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Gathered some fiddleheads today. Well, edible ferns anyway. There's more than one type of fern where the curled up leaf is edible. I should have been out last week but was a little busy and didn't get to it.

My first time really harvesting in and around our property -- before I've done it near the family farm. Here...usually been too busy to remember in time, but I made sure to note where the ferns were last summer so I knew where to go looking this year. The ones I transplanted are starting to spread, too.

This week though I got the treat of seeing red Trillium flowers and purple/blue Creeping Myrtle flowers (Vinca Minor) -- and learned that honeybees like the Myrtle. Vinca Minor is not native to New England but it doesn't shut out other plants and critters from co-existing...too much. It is considered invasive in some states but is under assessment in Massachusetts. Since our dandelions are just barely starting to bloom, it's hard to begrudge the honeybees food this early in the summer.

Put in my monthly order with DoTerra - arborvitae's on the way! That will be going into my bug spray, along with a few other oils :) Good thing too, as my old bug spray's pretty much empty. This week we're learning about the floral oils -- Clary Sage is good for balancing the hormones (male or female people) -- thinking that's going to be a good addition.


About this time a year ago Fitzw came down with Shingles. He still has the nerve pain from time to time and it's hard to say when/if that will go away completely. But he's miles away from the shape he was in last summer, and steadily improving.

Celebrations remain fairly low-key for us, but a number of Peeps have been sacrificed (among other things) and the land seems to be happy and thriving.
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FERC continues to suck:


Mysogynist Republican legislator heads up Red Pill group in NH:

-- To be clear, I'd post if he was a Democrat or other party as well.


On the home front, made some foaming hand soap and the decoupaged the jar I put it in -- yes, I'll try to take a photo. Also made after-sun soother spray, some Light Blue for my travel kit (helps with tight muscles and can have some relaxing/calming effects).

Debating the "hand sanitizer" -- non-triclosan homemade stuff. I'm sure it's great, I'm just trying to decide if I'm that often in places where I'd need to clean my hands and there's wasn't a sink handy. I have another one I've made that's for minor scratches and abrasions...I need to look at the different options and see if it makes sense to have separate things.

Lots more reading - and writing - to do. I can't always sort things out just in my head, especially if I'm comparing things, so paper is better. I may print out some of the sheets on different plants and highlight the bits I look at most...will probably end up creating my own pages for them -- then I can lay the pages out and look at everything at the same time.


I have a lot more energy than I used to, but still get overwhelmed sometimes by stuff out of left field, so I know I have a ways to go.

That said, have managed to move a bunch of furniture and stuff around the past several days. The warming weather helps, as some things can leave the house now or go different places.

I think I've made enough space in the living room again to do a review of the backpacks before they go out to the minivan (offsite storage of emergency supplies in case of house disaster or unexpectedly staying somewhere away overnight). That'll free up space in the dining room, yay!


I did a tiny bit of handsewing last night (mending). Hope to do some actual creative stuff soon.
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Trying to do some copy/paste/mod from FB posts, don't always remember. Still doing better than I was on LJ I think...

This past Monday Ray's guy Al came and finished the greenhouse foundation. Next day Al, Jimmie, Lyle and I moved the two frames onto the foundation. I think it rained Wednesday. Thursday or Friday, Al and Brendon showed up with some beautiful compost -- really, looks more like top soil, only not having all the bio stuff that real top soil has (time will help with that).

Frames are bolted well and truly down to the foundation, yay! Lyle removed the last porch railing, as it was in the way of caulking and we don't need it anymore. Caulking where the frame meets the foundation, inside and outside of the structure, was started. More this coming week, I'm sure.

Lyle started bringing glass panels over, getting ready for the next phase. Al and Lyle moved the new sink/cabinet up from the barn to the upstairs bathroom. I helped some with unpacking the thing and moving small stuff into the house -- unpacking shed 25 lbs. of stuff and the other bits shaved off some weight as well -- otherwise it would have been a 185 lb. box with no handholds...

My major contribution was vacuuming, and clearing the path through the house (two possible paths), moving furniture, etc. to make it possible to get the thing inside. They ended up coming into the weaving room, turning left, then a right into the kitchen, then a right into the hallway and up the stairs (which has some winders instead of a full landing), and then second door on the right.

It's probably going to sit in the bathroom for a few weeks but it's in the room so that's an improvement.


We've been moving stuff from the family farm to our place, taking stuff to recycle or trash, etc. I've also been getting more into learning about and using essential oils and it's been helpful. More energy and brain power than I've had in ages.

Trying something completely different like stilting hasn't been bad either :) That's through a local theatre company, Double Edge Theatre (DE), which is putting on an event celebrating our little town. They travel all over the place but their home base is here; just another oddity of our little place in the hills.


The kung fu school is moving down the road, and as a way to help them with that we took all the school crafting stuff home. It took a while, but it's _mostly_ organized. Had to get a few more containers so I can play with what will work best -- and then label everything. I re-cut some of the damaged paper to smaller, more useful sizes, threw out some things, re-packaged some things, etc. I have a better idea of what we have now, which is useful for planning crafts for the summer adventure camp.

Hm....I need to schedule in some time for experimenting, so I know if/how things work and come up with time estimates...


I'll be doing some work with the DE artists on making big puppet(?) heads - papier mache, plus some independent work for some other bits. Also some costuming. Volunteer, but I could use the practice as it's been ages since I've done this kind of work.


Definitely spending more time on my feet, getting in better shape. I have a very long road ahead, but I finally weigh less than when my mother died, and with essential oils I was able to stop using Sudafed, so there's some progress.
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Long not as in having a three-day weekend, just a lot happening, starting Friday afternoon.

Got a massage - yay!

Went down into the valley and made a quick stop at CVS, then on to Applebee's for a quick supper...and ran into some of L's relatives who were in the area for the reunion on Saturday. So of course we had dinner with them...then a quick shop for ingredients for the fruit salad for Saturday -- got home late.

Saturday we went to the reunion and stayed for about 2-1/2 hours and then L was toasty so we went home. L mostly took it easy, I got a few things done, like picking a few blueberries and giving them a few gallons of water.

Sunday we went back to the family farm in the morning for pancake breakfast (and leftovers) - and yes, there were GF pancakes. No blueberry ones, but hey, can't have everything. Hung out long enough to be in a couple of family photos and then back home. L took a nap while I made a trash and recycling run and made another fruit salad for the Pennsic Pity Party. Not that we're feeling sorry to not be at Pennsic, but it was a chance to hang out with some people we haven't seen much in the past year. It was a cozy gathering -- and really, just about perfect for us. I got some really old artwork back from Fiona, from back when cut-and-paste was a real thing using actual scissors and glue :D


Today we'll be pretty low key, but I at least have more energy today than I would normally have after that much activity and traveling. I picked a _lot_ of blueberries today, and gave them more water. Normally I wouldn't be watering established plants but it's dry enough here that the poor things are already dropping leaves...

I also worked on getting access to a small piece of furniture (moving stuff on and around a table) and finished getting it clear today. It's part of an effort to make the office less cluttered and more usable...we'll be getting a filing cabinet from L's mom soon too, so I have to keep working on opening up space. It'll be nice to get the table out of its current location in the dining room, which is still serving as a storage space for things from all over the place, but esp. the future greenhouse space.

Oh, and we finally got the tiger tapestry up on the wall in the weaving room. It's on the large side and in a frame, so it was a challenge; only took seven months...yes, another year of chaos, but we're making progress.


Made appts. with an acupuncturist for Thursday. Let's see what she can do for L's continuing nerve pain and my various issues. Meanwhile, I've dug out the acupressure book and looking at and trying some possible points to use. I used to have a routine of points I did regularly but whenever something new is added to my or our lives I tend to lose other bits.
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A slower pace this weekend, but still a few things accomplished. Yesterday we chatted with quite a few folks at the market, giving and gaining knowledge. Picked up a small flat of leeks and a couple of Juliette tomato plants. Later we went to the family farm and finished taking apart our old Sycamore shed (BIL Ray had started the process but it's best done with two or more). He'd been quite busy already with loading other things into his truck to take elsewhere. Lyle and I moved the shed parts into another pickup for the night.

Sunday L went and brought the shed over to our place. We cleared most of the accumulated detritus off the cement pad (nearish to the road) and offloaded the parts. Even disassembled it's a bit of a job.

And of course I got in a wee bit of sorting, and emptied another box from the trailer, did some laundry, and no doubt other things I can't remember.

A cabinet I ordered came sooner than expected; it is now mostly assembled, only needing leveling and figuring out what height to set the shelves at for the books going into it. Still have plenty of flatpack and plastic shelving, but I'm slowly working on either moving the old plastic shelves out of active living spaces or retiring them. A good deal of our shelving is 20+ years old, so it's perhaps time for something nicer.

Also, I just ordered a mini-trampoline...I'd like to be out walking every day but my knees aren't so keen on that, so something lower impact is in order. There are a few changes on the horizon, mostly geared toward reducing stress and inflammation, and hopefully moving toward better health.

L's meds seem to be helping, at least to make things more tolerable. Also using colloidal silver on the rash (thanks for the gifting loosecanon!).

Not a bad weekend at all.


Jun. 23rd, 2015 12:27 pm
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Ashfield 250's biggest weekend of the year of celebrating 250 years of being a town, happened. Over all, it went quite well.

Friday evening was the culmination of the beard contest, (some honorary mentions, some cash and certificate prizes, and all the participants received a certificate of participation and a giant cookie with a bearded face done in icing). It was also when some certificates/letters from the state congratulating Ashfield on 250 years were given by a couple of our state reps, and a little speechifying happened but mostly pretty good stuff -- including some personal history in Ashfield by a few folks.

Had lemonade at the Lakehouse (still being renovated but open for after-reception that night), and fireworks over the lake (all paid for by donations).


Saturday morning was the parade, which lasted 45-60 minutes, not the 3 hours some were fearing. Perfect weather, and some amazing things. Um, I'll see if I can grab some pics from other people -- we ended up talking to folks on the green and I'd left my camera at the other end of town.

There was stuff in the afternoon - games and such - and a casual dinner and dance in the evening, which we passed on. I finally finished a new yellow tabard for Air that night.


Sunday morning it was raining, so we moved under one end of the large tent that was set up on the green for the weekend's events. Only a dozen or so showed up for the Summer Solstice celebration but it went well. Revised the elements opening L and I'd written for PPD 2008(?) worked well here, and I'd also done up a blessing for crops and animals (looked online for inspiration, nothing was quite what I wanted but I took some bits and mixed them together with my own words and it worked). Being under the tent where the Interfaith service was going to follow, we may have ended up with a few folks who might not have originally planned to join us - a good thing in my book.

Interfaith had representatives from quite a few different religions, different beliefs, and philosophies. Pretty cool. And yes, some serious things were brought up because that's who we are here; all the sad and bad things of the world cannot be hidden from, because eventually they find you anyway. It was nice to talk to some people I hadn't talked to before, and we got to see a little bit of different aspects of life than many folks there might ordinarily see. (I read a poem I wrote, and a couple of friends did a Wiccan ceremony, so druids and witches were part of this).

Went to lunch and later swimming with a couple of people we knew and a couple we'd only seen around town, which was a lot of fun.


Only downside has been that even with taking things fairly easy, L had a setback in recovery from the cough he has -- the incoming weather probably didn't help either. So, Monday was back to the doctor for a stronger cough medicine and hopefully soon he'll have an appt. for testing/evaluating his pulmonary system.

This morning (Tuesday) me and the rest of the folks from Sunday afternoon went for a hike in the woods, while L took it easy and worked at Elmer's.


