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FERC continues to suck:


Mysogynist Republican legislator heads up Red Pill group in NH:

-- To be clear, I'd post if he was a Democrat or other party as well.


On the home front, made some foaming hand soap and the decoupaged the jar I put it in -- yes, I'll try to take a photo. Also made after-sun soother spray, some Light Blue for my travel kit (helps with tight muscles and can have some relaxing/calming effects).

Debating the "hand sanitizer" -- non-triclosan homemade stuff. I'm sure it's great, I'm just trying to decide if I'm that often in places where I'd need to clean my hands and there's wasn't a sink handy. I have another one I've made that's for minor scratches and abrasions...I need to look at the different options and see if it makes sense to have separate things.

Lots more reading - and writing - to do. I can't always sort things out just in my head, especially if I'm comparing things, so paper is better. I may print out some of the sheets on different plants and highlight the bits I look at most...will probably end up creating my own pages for them -- then I can lay the pages out and look at everything at the same time.


I have a lot more energy than I used to, but still get overwhelmed sometimes by stuff out of left field, so I know I have a ways to go.

That said, have managed to move a bunch of furniture and stuff around the past several days. The warming weather helps, as some things can leave the house now or go different places.

I think I've made enough space in the living room again to do a review of the backpacks before they go out to the minivan (offsite storage of emergency supplies in case of house disaster or unexpectedly staying somewhere away overnight). That'll free up space in the dining room, yay!


I did a tiny bit of handsewing last night (mending). Hope to do some actual creative stuff soon.
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Long not as in having a three-day weekend, just a lot happening, starting Friday afternoon.

Got a massage - yay!

Went down into the valley and made a quick stop at CVS, then on to Applebee's for a quick supper...and ran into some of L's relatives who were in the area for the reunion on Saturday. So of course we had dinner with them...then a quick shop for ingredients for the fruit salad for Saturday -- got home late.

Saturday we went to the reunion and stayed for about 2-1/2 hours and then L was toasty so we went home. L mostly took it easy, I got a few things done, like picking a few blueberries and giving them a few gallons of water.

Sunday we went back to the family farm in the morning for pancake breakfast (and leftovers) - and yes, there were GF pancakes. No blueberry ones, but hey, can't have everything. Hung out long enough to be in a couple of family photos and then back home. L took a nap while I made a trash and recycling run and made another fruit salad for the Pennsic Pity Party. Not that we're feeling sorry to not be at Pennsic, but it was a chance to hang out with some people we haven't seen much in the past year. It was a cozy gathering -- and really, just about perfect for us. I got some really old artwork back from Fiona, from back when cut-and-paste was a real thing using actual scissors and glue :D


Today we'll be pretty low key, but I at least have more energy today than I would normally have after that much activity and traveling. I picked a _lot_ of blueberries today, and gave them more water. Normally I wouldn't be watering established plants but it's dry enough here that the poor things are already dropping leaves...

I also worked on getting access to a small piece of furniture (moving stuff on and around a table) and finished getting it clear today. It's part of an effort to make the office less cluttered and more usable...we'll be getting a filing cabinet from L's mom soon too, so I have to keep working on opening up space. It'll be nice to get the table out of its current location in the dining room, which is still serving as a storage space for things from all over the place, but esp. the future greenhouse space.

Oh, and we finally got the tiger tapestry up on the wall in the weaving room. It's on the large side and in a frame, so it was a challenge; only took seven months...yes, another year of chaos, but we're making progress.


Made appts. with an acupuncturist for Thursday. Let's see what she can do for L's continuing nerve pain and my various issues. Meanwhile, I've dug out the acupressure book and looking at and trying some possible points to use. I used to have a routine of points I did regularly but whenever something new is added to my or our lives I tend to lose other bits.
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Hey, at this point I'll take what progress I can get :P

L's rash has finished with the scabbing and is on to being red marks that are slowly fading. Pain is a continuing problem -- off to get more pain meds today. So far, seems to be progressing like a "normal" case; we can only hope.


L started to change out the old dining room ceiling light yesterday, but our replacement has a small crack in the glass so that needed a little glass glue and overnight set up. He needs to pick up a few things at the hardware store anyway -- yay trying to fit new things onto old things. The replacement was the floor model and deeply discounted, plus the crack/repair won't show once it's attached, so it's all good.


