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Today is Chinese New Year's Eve. Still have some cleaning to do in the kitchen and a little tidying in the bedroom. House still looks pretty good overall, so not going to stress it too much, esp. with my left shoulder continuing to be a problem. Got some mending done and a little of new sewing.

For the most part I'm pretty patient about working on improving physically, but this shoulder thing is getting "old".

Talking about songs from the old SCA days on FB, and it brought to mind that I'd been trying to get the words to The Swan Harper some years ago. That was a couple of computers ago, so I don't know if I succeeded in getting it or not, but I certainly don't have it now. *sigh*

Weather's supposed to get a little more normal "seasonal" soon, which is good because pretty soon I'm going to dig out every comforter and pillow I have and line the inside of a couple of rooms with them and hide...

Hit menopause sometime in the past year. Working on figuring out what that means health-wise this year. I might want to pick up some panax ginseng for cold weather, and am working on weeding out food sources that can contain endocrine disruptors, among other things.

[EDIT] Adding for clarity -- am all done with menopause, except still have to work on brain fog and hopefully improving my memory. Fortunately I never had much in the way of hot flashes. Thanks to a friend's private post to me, it seems my diet changes (low sugar, low caffeine, no wheat) saved me a lot of aggravation on that front.
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I have a friend who's currently transcribing a treatise on horsemanship (Gervase Markham), and it has some terms she's having trouble figuring out.

One is comparison of size of some horse thing to breads.

Does anyone know what the size of a halfpenny wheaten loaf, or a penny white loaf is? (Not sure if these are two ways to say the same thing or two different things).

Any recommendations on sources for finding this sort of thing?

Thank you!
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Finally posted thank yous to the Bergental list this morning.

Thanks to Lyle, Henna, and Eleanore for teaching classes. I helped a little with the braiding class, but it was great being to sit on on various bits of Eleanore's ongoing teaching about cooking with fire, and helping folks (including me) with questions about specific things. Henna's demonstration of how to dress a distaff was fascinating -- had no idea how that worked before! And I got to try spinning flax on the wheel, which is a bit of a challenge but I think I'm getting the idea.

I think I saw a bit of informal teaching and sharing going on here and there during the event by various folks; also good to see!

L and I also had some great talks with Harkin about martial arts; we did spear form a couple of times, and led Charis and Angharat through Yang Tai Chi 24 form once too.

Folks who weren't here on Friday missed meeting a new person, Liz, a friend of Erin's. I believe we can expect her to show up at a fighter practice in the near future :)

Bardics on Friday and Saturday night were informal and lots of fun. Thank goodness we had clear skies Saturday night and got to see some shooting stars as well.

Singing at the farmers market Saturday morning was fun, shopping was good, and we got to hang out with a hammer dulcimer player for a bit too.

My thanks to Gwilym of Fflint, who set up a great shoot; I saw quite a few folks over there making good use of those targets!

As usual, the food was great. We ate well on both Saturday and Sunday especially.

Had some great few/one-to-one conversations throughout the weekend, which I really enjoyed.

Our chief druid had some good ideas for our future grove, too!

Not including Lyle and me, Friday we had 7 folks plus one wee one for a couple hours in the afternoon. Saturday was the busiest day, with 21, and Sunday there were 15. Again not including us two, there was only a solid 4-person overlap for all three days, with one other person coming Friday and Saturday, and two coming Saturday and Sunday. Four people camped the whole weekend and one stayed overnight from Sat to Sun.
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Wow, what a great day! We had some things we had to get done in the morning, but then off to the event, arriving in time to catch up with a few folks and have some scrumptious lunch. Then off to teach two classes on finger-loop braiding (Lyle did most of the talking this time -- I prepped the materials and assisted here and there). Almost went to a class or two but ended up chatting and brainstorming on a variety of topics, hanging out with Henna and Annastrina at the loom, and signing a scroll (old business finally and happily concluded).

