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So I'd had a possibly good idea and shared it with L -- who then got a major part of it done before I got outside. *sigh* And the air conditioners are now in the house as well. Neither one is set up yet, but we're one step closer. L is now laying down for a rest.

Oh, and he also got a single seat and bench seat from our old minivan out of the trailer, which will eventually make it to the transfer point to be trash. Unfortunately mice found a way to get into the trailer and made their homes in these.

We had an 8' long table taking up space in the center aisle of the barn -- it is now set up along one wall of the trailer. Boxes that were in that space are now elsewhere or underneath. I moved some of the lumber for the trailer project into the trailer and put it on top of the table, along with a rolled up rug that was in the way in the trailer; ten trips with two 2"x4"x8' boards at a time. The 2"x6"x8' boards will have to wait a bit; weather is horrible. But we're making three areas more open for passage and construction purposes at the same time, so yay.


The boards are part of a project to insulate the trailer so that it doesn't suffer as extreme temperature swings. We're also working out ventilation, etc. The end goal is to be able to safely store most of our books out there, as well as games -- sort of a library and entertainment area. We've been working toward this but with the mouse incursions plus being really tired of not being able to find books, etc., this year we're pushing it.

The far end of the trailer has some wood rot in the very end part of the floor and there are some smaller holes in the wall corners (where bolts or something used to be?), so first is cleaning, stabilizing and sealing, then construction. We'll do a section at a time, so as we complete a section we can move things over and do the next section. If we don't get it done by next fall, we can always hang a curtain between the done/undone sections to maximize stable storage.


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