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-Yoga stretches
-A bit of walking
-2 loads of laundry (1 massage sheets, 1 clothing)
-S-twist spinning, white Icelandic
-Wound some Z-twist white Icelandic into a ball
-Brought spinning wheel in from studiolo and removed bobbin for windoff
-Bank deposit
-Began looking at Egyptian art
-Correspondence, general and one for Novice Schola
-Caught up on entering receipts into Quicken
-Paid a bunch of bills online

Plans for tonight:
- Wind off z-twist white Icelandic from bobbin onto niddy noddy for setting
-Take some Emergen-C, throat's a little sore and have a bit of a headache
- Work on court doc for EK 12th Night
- Possibly spin more
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Needleworkers went quite well. It was a first-time visit to Fionguala and Montague's house for Emma. [personal profile] islenskr was there -- she spent part of the evening learning about 14th c. clothing and part of it learning to spin on a spinning wheel from D.Moiselle. [profile] etainmbw's mother Patricia was there, also Brigit, [personal profile] ellid, and Una.

Pagan G did the majority of the talking and explaining and had lots of books for people to look at. I had some stuff printed out as well, to supplement what she was doing. The plaid that Dagobert is sitting on (near end of 14th c) was a new thing for her, so she was excited about that. I modeled my old Italian slip - it's lightly boned and modelled after a memory from Zeferelli's Romeo and Juliet. Works quite well still. Anyway, I think when we get to work on clothing that we'll start with the Gothic fitted dress ('cotehardie') first, with appropriate shaping and support during the fitting process. It should be wool lined with linen, so we'll see if that is sufficient support without anything substantial underneath. But if not, I think making strapped slips as in some of the illustrations but with some breast support may be in order, especially for our shapelier ladies. It wouldn't have to be done with boning -- we could just fit the bodice of the slip and use a couple of layers of linen, maybe quilted through.

We had some good discussions on silhouette and how things progressed over time in England, France, Italy, and Spain. And a little bit of Germany too. She and I are theorizing that possibly plaid shows up sporadically because of class issues. Also, I personally think a lot of artists didn't like to do patterns that would be hard to do on drapes and folds. No proof, of course. But I have noted that there is even less evidence of plaids in the 15th century, which doesn't make a lot of sense -- except that much of what we've seen has been really rich people or really poor people. Plaid may be somewhere in between. Ah well. At any rate, it seems that my purple/green plaid may become 14th c. clothing for well-to-do merchants/printers/bookbinders :) Possibly parti-colored. I also have some beautiful light blue/green stuff (another large pattern, not the also beautiful subtle dark blue/green silk/wool I got from [personal profile] freya46, which may have to become something modern. I suppose I could wear plaid outside the SCA.... hmmm.....

For EK 12th Night I think I'll wear what I wore at Bergental Yule. I have projects to work on, so it'll save some time and wear and tear. Really, if I have any time to sew, it ought to be finishing a tunic I cut out this summer and a warmer jacket for the warmer winter days! Oh, for those who haven't seen what [personal profile] fitzw and I wore at Berg Yule, he managed to take a pic or two of me in the woods, but I haven't seen any of both of us yet. Will work on trying to get one to put up here.

We had some things to finish up this (Saturday) morning, so we got to the family gathering a little late. We weren't the only ones though, so I guess it was just one of those kinds of days. Everyone was happy with their presents -- among other things I am now the proud possessor of a gift certificate for Webs, from my sister-in-law S :) And some very pretty pewter buttons are coming in the mail soon too! (Thank you [personal profile] fitzw!) And we got gift cards and things from M and W (my in-laws), so sometime after the Christmas season we can go shopping at the mall. Food and company were both excellent, which is of course the best part. Oh, and I'd forgotten and left [personal profile] fitzw's present at home, but he's just opened it and likes it. See his LJ for details.

Tomorrow we'll be going to the Sundered Lands for fighter practice. [personal profile] fitzw hopes to fight; I'll be there for a conversation. If there's time after that, I can socialize with everyone else, before returning home to work on a couple of clients. Then choir practice at 6pm!
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Things were a little unexpected in the morning. Good thing we worked on the text last night -- Scott the Renoferret showed up not only to pick up the last of his stuff but also to finish up the last of the work on the outside. So we now have the second ext. light fixture up, the weathervane, last bit of gutter, gutter covers, and he also fixed a down pipe on the uphill side of the house that's been giving us trouble.

The 'house' warming went well. Eight people, including the Renoferret and his lady Laura F and our two uphill neighbors JJ and Heidi. Looks like some folks might come back to try things out and/or just hang out and chat - it's all good.

Everyone who wanted to go to try their hand at printing on the proof press got to, and got to bring home a print of their own. And they learned something about weaving, esp. as [personal profile] fitzw had a bit more warping to do first thing, and then the startup process for making a rug. Renoferret helped me wind rags onto a couple of the better shuttles so we could all see how things work. SCAdians got to meet non-SCAdians, which I think is also good -- whether or not the non-SCAdians are interested in joining the SCA, we're all one community.

After Yule I'm hoping to start work on warping up the table loom. I haven't warped up a loom in twenty years, so I'd like to start off small. [personal profile] fitzw will probably have to help me, at least at first, since I don't always get what the books are saying. Magnus is kind of interested in learning, but wants to wait until after NS/BB. So if I can get through some weaving on a small loom first, I'll be up to speed for beginner lessons by then. That way either [personal profile] fitzw or I can get him started. M's quite taken with the idea of weaving napkins for the Runnymede 2008 dinner, with baronial devices embroidered on them -- I suggested we should probably get help with the embroidery, which he's open to, there being so many groups :P

Concentus practice was both intense and silly. If laughter truly is the best medicine, we are all healthier after last night. We dropped a number of songs for Yule that weren't gelling, but will try to have one of them ready for EK 12th Night. Because of issues with the house we didn't start up choir practice as early as we usually do, so we simply didn't have enough time to learn everything. We did replace those songs with a couple of old rounds that we already know, and will be doing one of them with a silly twist (and then probably running away).

Talked to my mom on the phone as usual on Sundays. She's having yet another bout of vertigo. The meds are only helping so much, and they make her sleepy so she can't get anything done. Going to the doctor today, I think -- hopefully they have something useful for her. She's been doing some research and will be bringing some of it with her to the appt. Among other things, the emergency doctor, who knew my mom was on meclezine, also prescribed valium. My mom found out online that the two should not be taken together. grr. So, she's just on the mec now, since we're not even sure why the doctor prescribed the valium. _My_ doctor always checks his book on meds to see if they will all go together in a good way. Other than the vertigo she sounded pretty good on the phone - tired, but no stuttering or struggling to find the right words. One of the things she found online was that for certain type(s) of vertigo there are exercises that can help. She's hoping she has one of those types, and so do I.

[personal profile] ellid had forgotten her music book at home, so as "punishment" I was going to have her take on hemming the last of the servers' napkins I working on for Yule. But this morning I found that not only do I still have that one, but I have her 5th, partially finished one here :D Found them on top of the shelves that are temporarily next to the fridge...
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Got some more cleaning and re-arranging done for tomorrow, more to do, of course.

Bill W arrived late morning with the double rack. It also has a composing counter on the back side of it so we have another counter space, very useful. Also heavy -- it's solid metal! The other racks are wood.

After lunch, went to Letterpress Things in Chicopee since it was one of his open days. Found another case of Cloister Black in 12 pt., a small caps/fig font of Engravers Old English 18 pt, and also Eng. OE in 72 pt. And a small single cabinet for holding galleys (type on trays -- you can set up a form of text and then save it there for future printing/re-printing). And sundry small tools. Bill W picked up a very nice dust-free single rack, a metal composing surface, some type, and some odds and ends.

Got home and did some more work in both sides of the garage, but mostly in the print shop. [personal profile] fitzw thought it would be nice if people could try out printing, so he worked on setting up the form, with a little bit of help from me.
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Washed the Irish linen from Una twice -- marks of fold lines etc. didn't come out the first time, so used some stain remover and some bleach and that helped a lot.