At various points throughout the day I got to talk with Emele, Elizabeth Rose, Charis, Angharad, Henna, Annastrina, Gregory, Catherine, Sarah D, Barbara, Barbeta, Jean-Louis, Ernst, Geoffrey, Harkin, Cedric, Pagan, Emma, Rob, Max, Constance, Brangwyne, Yvonne, and well, more people than I can list. Some folks I only got to say 'hi' to all too briefly, like Liam, Griffin, Eli, or Azure, for instance, but it was good to see them there. Saw Bianca in the first finger-loop class (*waves*)... a full day indeed.

[EDIT: Also got to say 'hi' to Hugh_mannity, Jeene and Tabitha Johnstone, Tommaltach, Fiona, Montague, Gwenhwyfar and ? (I forget how to spell his name -- Jen and Nick Hyatt with their cute baby and Nick's mom), and saw in-passing Erik von Hemeor, Ferral, Caitlin O'Dochartaigh, Zadia and Adelia, ....

Eleanore MacCarthaigh stepped up as Bergental's Luminary (A&S Champion) at Court -- our Luminary was Baroness Emma, who is more than a little busy now with being baroness :) ]

Back to the event...after classes were done, off to court to see the scroll presented to Barbara of Bergental, Lady Angelina also received her well-deserved Fountain award (now called the Order of the Cup of St. Brigit, for service), and a young man was inducted into the Order of the Sable Bear (martial). I'm afraid I didn't catch his name, although I do recognize him -- we don't cross paths in our interests; polite and friendly though! There were some other pieces of business, like thanking people with a special token for their years of service in Bergental (mostly folks who were busy working at Investiture, who Their Excellencies had been trying to catch up with), and welcoming SCA newcomers.

Then I was called in, for a new award Their Excellencies started last autumn, for people who have been active for a long time in the barony, have at least two of the baronial awards (I think?), and continue to be people who are looked to for advice or inspiration...something like that. Mistress Pagan Graeme is the first of this new order, the Polaris. And now, I am the second. There is a lovely mantle being made by Mistress Sarah Davies - she had a question on which color I'd prefer for the lining and also how I'd like the front done, but it's of a quite lovely soft dark green wool, with the Polaris star pieced and embroidered on it -- star designed by Lady Elizabeth of Rivenstar (Hi apprentice!). I'll be getting that at the housewarming next Sunday :)

Someone, I think it was Harkin? noted that I seemed surprised at the award, and I replied that I figured I would probably be inducted sooner or later, all things considered, but Baroness Emma had come up with something special that I certainly could not have expected. The scroll is a work in progress, because they were letting everyone who be a part of the award-giving to add color or white work to the illumination. And then they read out the names of the people who had already worked on it through the day... quite overwhelming. At both of my peerage elevations I was able to maintain my composure, but not today. I was and am honoured by my peers who felt I was worthy of becoming a member of the orders of the Laurel and the Pelican, but this is....different. I've felt somewhat distant from the SCA, as living up in the hills makes participating more challenging and we've been so busy with kung fu, the family farm and now our new place that I was feeling peripheral to baronial activities. To know that so many people care is heart-touching. Well, I wish I could be more poetic or something, but I just start crying again, so you'll just have to take my word that it's one of the best things that's happened to me in the SCA. My barony is full of wonderful people!

Dinner was also superb and the cooks provided GF-alternatives for the bread, spaetzle and dessert. Lady Yvonne made one of the best cream fillings I've ever tasted.

Well, I'm just not sure how to balance all the things I need and/or want to do, but I do want to keep in touch with my SCA family, so we'll just have to figure it out.
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Posted elsewhere and forgot to post here. The Bergental Novice Schola event was rescheduled from its original February date owing to the entire state of Massachusetts being shut down for snowstorm Nemo. It is now scheduled for March 16.
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Sorry for the late notice -- trying to schedule things lately has been... interesting.

