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Continuing heat and humidity taking its toll. Got a few things done yesterday and today...

The living room has south-facing glass doors onto the porch. We have a curtain rod with clips on rings over it, and sheers clipped on. Not really sufficient for keeping light (and some heat) out, so grabbed some pieces of fabric out of the cabinets and added them on -- living room is cooler and feels more private. I still need to make a door curtain and a window curtain for the hallway window, for when my brother Kent visits, but only so much time and energy for doing stuff.

I did find the fabric I think will do for permanent curtains for the doors, but we'll see if I get to that before the visit or not.

Also rearranged the furniture in there. TV is now downstairs because it's been to hot and stuffy upstairs. Sofa bed is not under the a/c, and sewing machine is near the drawing table. Not sure how that last bit's going to work, but I can turn the standing lamp to light either station, and I didn't want to sew right next to the west-facing windows (hot) -- besides, the a/c would blow my fabric around. It'll do for now.

L and I moved a good number of boxes to the trailer.

Storm finally arrived. Lost internet a few times, power once (so far). Only about 15-20 minutes for the power loss, not bad at all. Greenfield has gotten hit harder, so far; flooding, part of Rt. 2 was closed.

L was able to verify that there is a tiny leak at the top of the front wall of the trailer, and now he knows where to fix it from the outside.

Have new inhalers as of today; more oxygen seemed like a good idea...

Been doing a little cutting and sewing. And started work on trying to make a pattern for the top of one of the layers for the snow queen. More on that tomorrow, when the inhalers have had more of a chance to work. Hoping that soon I'll have finished enough stuff to declutter the workspace more, so I can work on drawing.
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So, Tuesday when it was supposed to just be partly cloudy, it rained anytime I thought to or tried to go outside, so I gave up and did indoor things.

Wednesday was weird, hot, humid, alternating sun and cloud most of the day. But it didn't actually rain, so I got some laundry done, watered the potted plants, trimmed the peony that's going to get moved, put a box into the trailer and moved a couple things in the barn.

L ended up moving the tall brown bookcase from the barn to the trailer, but I helped move the drawing table from the barn to the house. I washed it on the patio (nice hot stones sped the drying!) and then finished up with lemon oil before bringing it into the house. Cleared the space I wanted it in, in the living room, where L leveled it. This house has some wonky corners, so sometimes that's easier than others.

Re-organized stuff on one of the sets of shelving in the office so I could free up a smaller unit to take downstairs to the living room. Moved the bench that we've had in there since Christmas back onto the porch. Traded all the smaller bits around until I got a combination that works for both the sewing area (mostly) and the drawing/painting area (definitely).

It's been a long time since I've used the drawing table, so I'll need to practice drawing at an angle, but it's a healthier position for the body.


The rain finally came in the evening, and lots of it! The plants should be happier today :)

Currently the air is much better up here, which is giving my lungs a chance to cough up yesterday's air...


[EDIT] Also L did some measuring of the areas of the first floor of the barn and we discussed possibilities on where letterpress and other furniture could go. Taking the bookcase and desk out were part of making space for this future project. More moving of stuff to come!


Mar. 15th, 2014 02:44 pm
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Sheesh, guess I've been busy elsewhere...

Anyway, looking for stuff in various storage places. Still haven't found one thing, and this point I'm not even sure I still have it. But I did find a white eyelet skirt that I made back when I was doing garland dancing. It has a couple of rust stains, which I'm going to try to remove. If I can't, it's okay as I'm thinking of turning them into bloomers and could cut around the area, but it would be nice to use all of it.

Did a tiny bit more chainstitch on the t-shirt bag, Wednesday night. We were at an information session on a proposed new type of national forestry relationship. Can't say we're enthused, but will see what happens over the summer.

Worked on attaching a waistband to the lavender overskirt; it may have draping issues...going to try moving a couple of pleats.

Yesterday I washed a bunch of white stuff, two of which have rust stains (above-mentioned skirt and a table cloth). The batiste with leaf outlines on it is looking much fresher now.

Found one of the dresses I was looking for, but only because I was hoping it was with the dress I'm not sure I still have....definitely looking forward to warmer and longer days -- some of the stuff in both barns has to go!

Made a meatloaf pie yesterday (used a pie pan), in honor of Pi Day.


Mar. 11th, 2014 11:47 pm
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Not a lot over the weekend, but I did cut out the bat for my Bat Girl hair comb from gold Japanese paper (not sure it's washi, but it's an art paper) and decoupage it onto a piece of black mat board. Have a few layers of decoupage glue on it; doesn't look bad. Still need to put fasteners on it to stick it into the wig.

Did a little bit of embroidering around the edge of the t-shirt I'm turning into a bag.

Pulled the floral Steampunk dress out of the closet to work on finally -- working with the personal trainer, I've changed shape and am currently a wee bit to muscular in the mid/upper back to fit in the dress. The waist still works, which makes adjusting the dress a little easier. If that had changed as well I would have had to move the snaps for the mini-bustle, which snaps onto the dress across the back opening. Took out the zipper and put in a fabric panel, and have started sewing on rings for lacing. This is the dress that was originally a bridesmaid dress, that I re-vamped for SP. This is actually the third revision, as my first revision was fitted too far down the hips...I liked the look but it was impossible to sit in without compromising the boning and/or stabbing myself in the underarms.

So now it will be better able to adapt to my changing silhouette :)
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So, on Tuesday (March 4) I did cut out the body part for two bags but couldn't find anything I liked for the handles.

Started moving some things off the shelving in the pantry to new homes, including getting some odd bits sorted out from each other and to their new homes. Like a lot of my craft supplies, it's rather a mosh because of trying to work on multiple projects in an inadequate space for so many years, but eventually I hope to severely reduce the chaos.

Made a little space in the basement; more to come over the next several months.

Went to craft night in town:
- Mostly disassembled the lavender bodice, to get it ready for the next stage
- Started work on making another bag, which will feature artwork from an favorite old t-shirt on one side
- Was going to do a repair job on another item but forgot my needles at home, oy


Was kinda vegging...tired and cold; worked on more sorting and moving. There's now enough space on one of the shelves for some food and cleaning supplies. They're at opposite ends of the shelf with space in the middle. When I get another shelf clear, I'll separate things into food and non-food, but for now I'm just trying to get temp-sensitive stuff off of the radiant floor :D

Worked on the t-shirt bag



Made straps from some scrap fabric and sewed the first two cloth bags. These two are going to be part of the Bagshare in our area, so it's more stuff out the door, yay!

Day's not over yet....
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Yesterday for art was mostly writing and posting about stuff I've been doing, and I still need to post a few pics for the Bat Girl wig, I guess... not happening right now!

I did do some work on a Steampunk choker/collar I've been working at, off and on, for a few months. I had some scraps that I thought might work, so I put the foundation together a while back. Then I found some metal embellishment pieces, and got that trim that I thought was going to be lavendar but when delivered was black (wrong photo with item for sale) but hey, black is useful to have and I realized it would go with the choker so.... anyway, last night I worked on doing some beading, which is part of how I secured the two metal pieces to the fabric -- they're pierced filigree pieces, so I just sew through some of the holes and stick a bead on top. Eh, if I remember I'll take a pic or two at some point.

Today I haven't done much creativity-wise, but I've been thinking about how to rearrange some stuff in the house. I need more space in the upstairs pantry (basement pantry is currently a dream and consists of a milk crate with winter squash and a few bags of emergency dried goods) -- but the stuff that needs to move is crafting supplies that I need easy access to, so I don't want to just stuff things in boxes and shove them into the basement...which is full of stuff, some of which is waiting for us to get that trailer...which can't happen right now because we have a ton of snow, and then there will be mud...so I'm working out in my brain what the possible moves are down there, before I actually set my hands to it.

If I can get my act together, which I think I can, I'll make a few cloth bags today; shouldn't be too hard to do, and it will get some fabric out of the radiant room. Sewing, while it takes a while, is one of the ways I'm working on making space. There are things the house needs and we need, and once the stuff is made the fabric will be in the right place. Uff.

And now, lunch!


Sep. 30th, 2013 02:07 pm
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End of September, and time to take my artwork down... It was nice to have it on display at Elmer's for a month -- met some interesting people, learned a few things about artist receptions (have copies of pricing sheet and a signing book), got to see nearly all of my cat paintings on display together, and now have 4 finished handwoven hangings to show (finished one at the beginning of the month). I took some pictures but they didn't come out as well as I would've liked. I'll have to find a good spot at home to hang the tapestries and re-take photos of them.

Still tired, working on catching up on sleep. Data downloads and various updates have kept us up late (free downloads after midnight).

Got a call from the satellite folks last Thursday, and Lyle called back and got someone today -- seems our connection has been less than optimal (well, we knew that) -- and they think they might be able to fix it. That would be nice!
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I meant to post that yesterday, really! But... well, things got off to a busy start yesterday. L's caught the local cold that's going around and didn't sleep well, so I did some of the chicken care (all but water, which he did before we left), put a couple of bags of feed down the chute and offloaded the grain from the minivan into the barn. Also boiled eggs for the grove's gathering and loaded clothing into the car for the celebration. Oh, and I even remembered to water the plants :D

Equinox/Alban Eiler went well enough -- good weather, our regular the blackbird was in attendance, and then there were the raptors overhead.

Spent a few hours at the grove gathering and then off to the FL meeting at the kung fu school. Then a few shopping errands and then off to choir practice. Ellid reviewed some things with me and I'll be working on that today. All in all, a busy day.

Mid-spring already, but likely won't be working on gardening stuff in earnest until we get back from Florida. I'd thought about starting my onions this month but decided it would be just one thing too many. And this way I only have to have my MIL take care of the rosemary and maybe the aloe. The ginger plants will be well watered this week and can make do without watering for several days -- too many and too heavy to move downstairs for just a week. Although..... well, I might ask niece S to come up and water them once when she's here cleaning downstairs... we'll see how the week goes.

Didn't have time to try out the skis this past weekend, but at least I'll have them for next year, and it was very nice getting them at 40% off!


Feb. 12th, 2011 07:04 pm
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Training at The Body Tailor is going well. Learning about posture and the corrections I need to make in mine has been good. I have a long way to go, but improved posture and particular exercises is leading to having a stronger core, which I just wasn't getting on my own, no matter how hard I tried.

Kung fu, when we can get there (schedule or weather permitting), is going along. Currently L and I are in limbo on whether or not we're going to the spring seminar in Florida. Looks like it will probably be in the Everglades at a campsite. Campsite has both tent camping and cabins, and would be inexpensive compared to other options looked at. L has to see if he could be spared from the sugaring crew (tentative dates for seminar are late March/early April), and also if nephew C would be willing to take care of the chickens.

Belatedly, we also need to ask him and niece B if they'd be willing to take care of the chickens in May, during Steampunk World Fair....

Started sewing L's dress shirt. Men's shirts are not like regular clothing :P But, I'm managing so far. We went down to Gfld today because I didn't have the right kind of interfacing for the cuffs and collar. We were going to stop at Big Y as well, but it was all kinds of crazy there.

We did stop at Mohawk Trading Post on the way home though, which was neat because neither of us had been there in many years. There is a lot of stuff there, and I forgot to check on what types of herbal teas they have (it's advertised on their store front). They had some crafting supplies, some tourist stuff, jewelry, votives, dreamcatchers, incense, flutes, moccasins (Minnetonka), kid stuff, and also a lot of books. Books range from kid stuff (including Disney's Pochohantas), to historical and cultural books, to how-tos. They had a good-size section on beading techniques, and they have beading supplies.

I picked up a small, super-easy beading book - _Beaded Dream Catchers_, by Mary R. Musgrove. L decided on _Making Native American Hunting, Fighting, and Survival Tools_, by Monte Burch.

The lady working there had a votive tomahawk she was working on beading around the upper part of the shaft; I suspect some of the beadwork in the store is hers. I might try making a dream catcher this week, just as a break from the usual mill of activity -- I have some dance bangles somewhere that could work for the hoop part, and beads and lightweight leather too. Hm, and beading thread, so I guess that's everything -- these are beaded instead of being sinew, for the web part.

Very glad we can drive the Honda Civic now - William's little car. It gets much better mileage than the minivan, which is good considering how much driving we're doing at the moment. I don't expect to be going to The Body Tailor for too long -- maybe a few more months? -- and we'll have to see what other trips we can minimize on. We still need the minivan at this point, mostly has a farm vehicle (picking up feed) and carting stuff around, but definitely using the little car more often.

We'll likely be taking a break from kung fu next fall, which will also cut back on some travel. Tuition is already paid through the end of September.

We've had some discussion on what seeds to order -- yes, I still haven't ordered them :( Really need to do that this week.

Got a hand-cranked corn sheller, which arrived yesterday and L has tried out today. Works pretty well, and will help with our effort to supply at least some of the chickens' feed ourselves. You can shell by hand of course, and there are gloves with little rasp thingies on them but.... well, if you're going to shell a few hundred ears a sheller is handy.

L got the corn/bean auger for the mill working properly (yay for instruction sheets!), so we don't need to get another mill just for the corn.

Fava beans goes on the list for the garden this year. Since some folks have soy sensitivity I want to go for the 2nd best bean for chicken feed (protein source). