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Jun. 23rd, 2015 12:27 pm
helwen: (Due Consideration)
Ashfield 250's biggest weekend of the year of celebrating 250 years of being a town, happened. Over all, it went quite well.

Friday evening was the culmination of the beard contest, (some honorary mentions, some cash and certificate prizes, and all the participants received a certificate of participation and a giant cookie with a bearded face done in icing). It was also when some certificates/letters from the state congratulating Ashfield on 250 years were given by a couple of our state reps, and a little speechifying happened but mostly pretty good stuff -- including some personal history in Ashfield by a few folks.

Had lemonade at the Lakehouse (still being renovated but open for after-reception that night), and fireworks over the lake (all paid for by donations).


Saturday morning was the parade, which lasted 45-60 minutes, not the 3 hours some were fearing. Perfect weather, and some amazing things. Um, I'll see if I can grab some pics from other people -- we ended up talking to folks on the green and I'd left my camera at the other end of town.

There was stuff in the afternoon - games and such - and a casual dinner and dance in the evening, which we passed on. I finally finished a new yellow tabard for Air that night.


Sunday morning it was raining, so we moved under one end of the large tent that was set up on the green for the weekend's events. Only a dozen or so showed up for the Summer Solstice celebration but it went well. Revised the elements opening L and I'd written for PPD 2008(?) worked well here, and I'd also done up a blessing for crops and animals (looked online for inspiration, nothing was quite what I wanted but I took some bits and mixed them together with my own words and it worked). Being under the tent where the Interfaith service was going to follow, we may have ended up with a few folks who might not have originally planned to join us - a good thing in my book.

Interfaith had representatives from quite a few different religions, different beliefs, and philosophies. Pretty cool. And yes, some serious things were brought up because that's who we are here; all the sad and bad things of the world cannot be hidden from, because eventually they find you anyway. It was nice to talk to some people I hadn't talked to before, and we got to see a little bit of different aspects of life than many folks there might ordinarily see. (I read a poem I wrote, and a couple of friends did a Wiccan ceremony, so druids and witches were part of this).

Went to lunch and later swimming with a couple of people we knew and a couple we'd only seen around town, which was a lot of fun.


Only downside has been that even with taking things fairly easy, L had a setback in recovery from the cough he has -- the incoming weather probably didn't help either. So, Monday was back to the doctor for a stronger cough medicine and hopefully soon he'll have an appt. for testing/evaluating his pulmonary system.

This morning (Tuesday) me and the rest of the folks from Sunday afternoon went for a hike in the woods, while L took it easy and worked at Elmer's.


A blessed Solstice to all! May the coming days bring you good health and joy, and may your gardens, farms, woods, and critters flourish and prosper.
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Another festival come and gone.

I was going to have a booth this year but last Wednesday Z told us he got called into work -- one person quit and another moved to another city. The sugarhouse was shorthanded as well. So I canceled my booth -- it worked out, the artists who would've been my neighbors spread out and were able to display more work.

Not a bad weekend, all things considered. Only 255 cones on Saturday -- the wet weather was definitely a factor in festival attendance. Our sales were down by about 100 from a normal festival Saturday. Sunday was sunny and people did their best to make up for that -- 395 cones, a festival record. Most importantly, we hit the max for donation to the scholarship fund, so we can feel good about that. Bodies need time to recover, of course; that's a whole lot of time on one's feet! I won't be doing much in the way of hand sewing for a day or two either, as my left thumb is sore from putting twist ties on bags.

Oh, and we decided to dress up a bit more for the part this year...Lyle always wears a white button-up shirt and red vest, so I went for a vest as well this year. We both wore our black derbies -- yes, with our vintage machinist goggles on top. Hey, you never know when they might come in handy, with all that cotton candy flying around ;)


I might make curtains today. That should be mostly machine work. "Just" boring straight lines, but lace material...we'll see what happens.
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Funny thing with the hardware store yesterday. When we finally got there, turned out Gus from Cummington Supply had stopped in to let them know what had happened at their store, so we only had to fill in a few details. We exchanged some car horror stories and the ladies were so sympathetic that we also got chocolate :)
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A little excitement on the way home...in Ashfield, nearly to our turn, we saw a man by a car at the side of the road on Rt. 116, waving a flashlight, so we started to slow down - then we saw the broken pieces of a tree spread across the road and pulled over. The tree came down in front of his house in a spat of heavy winds and a woman hit part of the downed branches. Looked like her car was still functional so she probably managed to swerve a bit, but she did lose some parts of the bumper, so they were working on collecting the pieces. Lyle and I helped to clear some of the debris off the road (it's dark there). Stopped one person coming up the hill too fast; she helped a little then drove through the lighter debris on past. Stopped the next person who was coming up too fast; he was able to help push the branches off to the side of the road so other folks would only be running over small stuff. There's a few branches down on our road too, but much smaller and not blocking the entire road.
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The carpenter was finally able to come last week to work on building stairs into the basement. He's squeezing the job in between other obligations, but they're mostly done -- enough that we can use them. I expect he'll finish them Monday or Tuesday (some risers and the railings). Really nice to be able to get to the basement without going outside and heaving the bulkhead doors open! They're really nice and level, too...sigh :)

Hopefully we can get more work done on closing up the porch tomorrow. We were hoping to do some over the weekend, but yesterday morning was farmers market plus I left briefly to get a flu shot; the first swing dance lesson at the community hall was in the afternoon, followed by some regular house stuff and a nap. Then L brought in a packet from TIAA CREF that was sending their condolences on the death of my mother and forms I would need to fill out as a beneficiary -- excuse me? I knew immediately from the date on the letter that it was wrong, as I had spoken with her since that date, but otherwise the packet seemed legitimate. So of course I called and she picked up, at which point L left to take care of the chickens while I let her know about the letter. This was the third incident this week -- she still has to track things down to the source reporting her as deceased, but it has to do with Social Security. It's complicated, but hopefully it'll all get sorted out in the next week or so.

A couple who are friends of ours decided not to host their usual Halloween party -- I suspect life is being a little busier than usual, as we don't see very much of the husband these days -- so she proposed going to the party at Diva's, a club in Northampton. Interesting time -- neither L nor I have ever gone to a club. Closest for me would probably be going to The Blue Wall at UMass, during one of the sci-fi conventions, back in my college days. I couldn't go to bars back then even when I was old enough, because smoking hadn't been banned in restaurants and bars yet, and there was no such thing as a no-smoking area at bars.

We dressed up a bit for it but the pics another friend took probably didn't come out (Steampunk). If I can, I'll get dressed up again at home for a pic there. Good thing was that I was able to do test runs on a tulle skirt/tutu and also my creative lace leggings and they both worked. The lace is uber white so the leggings light up well under black light. :)

There were some creative costumes there, and people seemed to be having a good time. One of the highlights of the evening for me happened right at the beginning, actually. Everyone was being carded at the door, and the fellow looked from my card to me a few times before letting me in -- we think the age indicated by my card clicked for him when he checked L's next and realized by our costumes that we were a couple. :D

Left before the costume contest was done -- it was pretty late. As it was, we were up late enough that my eyes are light-sensitive this morning. Hot shower has helped sort out some of the general achiness, and I'll get in a good soak in the tub later today.

Late morning is hay delivery, eggs to deal with, piano to measure. Should be back at the house in the afternoon to do what we can there (including that bath for me!), choir practice in the evening.
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I haven't been posting much here since we moved, in part because LJ is always signing me out -- even when doing something as simple as clicking on someone's post to comment or read comments. Turns out LJ uses some sort of dynamic loading process for their pages, which is not compatible with satellite. Satellite uses caching.

So posts will have to happen when I'm in town -- not a horrible problem, except for trying to remember to put any pics I want to upload onto my laptop first...so, still no pics of anything today.


We harvested some sweet dumpling squash (winter squash), and continue to harvest swiss chard and kale for fresh use. One blueberry bush still has berries on it, so I continue to harvest a handful every so often. The dark blue/purple of the berries is quite striking against the red of the turning leaves...

Finally got 10' x 12' area cleared around and in front of the 3 extant blueberry bushes (yay field grass and nettle roots - not), and finished planting 3 new blueberry bushes yesterday...only took a week and a half Just needs bark mulch and I can call it done for this year. Well, unless we get one more bush so it's a complete horseshoe shape for the planting pattern...

Also yesterday, L took a neighbor's tree most of the way down (just a bit of trunk left, and some more clearing of debris from cutting it down). It was smack up against the house, so it really needed to come down; we're trading labor for that for the bags of bark mulch she'd bought for use on the piece of our land that directly abuts her yard. She's been taking care of it with the previous owners' permission -- we're going to take back care of it, and the mulch will come in handy, so it's a good trade.

I did some work on moving stones to the side of where we're going to put in a grove. Found an interesting rock buried at the center of the area...L thinks maybe a type of feldspar, but we really don't know. I took pics yesterday but the lighting wasn't good; going to try again today.


Work on the barn has been at a virtual standstill all summer, with L too busy with work and helping out at the farm. He did fix one door, and has figured out the measurements for the barn stairs. We could use someone working on the barn, but the carpenters we have been checking with are all too busy. Given the "wonderful" job the seller's carpenter did on the basement stairs, we're reluctant to use anyone we don't know.

Speaking of those, one of the carpenters we know will finally have time to build the new basement stairs next month!


Chicken population continues to decline (age), and we're slowly working on clearing out one of the rooms so we can bring in more chickens. Hard to find the time, with another haying, and fall festival, and harvesting, but hopefully very soon we'll have more hens...


Not having a booth this year -- will be helping L out with the maple cotton candy again. I'm also helping out with festival prep at the farm -- candy wrapping, and the like. A little extra income is a welcome thing.


Still doing kung fu, of course. Not every class and not every day, but keeping on and getting a little stronger as time goes one.
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The housewarming party went very well! Not everyone who wanted to could make it, but there many could, and there will be other opportunities in the future for getting together. We gave tours and also learned more about the house from some folks who came here. Tasty food was had (thanks family, friends, and neighbors!), and I introduced one of my SIL who is now GF to pretzels she actually likes.

Lyle had started tying off the warp on the barn loom and Henna was willing and able to finish that off and start the housewarming rug going. She also helped a number of new weavers who wanted to add to the project whenever L or I were called away to something else (which was often). It is looking quite amazing! I want to leave it on for a little while longer, in case some folks who didn't have a chance would like to come and add a few rows to it. I haven't had the chance myself :D

Most of the family came near the beginning of the party hours, with nephew C, niece B and their son W coming later -- the sap is running well, so he had to time it for between jobs. SCAdians, neighbors and farming friends came throughout the day.

Weather was sunny and parking was manageable.

Today we're both in a good bit of pain, no doubt a combination of the long hours of moving things out of the main areas of the house, probably not hydrating enough during the party, and standing for long hours. Next thing on the agenda will be to un-stow some of the things we stowed and get back to finding proper homes for things, but it's kind of nice to have a clean house to do that in :D

So, we got a few useful suggestions on some issues around the house, have some nice things to add to the decor, and some tasty leftover treats too. But best of all, the house is being filled with good memories and good will, which is one of the best things you can do with a home.

Be well, everyone!
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Oops, forgot to post here when we got home. Power and phone were back on when we got home. Got the minivan stuck in the driveway and had to dig it out twice before we could get it into its parking spot. From the blinking clocks we figured the power came back on around 2pm -- only a little over an hour before we got home, so pretty good guess on our part on when to return ;)

Roads were a mess coming back down Rt. 112 though, so we stayed home tonight.
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Lost power and phone this morning. The UPSs on the PCs let us know when it happened. Currently at Elmer's as Lyle has some meetings today. I should have brought more work to do. He left me here while he went to check in on his mother and the chickens (all well), and drove to the other end of town to see what Rt. 112 was like (the road our road is off of), and it's pretty horrible. It would be quite the question as to whether or not we could leave again if we went back. Of course, at some point we have to, because we need to shovel/rake some of the snow off of the porch's and radiant room's roofs.

I don't know when it started snowing because it was already going when I got up a little before 6:30, but it has been a constant all morning and is still going quite heavily.

L checked our voicemail and there was a message from Verizon that a number of folks in our area have lost their phone lines and that the problem seems to be somewhere between Greenfield and Shelburne Falls. Nice to get an update, and to know that they're working on it. No update on power, but over 70 households up here don't have power, so likely a tree came down or something fun like that.

Unlike Nemo, this snow is heavy, packable snow -- which will be lovely to play with at some point, unless it turns to rain. If the problem is a downed tree or limb of a tree, it's possible the snow played a role, although I don't know if or how much it's snowing between SF and G'fld.

All the precipitation in the valley is rain, from what friends have said online. Personally, despite the inconvenience, I prefer the snow right now. We'll still have quite a bit of cold weather up here over the next month, so it's nice for the plants to have a blanket for a little while longer.
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Sunday night was China Night at Mt. Holyoke College. Our kung fu school did demos to lead off both Act I and Act II and were really great! I've always enjoyed watching the demos, but they've definitely upped things a notch, some great choreography happening that's helping to showcase people's skills even more, and show a lot of the variety of things that happen at the school.

Monday night L and I went to kung fu for the first time in a while (esp. for me), for forms night. Lots of good stuff, it was great to be back. Neck and shoulders got so tight I woke up with a splitting headache in the middle of the night; aspirin and a bit of shoulder massage by L helped, and by early afternoon things were all sorted out. Guessing that a soak in the tub _after_ class might be a good idea!

Also, broke a tooth Saturday - no, not doing kung fu, just having dinner. Anyway, it wasn't being a nuisance so didn't call the dentist until this morning. They were able to fit me in this afternoon and now I'm good to go for awhile. So, not a lot done on the office today, but did unpack a large box, happened across the lightswitch place I wanted to put in the office, and neatened up the wall around the switch with some joint compound.

Tomorrow should be more painting in the office. With any luck, we might be able to start setting up the office properly later in the day. Although we may want to deal with the gaps above and below the baseboard the sellers put on the outside wall first....hm... I'm afraid that painting was about their only good house skill.

Tomorrow night is weapons night; hoping to knock some more rust off!
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Did more painting of the office.

Went to kung fu dress rehearsal for China Night. One of the backstage people can't make it because of the date change (event delayed by snowstorm Nemo).

Went to Home Depot and failed to find some things, but we did get a new mat for inside the house's driveway-side door, a shower caddy, and a curtain rod. Then off to G'fld Famers Co-op for feed and scratch for the chickens.

Took down one of the old curtain rods and put up the new one in the downstairs bathroom, and shortened the curtain I wanted to go in there. The old curtain rod is way too large scale for that little room and will mostly be put up in the office over the double-window.

Baked a whole chicken -- rubbed with salt, garlic and cardamom, and made carrots and parsnips w/ a little olive oil, black pepper and ginger. Chicken and veggies were local, all of it super-tasty. More of that yummy chicken to look forward to later this week :)

Sunday (so far):

Got up early for morning ritual and stayed up to do more painting. With the cold weather I've generally been getting up for ritual and then going back to bed for another hour, but with China Night happening this evening and things to do before then, I really wanted to try to finish painting the walls. I'm going to tentatively call them done, but we're going to look at one of the walls later today and see if I got good enough coverage over the bright green that was on that wall. Also painted one piece of trim with some of the paint that came with the house to see how it looks, and we like it, so trim is next!
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Only been to a grocery store once in the past week or so, so I've only tried one type of cracker. They're by Glutino and look a lot like a Ritz cracker except light-colored. They were pretty tasty but useless for my purposes because they're packaged stupidly. They come loose in two small mylar bags inside a box, and most of them were broken. Hopefully we'll be able to stop in at a store sometime in the next week so I can try again.

A friend of mine who's GF recommends pizza rounds by Against the Grain, which I'd like to try out. It would be handy if it came either as dough or in a square/rectangular shape as well; or as a mix, that would be good too. We'll see what the options are.

I put up two wire shelves today, and made space for getting on a chair or ladder so I can put two more above them. I can already tell they're going to make that corner of the room look cluttered, so setting up a curtain for that wall might be added to the to-do list...

Continuing to sort things out, but it's like a puzzle, trying to figure out what to move in order to do the next thing. Moved some things to the basement or the barn, just to have some working room. The kitchen continues to be challenging, and I just can't see using the below-counter corner shelving for anything I need on a regular basis. The door is a bi-fold and just a hair awkward to manage. And originally I put a bunch of the dry goods in one of the cabinets but I don't have enough room for all our kitchen things, so now I'm working on making space for dry goods in the laundry room instead. So in order to make space there, I'm trying to figure out which projects I can get done more quickly...eh, kinda working.

Turmeric continues to be my friend -- hate to think what the arch of my left foot would feel like without it...

L has to go to the family farm daily because of the chickens but I can stay home some days and try to make headway in our house, which is nice. We might be further along but L's work schedule has been pretty crazy between still driving his mom for some things, chickens and hay, and some very challenging projects at work.

Tomorrow I'll be at the farm to at least start to wash/candle/box eggs, while he drives his mom to work and then he'll join in the effort on his return. He was complaining that it wasn't what he wanted to be doing on Valentine's Day, but I don't mind working together on things. Besides, we have reservations Friday night at Elmer's for the Night of Chocolate and Love. SIL D will be visiting this weekend and is taking Ma to this; our reservation is later in the evening because we both kept forgetting to make reservations. It's a pretty social time actually, and quite often folks end up chatting between the tables, and you'll see families or groups of friends as well as couples. This year they have everything from parties of 1 to parties of 10!


Feb. 10th, 2013 06:49 pm
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So, we got a bit of snow here. With rain/freezing rain/sleet in the forecast for Monday, our porch roof and the sugarhouse roof needed clearing. L (fitzw) wrote about the sugarhouse roof. I didn't help with that, as shoveling around the minivan yesterday was enough for my body, and today I was taking care of washing, candling, sorting and boxing eggs while L was out shoveling the sugarhouse roof. Thankful that nephew L showed up (taking his girlfriend around to various spots for her photography class), and helped out with the roof!

Took a break for lunch at around 3:30, got a couple quick things done inside when we got home, then went out snowshoeing around the yard, checking things out. The little river has ice and snow over much of it; quite lovely to look at, as is much of the area.

Then we sat down for a few minutes, until I remembered that we still hadn't cleared the porch roof. So L got the roof rake and started using it from the upstairs hallway window, but it was tough going. The snow was a combination of snow from the previous snows, the most recent snow and, while we were away today, snow that had slid from the upper roof. Heavy, wet, compacted, and standing about 4' high at the highest points.

So I got out one of the long-arm car window cleaners and started hacking and pushing with it from the bathroom window that also overlooks the porch. Then realized that wasn't going to be sufficient, but that the snow compacted quite nicely so I could make "ground" to stand on, and off I went to get a shovel. L joined me with another shovel once he'd cleared as much as he could with the roof rake from the hallway window, and between the two of us the roof is in good shape for tomorrow. And thank goodness for that, as I don't think I want to move much more tonight!
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Was originally planning for a house warming party in February, but between the weather delays and an aunt who wants to come but will be away during the original planned time, we're moving it to late March. Saturday, March 23.

Been coming up with some ideas for finger food stuff to serve (GF), although looks like I'll need February to do some experimental baking.

For the easy stuff, any good GF crackers out there? I don't eat a lot of grains in general, so I haven't bothered to try out different crackers. These need to be suitable to go with things like slices of cheese or smoked oysters. Thanks!
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Actually, quite a few bits today. Dairmait/D came and helped with both the morning and the afternoon trips to the house. We used the minivan and one of the farm's pickups. In the afternoon we also had Eli and Emma, and her Suburban. Tried to focus more on the larger/heavier things, but also smaller boxes of stuff, clothing, et cetera went. Oh, and some of the indoor plants and a few that were hanging in there on the front porch...

We'll definitely be continuing back and forth between the houses for the next few weeks, and especially this week, seeing as we don't have internet set up there yet. Although hopefully L will have this coming week off, which would help with that part.

Also, time soon to bring over building materials, so we can start closing up the barn.


Dec. 10th, 2012 10:44 am
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We have an actual time set for signing, so I guess it's safe to post now that Lyle and I will be closing on a house in Ashfield on Wednesday, December 12, 2012.

House is 1800+ sq. ft. of living space, partial basement, small barn, and 6 acres of land with a stream running through it -- a bridge will definitely be a project, down the line, although it can be crossed on foot.

General outline of schedule after closing (assuming no more surprises):

- Start moving things in from then with the goal of living in the house by Winter Solstice

- Painting in two rooms (not entire room in either case, just the hot pink and lime green accent areas in one, and the dark blue on the upper half of the other)

- Close up the barn, which involves rehanging a door, replacing a door sill, fixing the windows, and closing up the carriage wall

- Building chicken nesting boxes

We'll be moving primarily what's in the farm house over the next week or so, but also some things from the family farm's barn. The print shop will probably have to wait until spring, along with a lot of other things in the barn; I'd like to have a chance to organize things.

I think we can move everything out of the apt., attic, and back attic by the 20/21st, but likely we'll still be moving things out of the barn after then, if anyone feels inclined to come help us out with any of the above ;) And if a miracle occurs, we might even have a tree this year, which would be lovely!

Still trying to figure out where to put some things, in my mental picture of the house. The cold pantry is the biggest challenge. We're probably going to use part of the basement, at least for now, although we're going to need to undo some of the work the sellers did in sealing it up (not enough air circulation). We'll figure it out, along with other things that will present a solution once we've lived there for a while.


Oct. 29th, 2012 04:29 pm
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We're as prepared as can be for Sandy, and settled in for the duration. Made our last egg delivery yesterday evening.

Been interesting checking the power outage pages. The repair teams are out on the roads, trying to keep things going. I hope they'll all be okay. Storm is definitely being felt up here, and this is just the leading edge. Eye is supposed to make landfall around 8:00 p.m.

Take care, folks!
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Still trying to get the ginger potted up and indoors. Weather and a cold have slowed me down, and now I've run out of right-sized pots. L's going to build some tomorrow... We both still are under the weather. I did finish the first row and have put up 11 pots, two of which will be coming into the apartment for the winter. Using that row as a gauge, I'd say I have another 25-30 pots to go, using regular pots. L will be making wood rectangular containers, so about half that number...

The weather should hold for a few more days; hopefully that will be enough. If any of my more, um, enthusiastic(?) friends is interested in helping to get this plants potted, please feel free to come on up!

Stayed home this weekend instead of going to the kung fu seminar we'd signed up for, which turned out to be a good thing, as one of the pipe fittings for the water supply to the chickens failed Saturday. Since we were home, L went to check on the hens sooner than he otherwise would have, and found a small flood. He mucked out most of the wet stuff between Saturday and Sunday while I took over most of getting eggs ready for delivery in-town and to choir practice.

On the plus side of being under the weather, when I woke up in the wee hours of the morning with my ears starting to ache, I headed for the herbal meds first instead of the "modern" ones. Echinacea, Goldenseal, and Elecampagne. Got me through the rest of the night and through today. Guess there's hope for me yet!

An interesting thing happened today. I was perusing the house listings this morning and commented on how wouldn't it be nice if the folks of the place we'd placed a bid on (Apple Valley Road) were to suddenly decide that maybe they would come down to a price we could more comfortably afford... and then this afternoon we got a call from our realtor, who'd gotten a call from their realtor...hmm...
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Overall, I'd say the weekend went pretty well. The weather was widely variable on Saturday and consistently chilly on Sunday, but the rain held off until after 6pm Sunday, so can't really complain on that front. We're thinking the unsettled weather may have affected the number attending the festival by a small but measurable amount. Still, the sugarhouse only had 56 bread doughs leftover (last year they sold out by 4pm on Sunday), so given the number of attendees, quite acceptable. L and I sold over 600 cotton candy -- not his highest but also acceptable, and we certainly made enough to make the maximum vendor contribution to the town scholarship fund.

Mostly it was just me and L, but we did have a young man help us out during peak time on Sunday, and he's quite happy to help out next year. It was my first time helping out with this, as usually I have a craft booth upstairs. My jobs were mostly bagging, tying bags closed, hanging them on the tree when we had time, and taking money. Helped with making up mix on Saturday during the day, but it was a bit awkward so that night L pre-mixed everything in the big mixer for Sunday. We have some mix leftover, which will be put in secure, critter-proof storage for next year. That's the nice thing about sugar; it keeps pretty well.

We also have a young lady interested in learning how to make cotton candy; if she in fact contacts us to follow up, we'll train her for next year.

Missed have Z up here, but unfortunately he had to work the weekend in NY.

Physically, weekend was a challenge but the challenge was met. I can even still do squats today, lol. That said, I'm happy to stay home from kung fu tonight for a little more recovery time!
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Leaving in a few minutes...going to try to hit Mike Skalszi's sale on the way in to town hall. [livejournal.com profile] loosecanon, some year you might like to see this sale.

He does a lot of estate cleaning plus sells some stuff for other people, so the collection is eclectic... we usually find a useful tool or something there. One year there was a teardrop trailer and also a printing press there... this year I saw a diesel engine/generator?, porch support posts, and a bunch of old-fashioned wood sleds with metal runners as we were driving by this week. Mike's ready for any weather this year, with tents set up all over the place!

For those who haven't been to his sale, if you're coming into Ashfield from the south on 116, turn right at the top of the hill (where the red tavern is) and it'll be on the right side of the road.

Fall Festival will have all the usual great food and crafts and live music. Morris Dancers will be there today around 3-3:30-ish.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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