New mattress and box spring delivered yesterday. Not a bad night's sleep last night, although it will take a bit to get used to, of course. I think the last one had a 7-year warranty...which we exceeded by a few years...this one has a 10-year warranty.


Turned a curtain I wasn't using that way (made for previous house) into a body pillow case, and turned half of a pair of old curtains sideways to convert it to use in our hallway window. The other half is in the living room doorway now. So on bad hot/humid weather days we can work in there without trying to cool off the entire house. I may also hang the translucent white curtains around the stairway, to help keep the first and second floor zones more separate. I've done it before, but I wanted to wait until after yesterday's delivery.


Fiddled with cutting out pieces for making a bag last night. I think I'm at the point where I can sew today.


Oh! And not finished, but I found and have been working on finishing the edge on an old bag project. This one is a big one based on camel bags IIRC -- um, Persian? Anyway. Started two of them back when we were still going to Pennsic but the seam edges are to the outside and then wrapped in yarn, so at some point I just stopped, because of whatever life thing was happening. We've actually used them -- they're sized to hold the walls and ceiling of our oval marquee tent. But it would really be nice if the edges were done and the toggle closures attached.


Hung up a wall cabinet in the downstairs bathroom to test-fit. Needs magnet closures at the top of the doors so the upper parts don't stick out from the frame. Once that's done we'll screw through the back to anchor it to the wall.


Hung up a few pictures, moved some things back into place in the radiant room (from when I moved them to the side for the washer and dryer earlier this year), mailed some Japanese prints to a friend who is a devotee of the culture, gave a few other things away, moved some books and games into the trailer (L helped with that), did some digging and weeding, moved a trellis/hanging-pot-holder-thingie near to the patio, repotted two tomatoes and hung them on the thingie.

Hm. I guess I did a few things. Of course, what I wish is that I could do more, but hey. I suspect it's still more than I was doing a year ago?
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So I'd had a possibly good idea and shared it with L -- who then got a major part of it done before I got outside. *sigh* And the air conditioners are now in the house as well. Neither one is set up yet, but we're one step closer. L is now laying down for a rest.

Oh, and he also got a single seat and bench seat from our old minivan out of the trailer, which will eventually make it to the transfer point to be trash. Unfortunately mice found a way to get into the trailer and made their homes in these.

We had an 8' long table taking up space in the center aisle of the barn -- it is now set up along one wall of the trailer. Boxes that were in that space are now elsewhere or underneath. I moved some of the lumber for the trailer project into the trailer and put it on top of the table, along with a rolled up rug that was in the way in the trailer; ten trips with two 2"x4"x8' boards at a time. The 2"x6"x8' boards will have to wait a bit; weather is horrible. But we're making three areas more open for passage and construction purposes at the same time, so yay.


The boards are part of a project to insulate the trailer so that it doesn't suffer as extreme temperature swings. We're also working out ventilation, etc. The end goal is to be able to safely store most of our books out there, as well as games -- sort of a library and entertainment area. We've been working toward this but with the mouse incursions plus being really tired of not being able to find books, etc., this year we're pushing it.

The far end of the trailer has some wood rot in the very end part of the floor and there are some smaller holes in the wall corners (where bolts or something used to be?), so first is cleaning, stabilizing and sealing, then construction. We'll do a section at a time, so as we complete a section we can move things over and do the next section. If we don't get it done by next fall, we can always hang a curtain between the done/undone sections to maximize stable storage.
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A slower pace this weekend, but still a few things accomplished. Yesterday we chatted with quite a few folks at the market, giving and gaining knowledge. Picked up a small flat of leeks and a couple of Juliette tomato plants. Later we went to the family farm and finished taking apart our old Sycamore shed (BIL Ray had started the process but it's best done with two or more). He'd been quite busy already with loading other things into his truck to take elsewhere. Lyle and I moved the shed parts into another pickup for the night.

Sunday L went and brought the shed over to our place. We cleared most of the accumulated detritus off the cement pad (nearish to the road) and offloaded the parts. Even disassembled it's a bit of a job.

And of course I got in a wee bit of sorting, and emptied another box from the trailer, did some laundry, and no doubt other things I can't remember.

A cabinet I ordered came sooner than expected; it is now mostly assembled, only needing leveling and figuring out what height to set the shelves at for the books going into it. Still have plenty of flatpack and plastic shelving, but I'm slowly working on either moving the old plastic shelves out of active living spaces or retiring them. A good deal of our shelving is 20+ years old, so it's perhaps time for something nicer.