A blessed Solstice to all! May the coming days bring you good health and joy, and may your gardens, farms, woods, and critters flourish and prosper.
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I'm slowly getting better and having more energy -- as long as the air I'm breathing isn't full of pollen and high humidity. Still, not having to use the inhaler as often is nice.

L is a tiny bit better; we've discussed calling the doctor's office for a follow-up.

MIL came home last Friday and is still there!

L accomplished some mowing - we're trying to be minimalist on that this year, but we want outlines around the perimeter of the woods, around a couple of garden beds, next to the road, and around the house and barn. Still quite a bit. The only good thing about not having gotten a lot of rain while we're under the weather is that the grass hasn't been growing as fast.

I took a stab or three at pulling garlic mustard out, and moved some things in the barn. Um, sometime in the past few weeks I finished a skirt, gators, two regular pillow cases, one knee pillow case, a lined flat-bottomed bag, a tutu, two sets of curtains (and put up the rods for them!), and started work on creating an underbust corset-like thing.

That last one I made the body of the pattern for based on an existing underbust corset I own, but am modifying the design. I've added a center-back piece instead of the underlap placket and instead of lacing I'm doing a strappy thing that crosses in the back and closes in the front. There will still be a center front opening with its own closures. And there will be boning, because otherwise it would just fold on itself because of the width of the thing. But it isn't designed to pull in the waist significantly, more to just create a smooth silhouette. We'll see if it works.


Because we were both laid up, have removed a few things from the schedule - no dandelion wine making this year, and not going to try to put something together for Ashfield's parade next month.


We managed to get to JoAnn's for a sale, while we were in the valley for other things. I found some outrageous fabric in clearance and picked up a yard, as well as re-stocking the thread supply -- everything on sale, even the clearance. The outrageous fabric had been $20+/yard but was marked down to $12 and was half off that day, which was the final deciding factor. I got it for my bunny costume.

Speaking of which, sometimes ideas happen when you're unwell that are clearly mad and should be dismissed out of hand, but sometimes when you're feeling better, you might change your mind. Since we were talking costuming, Lyle somehow mashed things together and got Warhammer 40K cuty death bunny... yesterday, on a whim, I did a search and found some....interesting stuff. The pink Space Marine armor with bunny ears was probably my favorite :D I'm considering sticking with the pink and black motif, but changing the design to WH40K Inquisitor...
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Survived having a spring cold pretty well, only to get hammered by allergies. Apparently the count is higher than usual for this time of year. We've had rather warm weather and several days of no rain, so I can believe it.

And unlike the cold, the allergies have rather immediately made for lung congestion. Meh.

May or may not travel tomorrow :(
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Went to two kung fu classes this past week. We'd planned on a third, but L's work exploded, and really, it was probably a good thing not to go Friday, as my right knee was jamming. We want to be able to go again this coming week, after all.

Yesterday it rained pretty much all day, and also we went to a funeral, so aside from doing a bit of trimming around things in the grove first thing (before the rain came) and bringing the turmeric inside, that was it for useful from me...

Today is sunny again, so laundry, dig in front of the barn, and sewing. And maybe cleaning and testing the printer. Have to cover the ginger tonight, as temps will be dipping below 40F.

[EDIT: And finally get some veg out of their pots and into the ground. Kale will be much happier there.]

L will be taking out the A/Cs today. Haven't used them for a bit, and shouldn't be needing them again this year, so they're basically cold temp weak spots now that could kick on the heating system.

Climate March in NYC next weekend. Tempting. Also a local SCA event...but we're behind on work here at home -- and really, D*C didn't make that much difference, at least as far as work on the barn is concerned, because it's mostly L's bailiwick at the moment. *sigh* Maybe we should hire someone to come dig the greenhouse foundation...there's just a lot to do here. Well, we'll see what the week brings. I'm thinking of finding out if some of my poorer friends want to go to the march but can't afford the bus ticket, and helping out that way.
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Yay, no surgery indicated, at least for L's neck issues. The compression of two discs and the bone spurs are not considered out of norm for his age. Got a scrip for PT though, which is good. Now to get back to pursuing issues with his shoulder, since when it gets bad enough it affects his neck and can cause headaches (which is likely how we got to an MRI on the neck and found out about the arthritis there). We're both quite relieved at the no surgery and also no cortisone shots diagnosis.
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- Cut out most of body suit for Shiny, sewed and did some tailoring. It's a somewhat stretchy knit but not as stretchy as the stuff you'd use for a turtleneck or t-shirt, so it's a little tricky.

- Worked on Batgirl's leg guards

[EDIT] Also got an old boffer weapon out of storage to use as part of a "naginata". Have extender handle from an ice scraper, but it's a tad short. Got a plastic plumbing joiner piece to connect the pvc and the handle, but not quite a fit. Put the pvc into a vice and used a file to work on filing the end down enough to get it into the joiner piece. Almost fits but stopped because the plastic was getting a little too warm from the friction and putting hot plastic smell into the air. [/EDIT]


- Had a change of plans on My Little Demon Pony Lolita outfit, as neighbor was giving away a jacket and skirt, and I was able to clean it. It's a dark purple (well, compared to the existing skirts for the outfit), but I can make it work. At this point I'm happy to work with an existing jacket rather than make one out of the old dress's bodice, plus it has this amazing lace on it. I'll be accenting the lace with a few beads. Anyway, removed the shoulder pads, and cut the bottom off of the jacket to give it a more bolero-look. Next up for that will be adding a ruffle to the bottom.

- Cut out back piece for upper part of body suit. It's kind of like leggings with built-in suspenders, really. Put it together so I can get a true sense of where things go, then cut holes in some places in the legs -- partly looks, partly increased mobility. And really, that ability to move is important, although more for the sake of the clothing because I'm stronger than the seams :D Did some hemming on the upper half.

- Finished one of the sleeves for Shiny

- Finished the leg guards


Realizing that I do an awful lot of work by hand. Going to have to adjust my schedule for making things, going forward.

Also increasing number of breaks to move, stretch, walk around to keep all that sitting from wrecking me as much...gets the plants watered and the laundry done too ;)


Today we go to see a specialist about L's neck, and see what he has for treatment options.
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Been helping L with hay deliveries, since the problem with his neck -- he's not supposed to do lots of heavy lifting.

And speaking of which, time for me to put on a shirt with sleeves -- not really crazy about getting hay slivers and cuts all up and down my arms.
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Kung Fu Adventure Week took most of our time and energy, but we did get some work done on moving the greenhouses. We'd made pretty good progress until getting to figuring out how to get them off the ground (anchored). But L dug around, figured it out, and we moved the houses over the past weekend.

Neighbor's brother came through with an equity line on his own place to catch up her mortgage payments and get to work on fixing everything. We were trying to get the buildings moved by end of July anyway, but this added urgency, as they were going to be moving the leach field from wherever it is to somewhere approximately where the buildings were.

Then we got held up on digging out the footings -- freeform concrete pilings with metal brackets sticking out the top. L and I got two up and out and were working on a third one that was twice the size of the first two. Fortunately one of the guys working on clearing the yard for construction saw L working on #3 and offered to help with his bucket loader (our neighbor from down the road who plows our driveway in winter). So he dug around the rest, then they'd tie a chain to one and pull it out of the ground and then moved them over to our property. Six of those things all told.


Other yard work is happening. Digging out in front of the barn, clearing a little ground, transplanting some daylilies, a little forms practice, and sewing.

I have a lot more sewing to do -- been working on slow, fiddly stuff. Spent 4 hours last night on finishing hemming the snow queen bodice, attaching binding around the collar and down across the front (slanted side-opening for neck), then attaching lace to that. Only one of six hanging panels complete so far, altho' a second one is almost done. Two panels have beading down the center to look kind of like a frost pattern; the other four I'm just going to outline with beads. I'd love to do frost on all of them, but realistically I don't think I have time. Also, not sure I have enough beads, so there's that. Goal for this outfit is to get all parts wearable. I've been trying to plan what projects can be done on the road, and I think I can save the pearling of the top layer for then...


Physically, the increase in physical activities has been good but not without challenges. Increased turmeric intake, soaking in bath with epsom salts when I can, doing baduanjin daily -- started to get a blister on one toe last Thursday, but a bandage to cushion it for a few days took care of that.
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Continuing heat and humidity taking its toll. Got a few things done yesterday and today...

The living room has south-facing glass doors onto the porch. We have a curtain rod with clips on rings over it, and sheers clipped on. Not really sufficient for keeping light (and some heat) out, so grabbed some pieces of fabric out of the cabinets and added them on -- living room is cooler and feels more private. I still need to make a door curtain and a window curtain for the hallway window, for when my brother Kent visits, but only so much time and energy for doing stuff.

I did find the fabric I think will do for permanent curtains for the doors, but we'll see if I get to that before the visit or not.

Also rearranged the furniture in there. TV is now downstairs because it's been to hot and stuffy upstairs. Sofa bed is not under the a/c, and sewing machine is near the drawing table. Not sure how that last bit's going to work, but I can turn the standing lamp to light either station, and I didn't want to sew right next to the west-facing windows (hot) -- besides, the a/c would blow my fabric around. It'll do for now.

L and I moved a good number of boxes to the trailer.

Storm finally arrived. Lost internet a few times, power once (so far). Only about 15-20 minutes for the power loss, not bad at all. Greenfield has gotten hit harder, so far; flooding, part of Rt. 2 was closed.

L was able to verify that there is a tiny leak at the top of the front wall of the trailer, and now he knows where to fix it from the outside.

Have new inhalers as of today; more oxygen seemed like a good idea...

Been doing a little cutting and sewing. And started work on trying to make a pattern for the top of one of the layers for the snow queen. More on that tomorrow, when the inhalers have had more of a chance to work. Hoping that soon I'll have finished enough stuff to declutter the workspace more, so I can work on drawing.


Jun. 29th, 2014 11:28 am
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Up and at'em early yesterday. Alternated between a number of activities to keep from getting too overheated. Still, we pushed it hard enough that today was a later start.

Finished clearing out approx. 3 foot x 10 foot space in the crescent bed. Dumped the garden cart full of phlox, nettles, etc.

We did a dump run, picked up an old rush loveseat there -- needs cleaning and a new seat, but structurally sound. Got some greens at the farmers market and touched base with nephew C and niece E. (note: I was referring to her as B, but her name actually begins with E and I have another niece whose name begins with B)

Dug up all the Iris and the rest of the Daffodils in front of the barn. Got almost all the Daffodils in, except for some that I'd put in a pot last week. Got a little more than half the Iris in.

More work with cleaning some clothes that had been in storage and gotten compromised. Some will be given away, some turned into bags, some worn, and one thrown away because after two washes and sun dries it still smells. Fabric is weird. Going to have to delay cleaning anything else I find, if I find it this week. Breathing is challenging enough without dealing with that.

Did some mending.


L dumped the garden cart for me the second time I filled it -- I'd gotten it over to where we're building up the bank but was running out of steam at that point. He moved more parts of one of the greenhouses over from the neighbor's yard and trimmed back the Holly bush, discovering another fountain pedestal inside it, which he moved over as well. He also spend some time vacuuming inside the trailer.

He installed the new downstairs a/c, which seems to work pretty well. We use them as little as possible, but it was obvious after having it on for a few minutes that taking a short break from outdoor work was a good idea -- that's when I got my mending done.


Headed down to G'fld to get some things for the shop vacuum and had dinner out since we were down there. Realized when we got home that we'd missed having lunch :P Had a nice ginger kombucha to finish the day.

Today I'll be making up some Waldorf salad, so we'll have something ready for if we get too involved in a project and don't feel like cooking. Plus, not heating up the house any more than necessary.


Overall, the past several days have been productive, despite the heavy air. Energy seems to be higher, mood is good, meditation and singing, feeling better on all levels than I have in quite a while. Seems like a good trend to strive to continue.

Be well all.
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Last bit for Thursday:

I got the hole dug in the new place by the the milk house foundations, dug up some Daffodils and Sweet William that were in the way and tucked them into a pot, then dug up the KC peony from in front of the barn and moved it to its new home.


Got up early to beat some of the heat, dug up and potted the second Lady's Mantle into two pots, so now I have three, all on the patio.

Had breakfast, then worked on digging some phlox and odds and ends out of the flower beds to the south of the house that form an arc. There is really quite a lot of phlox and I should like to have some other flowers there beside. Well, and there's Day lilies too, but they more or less stay in their spots, whereas the phlox is getting rather full of itself. Also, I'd like less work in the fall, thank you. The phlox seem to trap moisture in their midst quite well - lots of tiny slugs. I expect there are snails there too as in other damper areas here, I just didn't see any today. With the summer seeming to be turning into one of those hot and humid ones, a little less damp being trapped might be a good thing...well, we'll see.

Oh! Meant to mention that I saw a hummingbird moth a couple days ago, hovering high overhead above the patio. There are plenty of flowers here, so it won't starve.

I have a small tree in that bed that I'm working on removing -- it's been cut down in place several times over the years. Once I've cleared a good piece, I can dig up the Iris and the rest of the daffodils by the barn and move them over to the bed. Thankfully, being an established bed it doesn't have nearly as many rocks as where we've been trying to make the raised bed. I might put some of the veg there too, as otherwise they'll all be in pots all summer.

Went to personal training, which went well. Shoulders moving more easily this week. Hips and knees mostly behaving, aside from a brief bout of sciatica earlier this week. Ba Duan Jin has been my friend!

Air is...not bad here this afternoon. May or may not go outside again this evening. A lot to do this weekend, if all goes well, so probably don't want to push it. It's good to know the plants are pretty happy out there though :)
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So, Tuesday when it was supposed to just be partly cloudy, it rained anytime I thought to or tried to go outside, so I gave up and did indoor things.

Wednesday was weird, hot, humid, alternating sun and cloud most of the day. But it didn't actually rain, so I got some laundry done, watered the potted plants, trimmed the peony that's going to get moved, put a box into the trailer and moved a couple things in the barn.

L ended up moving the tall brown bookcase from the barn to the trailer, but I helped move the drawing table from the barn to the house. I washed it on the patio (nice hot stones sped the drying!) and then finished up with lemon oil before bringing it into the house. Cleared the space I wanted it in, in the living room, where L leveled it. This house has some wonky corners, so sometimes that's easier than others.

Re-organized stuff on one of the sets of shelving in the office so I could free up a smaller unit to take downstairs to the living room. Moved the bench that we've had in there since Christmas back onto the porch. Traded all the smaller bits around until I got a combination that works for both the sewing area (mostly) and the drawing/painting area (definitely).

It's been a long time since I've used the drawing table, so I'll need to practice drawing at an angle, but it's a healthier position for the body.


The rain finally came in the evening, and lots of it! The plants should be happier today :)

Currently the air is much better up here, which is giving my lungs a chance to cough up yesterday's air...


[EDIT] Also L did some measuring of the areas of the first floor of the barn and we discussed possibilities on where letterpress and other furniture could go. Taking the bookcase and desk out were part of making space for this future project. More moving of stuff to come!
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L's MRI went well this morning. Should hear more in a day or two.

Plans for outdoors scrapped. Rain came a day early.

Paint test for camp project was a fail. Need to look at using different paper. We need a paper from which painter's tape can be removed cleanly. A nice, smooth hot press perhaps. Hm, for very little money. Well, maybe we'll have to do something else.

Hanging on the line outside worked to air out most of the clothing swap items, but a few have to get washed -- some of those "fresh" and "clean" scents are terribly persistent.


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