Discovered that I'd put the waist on [personal profile] fitzw's tunic in incorrectly and had to re-do part of it. The two side front pieces are supposed to slant down from the inside shoulder to center front at the waist -- lacing holds it in place so it doesn't sag or bow out. Then a rectangular flap that's attached on one side and half of the bottom edge covers over that and buttons on the other side. Apparently the last time I made one of these I put the flap on after attaching the waist, and then hand tacked the flap where I needed to... this time I thought I'd sew the side part and do it all at once. Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention and sewed it as if the entire bottom of the flap was part of the side front it was on, so instead of the mid-point of the flap meeting the center front of the waist, what was supposed to be the free end of the flap met the center front. Oy. (this is one of those late transitional Burgundian things for those who haven't seen the other one I made). Anyway, ripped it out, fixed it.

I cleared the shelves of a small metal shelving unit and brought it up to the kitchen and cleaned it up a bit. Thought it might work up in the cutting/bookbinding room. Then I had the better idea of moving the white dresser that was in the basement up to the 2nd floor for some of the bookbinding supplies, which [personal profile] fitzw also thought was a good idea, so I brought the drawers up there. Not sure what we'll do with the shelving I cleaned...

Didn't have time to fix the sleeve lining on my dress yesterday because of all that, and we had to go shopping, so no work on cutting out the kirtle or chemise either.

Went to work, also had my adjustments -- twice. The neck and upper back stuff stayed, but the lowback and knees didn't even make it through my shift. Doc says my lower back is unstable (so are the knees, but that was the other doc). So, have to be better about doing my exercises, in particular the abdominal ones and the knee ones. My knees really don't do well with repetitions of going up and down hills and stairs, which I've been doing a lot of the past few weeks. Apparently the torsion required for this movement is more than the muscles and ligaments can handle, so the knee goes into the necessary position for going downhill and then stays there.

Got home and had dinner late. Finally noticed that [personal profile] fitzw had moved the rest of the dress by himself! We fiddled a little bit with organizing things, then he read a book to me while I did more sewing (I read to him in the car). Finished his tunic, yay!

Shower, exercise, cut out kirtle and chemise, back to sewing.

At some point Magnus will come over to work on documentation, Pagan will be over (hopefully) to work on clothing, and Emma will be over to deliver scroll blanks and pick up some loaner clothing.

Saturday I need to focus on getting some things done in the studiolo and print shop. The final type rack will be arriving late morning via Bill W and will take all of us to move it. The clocks for the rooms arrived Wednesday and need to go up on the walls -- both are 9 Chickweed themed and feature Solange, the cat. We thought the one where she's playing with Roman numerals and getting them out of position was appropriate for the print shop :) And I need to frame some stamps to go up as well -- stamps depicting printing presses :D I suspect our shop will be prettier than some, but that's always a risk when you let someone like me into the room... And more cleaning of the first floor of the house. Between the open house on Sunday and a houseguest or three for Yule, I really need to get things spiffed up.

Trying to figure out where to put food and drinks. May have to have them in the house, as generally the space in the studiolo and print shop is all dedicated space. Plus, I'm concerned about what will happen if I plug in too many things at once -- if it's cold on Sunday we have to have the space heater on, so no hot drinks if that's the case.
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I almost forgot to post a couple of important things!

First, my table loom that I won on eBay came in Saturday. Non-folding Mountain Loom, 8-harness, max weaving width 12". Folding would have been nice, but 8-harness at a decent price, I'll take it.

Second, we're having an open studiolo/print shop day on December 3, 1pm - 5pm. Come see all the spiffy fiber, fiber equipment, type, proofing press, etc.!

If you want/need directions to our place, contact me.

Okay, now _really_ going to sew!
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Forgot to write that we took Roz in this past Wednesday for her weigh-in -- gained an ounce since she was last in (7'6"). Next weigh in is Monday or Tuesday. Currently she's off the antibiotics because they're upsetting her stomach, and she's allowed to eat whatever she likes including the other cat's food (she pushed the 18-pounder out of his dish earlier in the week...). Once we have her back up to a healthy weight, we'll see about the antibiotics.

Did serious furniture re-arrangement in printshop Wednesday and Thursday. Things are almost ready for receiving the 2nd double rack from Bill W, and stuff can easily to moved on moving day, as needed.

We have a volunteeer trailer from GW and a volunteer man with vehicle that can pull the trailer, Rob M, for this Sunday, so the forest and bales will be down in the valley, ready to go to the event. We'll test putting on the tree bases sometimes before Yule.

[personal profile] fitzw's been working on armor bits, and the remainder of my stuff's going into the minivan this a.m., then we'll be picking up Una and going up to Sir GfG's place to work on armor. Hoping to get out of there at a reasonable hour and head over to [personal profile] ellid's place for another Thanksgiving get-together. Was going to make jello salad but was too tired and a bit achey, so called it an early night last night. Another time... it'll be nice to see folks though.

Have mostly cut out two outfits yesterday, one for each of us, just need to cut out the bodice and sleeve lining for my outer dress. Still have to cut out pieces for kirtle (me), shirt (fitzw), and the servers' napkins (8-10 of those, I think).

Una's giving me 10 yards of her linen find to do with as I please, so it might become those napkins. Or, I may use some of the 3.5 oz I bought earlier this summer. I know that seems too light, but I think it's comparable to the weight of [personal profile] peregrinning's beautiful napkins, and really they won't see a lot of hard use. Although the thought of hemming all of those napkins.... I'm tempted to go to Jo-Ann's and/or Osgood's and see if they still carry towelling -- wouldn't be linen of course, but then I'd only have to hem the ends, not the long sides -- and no, machine hemming really isn't acceptable. It might do given the short time left before Yule, but then we'd just have to undo it all and re-do them properly, and it would ruin the visual in the meantime. I've been thinking about the napkins for a while, but finances haven't really allowed for working on the project 'til now. Will ponder.
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Sunday was work on getting the house ready for Concentus, then getting ready for going to regional fighter practice.

At practice I met with Fiona and Una to catch up on Novice Schola stuff, gave a check to Brigit for Yule (Bjorn and his lady Sam), chatted with various folks about armor, marshalling, events, spinning, etc, had Cedric announce the boar hunt during a break in the practice, and did a bit of spinning (white Icelandic). [personal profile] fitzw had left something at home and went back to get it, as well as the checkbook I thought I had brought with me. Between one thing and another he didn't get back for 1-1/2 hours, so then it was time to pack up and go home to finish getting ready for Concentus. So, unfortunately no fighting for him :( There were a lot of fighters there though -- and many bouts were fought and instruction given. One of our new guys authorized -- Cerdwulf Blackbeard (mka Coureton D).

Concentus practice was all right. Tired people. But we still covered new ground and reinforced some old ground.

Monday a.m., went out to the studiolo and turned on the heater, then over to the print shop to rearrange some things while the heater did its job. Thursday morning we may try to do the furniture shuffle in the print shop, so I figured I might as well get started with the prep work. Did some spinning (white Icelandic) on the Kromski, which was being cranky. I managed to drop the whorl and crack it, but I managed to get it working with some oil and a piece of wool.

Went to lunch and then shopped for kitty food, flour, and oatmeal. Did some correspondence and then back out to spin some more. [personal profile] fitzw joined me around 5pm and worked on the barn loom for a while.

Gathered some sheet music for a teacher trying to put a medieval day together at her school. Now, time to shower and go to Newcomers.
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Worked Tuesday, and was kind of beat when I got home. Had dinner, did sundry things. [personal profile] fitzw had finished painting the garage door. Yay! And he started work on updating/changing things on the Bergental web site. He did more on that during the evening and through dinner, with me proofing things.

Today I spent the whole morning working on write-ups and proofing for the web site. Not my original plan, but there's a lot of work to be done, including new things. Fitzw has uploaded a lot of it, but there is still the calendar and other things to work on. I also worked on some correspondence viz the web site, plus a little NS/BB correspondence.

Lunch, then off to work. Oh, and I got a call yesterday, asking me to come in early on Thursday -- the primary MT for that day can't come in and my regular schedule for that day was almost empty, so they're combining the schedules and having me cover.
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[personal profile] fitzw said the pallet was okay for now, but we may be able to level it a bit more. I have the trench going under it to the side of the building so that water won't stop and pool around the pallet in the winter, which he liked.

Puttied nail/screw ends in exterior door frame. [personal profile] fitzw refastened part of the garage door frame, did some scraping, set up a ladder for me, and caulked the one studio window that didn't come with draft-stopper gasket and stuck the gasket cord in. Then he went back to work inside (got a long conference call when he stepped in and couldn't come back for a while).

I did more scraping of the frame and the garage door itself, then got down to the business of priming. It's all we'll have time for before winter, but the wood definitely will appreciate the protection. Scott showed up and did some work on putting up gutters and reinstalled the end post for the fence -- he'd had to take it out during construction because it was too close to the building.

Garage door is almost finished, just four more panes to go. It was getting too cold to paint, so I cleaned up and then brought the blackened containers inside, as they were done curing and airing out.

Did some correspondence online, and had some fun searching for table looms and rovings. Got a call from Una that she wasn't going to be able to get to the business meeting, so she was emailing me the autocrat notes for NS/BB (Novice Schola/Baronial Birthday).

We went to Dave's Soda and Pet Food City before the meeting, and got 3+ flats of cat food. Then off to the meeting! Returned [profile] lady_jade_01's cane, which she'd left in the minivan after Fiber Twist. Meeting went very well, much accomplished, including agreement that Bergental and Quintavia will be working on Boredom War again in 2007, with Bergental playing the host this time (Quintavians Susana D and Teresa G were here this month). Also, we now have a Deputy Herald, Derrick -- [profile] etainmbw's brother. I'll be working on designing some embroidery patterns of the barony's orders, which [profile] etainmbw is especially looking forward to, as is her mom, Patricia.

Some of us mosied out to the parking lot -- we needed to hand off some wood to [profile] lady_jade_01 to take to GW for making kittenpult kits. Derrick was chatting with [personal profile] fitzw and [profile] lady_jade_01 during the exchange and afterward, and [profile] etainmbw and Patricia and I were chatting about resumes, jobs, and preparing for the future. Then [profile] etainmbw mentioned that Derrick had to get up early for work, so it was time to break up and go home.

It was pretty late, but [personal profile] fitzw very kindly worked on my neck, shoulders, upper back and piriformis. We spent a little more time on the internet (I sent off a report on NS/BB to the autocrats, Fiona and Una), then off to bed. I was really beat, or I would have posted all this last night. I guess [personal profile] fitzw was too, because we both slept in late this morning. Of course, a little of that might have had to do with being woken up at some ungodly hour by Roz howling -- she'd fallen asleep in the office cat bed, and I think she was disconcerted waking up to find her humans weren't in the room.

So here we are, madly catching up on the day. I put in a load of laundry shortly after 10am, so it should be ready for the dryer now. It still isn't warm enough outside to paint. [personal profile] fitzw says he'll finish it up if it hasn't warmed up in time for me to do it before work. Time for a quick breakfast, and then...

We're Off To Vote!

Monday a.m.

Nov. 6th, 2006 12:48 pm
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Sprayed three containers black for passive solar. One is old maple sap gathering can (was used for transporting sap from our buckets up to the farm. Need a new one anyway, with a better cap). Two are buckets that kitty litter came in.

Watched [personal profile] fitzw put up more insulation and another wall panel. Yay!

Shortened a raised bed near the studio so that it's further away from the building. Dug a trench from there past the front of the building, to try to encourage water from rain/snow to go past the building before going downhill. Worked on levelling ground directly in front of studio door so that the pallet can go there -- mostly stable, but will ask [personal profile] fitzw to please look at it and see if he can make it more stable.

Lunch - pepperoni "pizza" Lean Pocket, and Golden Sussex Ginger Ale (from Canada - thanks, [profile] prince_hring.


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