkins. Or, I may use some of the 3.5 oz I bought earlier this summer. I know that seems too light, but I think it's comparable to the weight of [personal profile] peregrinning's beautiful napkins, and really they won't see a lot of hard use. Although the thought of hemming all of those napkins.... I'm tempted to go to Jo-Ann's and/or Osgood's and see if they still carry towelling -- wouldn't be linen of course, but then I'd only have to hem the ends, not the long sides -- and no, machine hemming really isn't acceptable. It might do given the short time left before Yule, but then we'd just have to undo it all and re-do them properly, and it would ruin the visual in the meantime. I've been thinking about the napkins for a while, but finances haven't really allowed for working on the project 'til now. Will ponder.


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