Harvest Home, hosted at the farm in Ashfield, will be July 27-29.

Intimate, casual event, with at least a few classes planned. I'm working on getting a few more herbs out of the south garden and should have a nice variety of herbs for folks to see this year. There's the possibility of a class on using a scythe too!

Camping is allowed, just contact me to let me know you're coming and send me your tent footprint.

Recycling and trash cans will be available, although naturally we encourage re-usable containers.

Site is free, donations welcome!


If any archery marshals are available that weekend, that would be spiff!

Be well,



Jul. 9th, 2012 10:42 am
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Despite all the last minute challenges for the staff, I thought K&Q Rattan went very well. Only one merchant because of a snafu with the town, but the rattan and archery tourneys went well and the participants all enjoyed themselves.

Many good conversations -- never enough time of course, but still. A particular pleasure was seeing Josephine, Hemeor's lady, who I haven't seen in ages. She's still in school in the Midwest, becoming a doctor. Looking lovely and a lot less stressed, so I think she's really coming into her own.

Court was not too long and quite interesting. GNEW next week will be a "succession war", with the current king and queen having declared their daughter their successor, and the crown prince and princess contesting this -- sort of a Stephen and Maude kind of thing. The discussion of this between the royal pairs was entertaining ;)

Healthwise, I need to work on remembering not to eat all treats offered by friends, but when I'm tired I still forget. Had a "medieval" ice cream sandwich Saturday night (ice cream sliced and put between two pizelles). The quality of the ingredients helped to make it less worse than it could have been, and I think the anise in the pizzelles helped too. Still feeling the effects of the weekend this morning, for sure.

Cooler today. This week, will work on getting a few more herbs from the south garden lifted and into pots. And get some more ginger into the ground -- should have been done a while ago, but well, at least they're still alive. Fortunately ginger is pretty good at hanging in there!
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Last night had to go to G'fld. AC in MIL's room had died and B.Manor's folks hadn't been able to repair it yet, so we got a call to bring down a fan. Got home around 11:30 p.m. Rest of packing for the event delayed to morning.

Made up some ginger water first thing this morning, so it could chill in the fridge a little while other things got done. We're bringing the eggs for the Sunday morning breakfast fundraiser so I want to start off with as much cooling materials as possible. Also bringing L's old cloak to put over it -- heavy wool w/good lining -- been using it for this for years :D

Working on finishing packing and doing chores. L just went out to feed the chickens and get the garden cart... and still hasn't picked out what he wants to wear :P

Well, I can pack my stuff and the food in the meantime...
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Yes we're going, and yes, I'll have the tickets with me, for those interested.


Oct. 15th, 2010 11:31 am
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Saw the doc for the shoulder Thursday - picking up some old rehab exercises to do, which will become part of my regular set - these help to keep the space in the joint open, to prevent impingement. And apparently I have a bit of a hook on the acromion again... so, need to keep it from getting to the point of needing surgery. He said part of the problem with it might be some scar tissue too. (The thought that the hook might have grown back some was not something he wanted to consider, I think -- at my age, highly improbable, but not completely impossible, since the acromion is on the growth plate).

It'll be an adjustment, for sure. What's interesting is that because it's the joint in transition not in static position, I can still do plank and cartwheels. And even when we've done backbends from the ground in class, I had to basically roll up onto the top of my head first before my arms would even consider helping out :D I think the backbend exercise is a lead up to a particular way of getting up from the ground -- so, if I want to consider doing that down the line, it won't be by depending on my arms. Can we say 'core work'?

Thinking more on the ramifications of what the doctor said yesterday, I realized this morning that means no more rattan combat. Well, I suppose that's more room in the attic storage... it's durable so it can go into inactive storage. I'm bumming a little, although I admit at this point mostly because I have this beautiful helmet made by Sir Jeff and now I won't be showing it off on the field anymore. Well, maybe I can use it as a hall decoration (high table or some other secure, high visibility place). It's personalized to me, so no, I'm not selling it.

The no-go zone will prohibit use of a shield (I'm left-handed). Also, in a press, what are the odds I _won't_ get my arm folded across me? That could happen with any weapon form.

Realistically, being a little female person, my time for taking the field was always going to be a shorter span of time than your average SCA fighter. I would have liked to take the field another time or two, but if I have to choose, I'll take still being able to move as freely as possible when I'm 60+ over that any day.

Archery should still be an option. Shooting is at shoulder level, not above it, and neither arm crosses the body at a tight angle. In fact, my primary doc shoots as part of keeping his shoulders in good condition.

Yesterday I helped a little with loading wood into the truck. L didn't think I'd be able to because the truck sides are high, but I found a milk crate :) Then I practiced staying within the limits. Good thing firewood comes in a variety of weights, since I can't do any of the big stuff!
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Going through some of the wardrobe and seeing about maybe giving a few medieval items away to some folks... and realizing that if I make anything new for SCA wear for this winter, it won't be late period.

All the stuff I like for later period is fitted, and I'm changing size too fast for that to be worth the effort. So, the patterns I got from RH will have to wait until next year :( And, probably any really serious efforts at Victorian clothing too... at least until January.

So, going back to Norman for a while. I like Norman, and it was fun trying on my dress from 5 years ago and having it be a bit loose around the middle.

Fitzw is batting around the idea of a color court for Yule -- thinking Green and White/Silver. Wouldn't have to be both, or lots of it, if you already have something else planned, but an accent would be nice :) I'll need a new dress for that though, as I don't have a lot of green in the winter wardrobe (or white/silver either). He does have a green Norman, so that's one less thing to make. Hm.... maybe a silver undertunic though? Hm.... or he can go green and green too, as he has that. Well, we'll see.

Silk and/or wool would be nice....

In the meantime, I'm changing one thing that's relatively safe to do -- socks! Picked up some heavy and light weight socks. They're more expensive than cotton, but they last longer and also wool wicks sweat and dampness away, and if you get your boots or shoes sopping in cold weather, your feet will still be much warmer than they would be in cotton or acrylic.

We need to make a trip to Noho, to Acme Surplus. They've been carrying wool socks the past few years, and we could pick up some plain ones there for a decent price.
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Some over description of event at [livejournal.com profile] lady_jade_01's LJ:

And some photos, also hers: Here.

Some additional stuff not in the above post:

Sir Tommaltach issued a challenge to all Bergental fighters, throwing down a gauntlet in court. He will be wearing a special favor whenever in armor (except major Pennsic battles, to protect the favor), and Bergental fighters may challenge him in combat for the favor. The challenger must best him with three different weapons forms. Should the challenger succeed, he/she will wear the favor and carry the challenge to the other warriors, and so on. The names of the bearers of the favor will be inscribed on the back of it.

Sweet moment in BBM's court. Severin expressly took up the challenge of winning their heraldry challenge because the prize was a to-be-personalized embroidered item. In this case, the back of a mirror. He had it embroidered with his lady's coat of arms, as a sign of his gratitude for all her support and help in making it possible for him to pursue activities in the SCA.

Their Highnesses are really cool people, as are their respective partners. Looking forward to this reign, and to working with them again in the spring at Coronation. Although after that particular event, they might be a little too tired to help out in the kitchen, but we'll see ;)

It was nice to see that tradition being revived, I have to say.

Concentus performed well, with flying colors :)

Had some good chats, both with people I already knew and some new folks as well. Didn't get to chat with everyone I would have liked to, but alas, not enough hours in the day.

Won a couple of items in the auction; a couple of embroidered mats/doilies, and a beautiful strand of amber. I like amber but have avoided buying large quantities of it. This strand had a very nice energy though, so I'm glad I ended up with it.

Fracti Modi was there performing during the day. They continue to improve, and are always a delight to have here, adding greatly to the atmosphere of our events.

So, very good event! I was especially pleased that [livejournal.com profile] druidharper connected with Quintus, and also to find out we'll have at least one new teacher from our group, Magnus, at Novice Schola in the spring.

As an offshoot of various discussions, we may end up with another teacher from our group, and I had an idea for a new class that I'd like to teach. I'll have to work on the description so it sounds interesting and makes sense to readers, but it would be useful to anyone who spends a lot of time doing stuff in front of them, be they artists, researchers, or athletes (or a mix thereof).

Clean up seemed to go pretty well. Helped as usual, of course. Had to stop though because the baby powder scent from the central ladies bathroom was giving me grief, and the lungs were definitely on the losing side.

Got home about midnight.

Slept in a bit this morning, took some more allergy meds plus inhaler, went up to town to deliver eggs and 1 lb. containers of maple cream (1/2 lbs. the other day), had brunch and visited one of the buildings with crafts, etc. That was interesting -- ran into some folks I wanted to talk to, made some connections. Came home and diddled around on the PC and stuff, then Penny and Dorcas came by to buy a small leaf bottle of syrup, so chatted with them for a bit. Still tired, but feeling mostly pretty decent :)
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- Black vommes mostly done (ironed and taken in)
- Linen kirtle for Barbara ironed. At some point I'm going to have to disassemble it and re-do the top though.
- Chemise neck (for me) done
- Delivered eggs to Countrypie and maple cream to Elmer's
- Had dinner
- Showed L how to use zigzag

Next is a bit of hand mending and finishing on the vommes, and bringing all the clothing stuff into one place so I can pack some of it up, since we aren't sure if we're dressing here or at the event. Hosen, shoes, other shoes, jewelry, coronets, extra stuff for other folks, cloaks/capes/mantles....

Then make a list of people I want gifts for, so I can go get that stuff together. Our co-hosts, their highnesses, two apprentices, and some others.... and a prize too. I've been carrying the list in my head but it should probably be on paper.

And maybe I should bring some extra gifts just in case....

Music stuff is already in the car.

Ah! Have to re-pack the feast gear.

Hope that's it...

Anybody needs something, they'd better call me on the phone. I'm not checking my email.

Friday Post

Dec. 4th, 2009 03:46 pm
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Don't really have time, but eh. Want to be able to look back at this sometime.

Was going to iron this morning. Got a call from MIL needing cards for her mail order packages she's sending out tomorrow. L moves the plug for the printer over to the old PC, because that's where all the art stuff is (yes, I'm slow with migrating stuff).

Dig around, find the card she wants, fight with the printer, which is giving me attitude because I haven't used it for a couple of months and also probably because we moved it a few times. Print, cut, and fold 30 cards, figuring if she's ready to start packing I should give her some to start with, while finding out how many she actually needs.

Has 38 orders. Go up and print 20 more.

SIL Doris is here to help with getting all the orders out, which now includes for her, canning more syrup, and making cream. I see containers that need washing down before shipping and start doing that, since I'm down there..... end up helping put labels on the candy that's going up for the fair in town this weekend... and holding the strainer steady for some of the syrup Doris is canning... then labeling some more candy that my MIL Marian decided should go to the church for the weekend fair....

Did some stuff upstairs, and admittedly goofed off on the computer a little, although at least some of it was while I was fighting with the printer so I had to be in the room anyway.

L packed the order for Elmer's up (including some of the newly canned syrup), I labeled some stuff before everyone forgot what kind of syrup was in the containers, Doris gave us a couple of letters to mail for her, and off we went to lunch, sometime after 2PM.

Deliveries made, but not without Nan P at Elmer's asking if we could also bring up some maple cream. Well, happily D is making some of that, so we'll see about that later today, when it's finished and ready for packing.

Meantime, nephew Curtis stopped by, looking for something to help him remove the old decals off a truck he bought. I found my heat gun for him to try out and it works, so he's got that for the weekend, to work on removing the pinstripe detailing.

Now, time to move some stuff, then try L's outfit on him and see if taking it in a bit will improve the fit. The black wool is more stretchy than the wool I used on his red vommes, so it's causing some problems. Although it fits better now, what with all the moving of haybales and all broadening his shoulders.

Then, ironing!

More later.


Dec. 3rd, 2009 03:51 pm
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BBM/Bergental Yule is this Saturday.

Concentus is doing pretty well and we seem to have worked out the bugs. We will be singing in a boar's head at feast, and later on performing four pieces. Just a short set, as it promises to be a full evening. We've also made changes to the auction piece, so time for that in the evening will be very much minimized.

Our set (in the order I can remember it, not the order it's actually in):

Veni, Veni
Personent Hodie
Green Growth the Holly

I still have ironing to do today. A kirtle for someone else, the black vommes (sp?) for Fitzw, and some regular clothing too while I'm at it.

Need to look for one of my caps for another lady, and see about maybe some accessories, etc. I'm dressing three of our choir members who happen to be within a few inches of my height, for this event. We couldn't be more different in build, but it will do for this event. And none of the dresses will look too short, owing to my predilection toward long hems (that noblewoman thing, you know?) :D

Hm, need to get all my gifts together for Saturday as well.... I think that should keep me busy through tomorrow...
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Islenskr posted a better copy of the painting (see comments in previous section). Sadly, there doesn't appear to be a scoopneck chemise there. Well, sadly because I don't have the correct neckline. I might have time to re-cut one of my chemises so it's low enough in the front that the chemise can't be seen....
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Hey, thought I might "borrow" some other folks' eyes.... does it look like This woman is wearing a scoopnecked/oval chemise?


Oct. 4th, 2009 08:54 am
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We got to the event late as something last minute came up at the farm, delaying our departure by 2 hours. Arrived near the end of First Court, so we missed the previous king and queen's last court, the coronation ceremony, and the new king and queen's first court. Spent the next few hours catching up on things, including getting on the court docket for 2nd court to swear fealty as baron and baroness of Bergental.

Met with many members of House Runnymede, the household of landed barons and baronesses of the East to finalize details of our court presentation and to sign the treaty. At Baroness of BBM's suggestion, we got in a group photo session as well, with the cathedral behind us as a beautiful backdrop. Hopefully photos will be up and available in the coming week.

The presentation of the treaty went very well, and his majesty Conrad had many fine words to say in response. Essentially, we who sign the treaty agree to treat one another with respect and courtesy, in particular in regard to finding sites for events. Should a good site be found, but in another barony's territory, we agree to contact said group and ask for permission to use the site. Also, the group whose territory the site is in shall still be able to hold a baronial court if they so wish, even though the event is being run by a different group.

The treaty is still in the process of being signed by sitting barons. We'll have to work out when those who could not be present can sign it or have their seal set on it. We also discussed turning this into a living document, wherein following barons can also choose to sign it. I think we're going to need to build a case for it, with a legend to detail who the signers are, and a second page for future barons. I have a few thoughts on that...

Got to chat with a few folks I don't see too often, like [livejournal.com profile] herveus, [livejournal.com profile] math5, and Joseph, and at least wave in passing to some others like [livejournal.com profile] nazrynn, who it appears will be learning to spin :) Sang a few songs with friends -- [livejournal.com profile] isabeau_lark lured us in with Dona Nobis Pacem. We could hear the song from around the corner where they were singing as the cathedral has an amazing sound to it. Other singer were ([livejournal.com profile] shalmestre, [livejournal.com profile] hudebnik, Deonna, Emma, [livejournal.com profile] mizpagan, and um... darn, the other two singers names are escaping me at the moment. -- we're going to have to pick up some more music I think, as we still don't know many of the songs that the others know... another project...

Did get my outfit done for Coronation. Decided that I need to add another attachment point to each of the sleeves but overall, it did quite well. Oh, and maybe trim the fur in the upper section of the sleeve -- it fits just fine, but boy howdy is that warm! I'll have to see about getting a few pics of that to put up as well.

It was wonderful getting together with my baronial cousins, and more than time for a Runnymede presentation. I was pretty happy with how that went, and always a pleasure speaking with my fellow barons.

And although we didn't stay for dinner, we actually spent more time at the event than we did on the road as traffic was fairly reasonable in both directions :D
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We couldn't have asked for better weather than we had yesterday. Sunny, not humid, not too hot, a pleasant breeze. Mother Nature put on her best and everyone was admiring her :)

The Crestfallen tourney went quite well -- a bit more humorous than in previous years, but I think the merriment was good for people. There were some good crests along with the sillyness, and the crest made by Lord Erik von Hemeor was honored most justly as best crest, made in a traditional shaped leather form. Best crest death went to Lord Robert MacMinn, whose crest broke apart in different directions, decapitating the gryphon he'd made. Winner of the tournament was Sir Tommaltach macFhiachach, whose crest successfully survived all attempts. Best heraldic display went to Lord Erik as well, with his matched crest, torse and complementary surcoat and newly painted shield.

The baronial heavy weapons champion tourney went very well. The entrants were earnest and gave their best, not only in the round robin tournament and the Roman melee, but there were many fine introductions when they presented themselves before [livejournal.com profile] fitzw and I and the populace, and even finer responses to the questions posed to them.

The final results were very close, but our chosen champion for this year is Lord Gryffyn Dunham. He was fortunately able to the beginning of court so that we could do the official handoff, and then took his leave, as his dear lady is due in just a few days. We have no doubt he will fulfill the duties of his new position well. And we shall be thinking of his lady this week, most especially on Wednesday.

We also chose to retain having a banner bearer, a position the barony has had off and on over the years. Lord Sigurdr is our new banner bearer, and we have no doubt of his ability to do honor to this post.

There was a small but lovely arts display, where people could see the further progress on bobbin lace by [livejournal.com profile] harpnfiddle, as well as a couple of her finished projects from classes at Pennsic (embroidery and needlepoint). Lord Magnus displayed his finished silk tabletwoven belt and a new project on his loom... snartemo I believe, but I'm not an expert. [livejournal.com profile] ladyjade01/Lady Brangwyne of Wentworth displayed a linen dress she's working on, which is coming along nicely. And Lady Emma MacMinn exhibited an illuminated capital, which included her first effort at flat gilding. It came out pretty well, with only one very small and barely noticeable mistake -- mostly noticeable because she pointed it out! Her white work is quite excellent and the ivy leaves are delicate and vibrant. Oh, and not in the display, the scrolls were lovely too. Brangwyne took up the challenge of Gothic capitals successfully, and she has acquired the very important skill of consistency in size and spacing of the letters with a script that is new to her. Every style has its own challenges, so it's always good to see when someone succeeds at a challenge.

As baroness I always try to buy something from our merchants, to thank them for coming to our home. I may not be able to purchase much, but I feel that they contribute to our events and especially these days it can be a hard thing for them to even make expenses, nevermind an actual living. This weekend only one of the three merchants who contacted L made it to the event, but happily it was Gloriana of Glorious Dragon; I never have trouble finding something I like at her tables :)

Excellent food both at the potluck dayboard and the cooking guild's feast, yum :)

Excellent company as well; although I missed [livejournal.com profile] ellid, [livejournal.com profile] countessinn and [livejournal.com profile] sorcieredeneige, hopefully they are all faring better today. [livejournal.com profile] islenskr came though, after kindly checking in on [livejournal.com profile] countessinn and picking up a scroll for baronial court, and it was so good to see her again, and to catch up a little with her.

Throughout the day I was fortunate enough to see people making connections at our little event, learning new things from each other, from spinning, to music, to dance, to fighting tips. I think that was one of the best parts of the events, for me :)


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