Also, I just ordered a mini-trampoline...I'd like to be out walking every day but my knees aren't so keen on that, so something lower impact is in order. There are a few changes on the horizon, mostly geared toward reducing stress and inflammation, and hopefully moving toward better health.

L's meds seem to be helping, at least to make things more tolerable. Also using colloidal silver on the rash (thanks for the gifting loosecanon!).

Not a bad weekend at all.
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I succeeded in moving the claws off the sewing machine and onto a tray table today. Of course I couldn't just move them :P So now they're a bit smoother, etc. Maybe tonight I'll poke holes into the tabs for holding them onto gloves...unlikely I'll get to actually baking them tonight, but soon.


Unpacked some crystal water glasses I bought in my 20s and found a space for them in the cupboard. Some travel mugs I think L wants to hold onto for a little longer are now tucked in the back of the coffee machine cabinet.

Unpacked a bento box too, so I can see it and remember to use it at some point. If one isn't using something, even just for display, why keep it?

Put the boxes from those in the barn loft. Yay tidying!
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Nearly all the plants indoors are now outdoors or on the porch (easy to enclose if it gets below 40F at night). I've a few more upstairs to move out, but it's too late in the day for that now.

Moving plants onto the porch entailed moving a bunch of stuff around or off the porch, then moving a table and a long bench onto the porch -- bit of work, but got it done.

Also transplanted a few new plants into pots on the patio: Petunias, Pansies, one Lady's Mantle (to keep my remaining one company), and a mix of leaf lettuces.

Did you know that Petunias come in black? I didn't know that until this past Saturday - now I have two of them :)


I've been looking for a couple of nearly-finished tent bags for a week or so now, then figured I'd probably have to move the plants to find them, and I was correct. Hate have so much stuff jammed into one space; now I have room to go through what's still in the dining room and get things sorted.

Hoping soon to either rearrange or otherwise make enough space in the trailer to move a coat rack into it. It's a lovely old thing with a center post and the rack is a spiral with acorn-like knobs to keep things separate. I've used it for a few different things but it really isn't fitting into the house anymore. Since we're working on insulating the trailer and making it more usable, a coat rack is an eminently practical addition.
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Well, so much for posting more regularly - last time was February, sheesh.


I've managed to do costuming work twice in the past month or so -- once for Disney D*C group and once to make improvements on my black steampunk neck thingie -- Collar? Choker? Whatever. It's a couple inches wide, not including the netting I used to make the ruffly bits so as I don't have a nice long swan neck it was getting crunched in the front. So I cut the front part off, re-did the hemmed edges to form a slight curve, plus re-attached it slightly lower than it was before.

It also tended to turn a bit - the buttons are hefty so likely that contributes. I'd always intended to add more to it, so I took apart a necklace and used it to adorn the collar and weight the center front. The necklace was originally made by Kayleigh and I wore it for a while and then what I was wearing had changed so that it wasn't working as well with things, so it's nice that I'll be wearing it again, if in a different form than before. I'll try to take a picture of it soonish.


Still spending most of my time and energy and moving stuff, organizing, etc. Quite tiresome, but there it is. On the plus side, have actually managed to get some stuff permanently out of the house and off the property in general -- someday we might even be considered to have space.... it's a gradual process not only because there's a lot of stuff, but sometimes I put something out and let it be for a while, to decide if it's going to stay or not. And then I made enough space to be able to open some more boxes...and then it all starts up again. I've decided I can't make all the decisions right now, so in some cases I'm just repacking things -- BUT! I was able to condense three boxes of stuff into one box, which still isn't full, so I guess that's proof that I'm still making progress...


Dryer still isn't great, and the stove has always had a few issues. They're the only things that use liquid propane, so when the company decided to charge us for the right to have the tanks on our property (we only order once a year), the decision to switch to electric wasn't hard. Those are arriving this coming Tuesday.

We need one of the electrical outlets changed from 110 to 220 so we called a recommended electrician...who isn't good at returning calls or setting dates :P Finally got confirmation he can do the job before the install (Tuesday morning!!) -- L says we probably succeeded because I sacrificed a peep the day before...

I need to sacrifice a few more, I think...

I do believe we're moving forward with the solar panels, but it's been one thing after another. Yup, definitely more peeps...


Good news - we're walking more. Bad news - still not losing weight. Probably not eating enough to compensate for increase activity levels...at least we're both building up endurance again, sigh. Being on a ton of allergy and asthma meds probably affecting results.


And, of course, weird warm weather being interrupted by freezing weather in a few days...really hoping that we actually do get snow, as they're now forecasting even colder weather than before -- would like it if the fresh greens were protected.


Some yard work was also done, and the stone altar is a little taller now. Work in progress.
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Didn't get the Serviceberry into the ground, so L dug a partial hole to get it more into the ground for protection.

Have met the husband/father of the new family next door, and his older child (3). Grew up in G'fld trailer park, I'm not sure how he ended up moving to Ashfield (story for another time perhaps?), chatted about some boundary stuff, gardening, etc. He's a hunter, including bow and black powder. I mentioned I knew someone who makes good arrows and he perked up at that -- prefers local business whenever possible. We'll be looking at putting in a fence above the retaining wall, as we've all been a bit concerned about how much attention a 3yo pays attention to surroundings, and he offered to help pay for some of it.

Rained a lot last night and some this morning. If it clears at all, might move a stone or two down at the grove -- slow work, but it continues. Don't think we'll finish this year, as the greenhouse/porch project was more complicated than I figured it would be. Might change some things next year, too -- definitely a work in progress.

Back to work. Have a good day all!
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There are plans and then there is what actually happens...

I'd failed to note that the cabinets were also attached to each other, not just to the wall, so I had to empty all four of them instead of two and then two.

We then ended up setting up the deeper ones first, because they're stable enough on their own to just set up in the new spot. I re-stocked them yesterday. But before that, we were assuming we'd need to fasten them to the wall, so we looked at the wall and L realized that it was just sheathing for the pocket door that lets into the laundry room -- no studs. Plus the door frame was funky anyway, so he took part of it apart and re-assembled it. It's a bit more permanent now, and no worries about pulling the frame off with your bare hands.

The shallower ones aren't stable at all, especially with the under-cut on the front of the bases, so the board that had been used for attaching them to the wall needed to be cut down to the correct size for just two cabinets. I removed it yesterday after I swept down the wall where the cabinets had been - yikes, just a little dust! There were five screws in that board, but only one had actually hit a stud. O_o

L removed the spacer bar at floor level last night -- don't need it anymore, and hey, it might come in handy somewhere else. We've uncovered an outlet, and the surge protector that was plugged into it. I'm thinking I might move that to the living room, so I don't have to keep crawling in under the sewing machine to plug in my laptop.

The now-exposed wall will need spackling, a little sanding, and paint touch-ups. Fortunately the previous owners left all the leftover paint from all the rooms, and I was able to find the one that was for this room. And yes, there will be spackling -- the holes are from a couple of different things having been attached to the wall, and some of them were even used. Then there's the gouges at either end of where the board for the cabinets was -- L figures they put the board on the wall and _then_ cut the ends off to the proper length. Oy. I'm not a professional, and I definitely make mistakes myself, but wow...

Anyway, today L worked on setting up the shallower cabinets. Apparently there's a difference in level of the floor from one side of the room to the other, or something -- whatever the case, they tilted away from each other in the new spot. L considered shims, then checked to see if the door hinges can be reversed (they can), and tried reversing their positions, left to right. It worked, so they're now attached to the wall and later on the doors will be switched.


And yes, all the Ginger are now inside or on the enclosed porch, as well as some other potted plants.
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L's been busy too!

He's been moving all the tent poles up into the loft of the barn, tidying/rearranging things in the carriage house (north end of the barn), getting stuff out from under the carport that we either got from the neighbor or transfer point, and more.

Hopefully carport will be dry enough today to come down and get packed away for the winter. We've considered getting a new, smaller one, for the Honda, but we'll see how that goes. The old one isn't in prime condition anymore, so it isn't a good candidate for winter use.
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Still playing catch-up, between being ill for weeks and then fall festival. Made it to one kung fu class this week though, which was nice. Currently working on a major move in the radiant/weaving room right now. There's a set of 4 tall cabinets on one of the inner walls -- this is modular stuff, so each one is like half a cabinet, as regards their width. The two outer ones are not as deep as the two middle ones. Anyway, they look nice where they are so we left them there when we first moved in -- then we hosted the Gray family Christmas, and while it worked, a little more walk-around space would be good. Plus now that we have the trailer, we have more options on where things can go.

So yesterday I finally had time and energy to empty all the wire wall shelves I put up on one wall, and the free-standing shelves next to them, and the costume clothing rack (so I could move it more easily), and another set of shelves that holds the weaving and other fiber arts books. Moved some things to the porch, made some space in the basement, etc. I've emptied the outer two cabinets completely -- I'll do the other two after I and/or we move the first two and re-fill them. The shallower ones are going against the long outer wall, near the barn loom, since they're about as deep as the shelves that were there. The deeper ones will go where the wire shelves/etc. were, which is part long outer wall and part laundry room wall (a corner). This will decompress that space a bit, plus put more insulation on the outside wall.

I'll be putting a couple of free-standing bookcases (short ones) where the four cabinets are currently, but they aren't as deep as the cabinets. The warping frame will hang over them. Might be able to put some of the wire racks there too, but not sure about that -- in total, I expect to lose some storage space in that room, but it's a little too jam-packed, and I need the mental as well as physical space to work in, so it's all good. Things have gotten really jumbled together over the years of moving and living in an apartment, so it's going to take a while to get it right.

Also have to get the ginger indoors today -- they've survived so far, but they can't over-winter outdoors and it's supposed to get down to 32F tonight.
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Another festival come and gone.

I was going to have a booth this year but last Wednesday Z told us he got called into work -- one person quit and another moved to another city. The sugarhouse was shorthanded as well. So I canceled my booth -- it worked out, the artists who would've been my neighbors spread out and were able to display more work.

Not a bad weekend, all things considered. Only 255 cones on Saturday -- the wet weather was definitely a factor in festival attendance. Our sales were down by about 100 from a normal festival Saturday. Sunday was sunny and people did their best to make up for that -- 395 cones, a festival record. Most importantly, we hit the max for donation to the scholarship fund, so we can feel good about that. Bodies need time to recover, of course; that's a whole lot of time on one's feet! I won't be doing much in the way of hand sewing for a day or two either, as my left thumb is sore from putting twist ties on bags.

Oh, and we decided to dress up a bit more for the part this year...Lyle always wears a white button-up shirt and red vest, so I went for a vest as well this year. We both wore our black derbies -- yes, with our vintage machinist goggles on top. Hey, you never know when they might come in handy, with all that cotton candy flying around ;)


I might make curtains today. That should be mostly machine work. "Just" boring straight lines, but lace material...we'll see what happens.
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And, finally got enough new soil into the raised bed to put plants in there yesterday. Two tiny red leaf lettuce, a couple curly kale, and a bunch of swiss chard. Should be able to put row cover over it for protection easily enough, for autumn...altho' depending on how things go with the greenhouse, maybe I could move a couple of the chard in there for the winter. Added to the raised bed's walls more, too.

Stuck poles in the ground the other day as well -- defining a practice space for martial arts. Still need to make simple flags to go on top of them as markers.

Most of the turmeric and all the lemongrass are on the (enclosed) front porch. A few are still outside, because I thought they'd died and stuck some lemon balm in the pots on top of them (really, the rhizomes were tiny!). Anyway, they weren't dead, so now I have some turmeric growing with lemon balm -- the nice thing is, the lemon balm provided enough shade that the turmeric could grow in a sunny place. Anyway, will probably bring those in soon too, so I don't have to cover them at night.
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No sewing yesterday, but most of the outdoor stuff happened.

L was the one digging in front of the barn -- getting more roots out. I worked on building up the walls on the raised bed more, filling in against the inside of the walls somewhat, weeding around the outside of the walls, as well as pulling all the weeds among the strawberries. Should be able to put some plants in there today.

Note to self: one of the "empty" pots of soil had a couple onions in it, which are now in the raised bed.

Turmeric is likely indoors for the winter. They're wimpier than ginger, by 10F. For now, I'll move them to the front porch. Ginger can stay in place for a little while longer. Not sure about the Lemongrass, but will move them to the porch, just to be safe.

We'd been talking about removing the goldenrod growing by the driveway door, so I pulled some of it out -- along with some Iris I'd plunked down by the house when we were doing the main part moving plants. So, took them over to where I'd transplanted the ones from by the barn, weeded, and planted them.

Took a break to go to the farm, where I spent a little time catching up with SILs D and S, and observing them making maple-coated pecans. Happily I'm not needed for that right now, but good to take notes. L was testing some of the fencing for weak spots, to mark them for nephew C to repair.

Then back home to do more outside. L got a bunch of mowing done. He also chatted with a possible future neighbor -- young family, two kids. Fencing might be in order, sooner rather than later, if they get the house. Not interested in the possibility of somebody not paying attention and running and/or falling off the retaining wall...
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Did some staging work for work on the barn, including we moved some of the computer stuff out to the trailer. Took a little longer than I expected, but the more free space around the area the better.

Went to put a few things on the neighbor's Free table (her stuff actually, but I didn't want to put cloth-backed garden gloves out when it was raining), and ended up bringing back a cosmetic mirror (side lighting and magnification, whoo!). Still in the box...

L worked on placing boards so that you can actually get across the ceiling of the carriage house to the north end, as long as you're mindful. The carriage house has some support issues there, as well as part of the north end being completely open to the outdoors. This is less of an issue than you might think, at least weatherwise -- snow really doesn't come in from that direction much. But it does mean it's colder in the winter and that bats, birds, wasps and hornets can come and go as they please, so it really needs to be closed up -- with a tarp at the least this year. And we might want to get chickens again, so...

He also got all the lumber up there properly sorted and stacked, and closed up the ceiling opening that we're not keeping. It was kind of oddly set up and I'm a little too short of limb to use it without a small jump. He's going to put in a staircase where there used to be one, just to one side of that. Now already I can go up a ladder to the new opening and get into the loft space much more easily :)

Cut out and sewed arm things for Shiny costume. Um, they're like sleeves but without being attached to a bodice. I'll be hemming those tonight. Also cut out and started sewing the body suit part -- still need to cut out the back straps and do finishing work, but it looks like it'll work.

L is currently doing some more mowing. I'm taking a break because I know I'll be sewing again later on.
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Kung Fu Adventure Week took most of our time and energy, but we did get some work done on moving the greenhouses. We'd made pretty good progress until getting to figuring out how to get them off the ground (anchored). But L dug around, figured it out, and we moved the houses over the past weekend.

Neighbor's brother came through with an equity line on his own place to catch up her mortgage payments and get to work on fixing everything. We were trying to get the buildings moved by end of July anyway, but this added urgency, as they were going to be moving the leach field from wherever it is to somewhere approximately where the buildings were.

Then we got held up on digging out the footings -- freeform concrete pilings with metal brackets sticking out the top. L and I got two up and out and were working on a third one that was twice the size of the first two. Fortunately one of the guys working on clearing the yard for construction saw L working on #3 and offered to help with his bucket loader (our neighbor from down the road who plows our driveway in winter). So he dug around the rest, then they'd tie a chain to one and pull it out of the ground and then moved them over to our property. Six of those things all told.


Other yard work is happening. Digging out in front of the barn, clearing a little ground, transplanting some daylilies, a little forms practice, and sewing.

I have a lot more sewing to do -- been working on slow, fiddly stuff. Spent 4 hours last night on finishing hemming the snow queen bodice, attaching binding around the collar and down across the front (slanted side-opening for neck), then attaching lace to that. Only one of six hanging panels complete so far, altho' a second one is almost done. Two panels have beading down the center to look kind of like a frost pattern; the other four I'm just going to outline with beads. I'd love to do frost on all of them, but realistically I don't think I have time. Also, not sure I have enough beads, so there's that. Goal for this outfit is to get all parts wearable. I've been trying to plan what projects can be done on the road, and I think I can save the pearling of the top layer for then...


Physically, the increase in physical activities has been good but not without challenges. Increased turmeric intake, soaking in bath with epsom salts when I can, doing baduanjin daily -- started to get a blister on one toe last Thursday, but a bandage to cushion it for a few days took care of that.
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Continuing heat and humidity taking its toll. Got a few things done yesterday and today...

The living room has south-facing glass doors onto the porch. We have a curtain rod with clips on rings over it, and sheers clipped on. Not really sufficient for keeping light (and some heat) out, so grabbed some pieces of fabric out of the cabinets and added them on -- living room is cooler and feels more private. I still need to make a door curtain and a window curtain for the hallway window, for when my brother Kent visits, but only so much time and energy for doing stuff.

I did find the fabric I think will do for permanent curtains for the doors, but we'll see if I get to that before the visit or not.

Also rearranged the furniture in there. TV is now downstairs because it's been to hot and stuffy upstairs. Sofa bed is not under the a/c, and sewing machine is near the drawing table. Not sure how that last bit's going to work, but I can turn the standing lamp to light either station, and I didn't want to sew right next to the west-facing windows (hot) -- besides, the a/c would blow my fabric around. It'll do for now.

L and I moved a good number of boxes to the trailer.

Storm finally arrived. Lost internet a few times, power once (so far). Only about 15-20 minutes for the power loss, not bad at all. Greenfield has gotten hit harder, so far; flooding, part of Rt. 2 was closed.

L was able to verify that there is a tiny leak at the top of the front wall of the trailer, and now he knows where to fix it from the outside.

Have new inhalers as of today; more oxygen seemed like a good idea...

Been doing a little cutting and sewing. And started work on trying to make a pattern for the top of one of the layers for the snow queen. More on that tomorrow, when the inhalers have had more of a chance to work. Hoping that soon I'll have finished enough stuff to declutter the workspace more, so I can work on drawing.
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Finished planting Iris and most of the Daffodils. Decided what space I have left in the area I cleared I want to save for moving some Iris that I plunked down by the north door when we moved, and there they are still. Iris are pretty tough, as long as you don't drown them.

Dug out an area by the new rhubarb -- this is near the brook area, and quite chock full of stones about 1-3" below the surface. Also some oddments. Last time I was digging down there, I found a pale green plastic hairbrush...yesterday I found a rusted-over door latch, the back of an alarm clock, and a large serving spoon. L is trying to recover the door latch, the clock back will likely go into metal recycling, and the spoon is quite serviceable.

Planted a few fiddlehead ferns.


Made Waldorf salad, with soy-free mayo, sans nuts. That's how I make it for family gatherings because my MIL can't have nuts, niece E is allergic to soy, so we're used to it.


We have confirmation from the apple trees on how we should orient the grove. L had suggested a spot near where we'd been considering, but we were still meditating on some of the details. North gate has been offered. Now we're just waiting on a clear night, to get the directions properly sited.


Uh, some other stuff happened too, but I'm too tired to remember.


More laundry hung up -- I don't have a large set-up, so laundry happens most sunny days.

Pot of Sweet William and Daffodils and one Motherwort now planted by the rhubarb.

The Waldorf Salad is pretty tasty; next time I might sprinkle sliced almonds on top just before serving, but it's all gone now, so next time...

Hm. Going to go look about outside, and see what I have the energy to work on next.


Jun. 29th, 2014 11:28 am
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Up and at'em early yesterday. Alternated between a number of activities to keep from getting too overheated. Still, we pushed it hard enough that today was a later start.

Finished clearing out approx. 3 foot x 10 foot space in the crescent bed. Dumped the garden cart full of phlox, nettles, etc.

We did a dump run, picked up an old rush loveseat there -- needs cleaning and a new seat, but structurally sound. Got some greens at the farmers market and touched base with nephew C and niece E. (note: I was referring to her as B, but her name actually begins with E and I have another niece whose name begins with B)

Dug up all the Iris and the rest of the Daffodils in front of the barn. Got almost all the Daffodils in, except for some that I'd put in a pot last week. Got a little more than half the Iris in.

More work with cleaning some clothes that had been in storage and gotten compromised. Some will be given away, some turned into bags, some worn, and one thrown away because after two washes and sun dries it still smells. Fabric is weird. Going to have to delay cleaning anything else I find, if I find it this week. Breathing is challenging enough without dealing with that.

Did some mending.


L dumped the garden cart for me the second time I filled it -- I'd gotten it over to where we're building up the bank but was running out of steam at that point. He moved more parts of one of the greenhouses over from the neighbor's yard and trimmed back the Holly bush, discovering another fountain pedestal inside it, which he moved over as well. He also spend some time vacuuming inside the trailer.

He installed the new downstairs a/c, which seems to work pretty well. We use them as little as possible, but it was obvious after having it on for a few minutes that taking a short break from outdoor work was a good idea -- that's when I got my mending done.


Headed down to G'fld to get some things for the shop vacuum and had dinner out since we were down there. Realized when we got home that we'd missed having lunch :P Had a nice ginger kombucha to finish the day.

Today I'll be making up some Waldorf salad, so we'll have something ready for if we get too involved in a project and don't feel like cooking. Plus, not heating up the house any more than necessary.


Overall, the past several days have been productive, despite the heavy air. Energy seems to be higher, mood is good, meditation and singing, feeling better on all levels than I have in quite a while. Seems like a good trend to strive to continue.

Be well all.


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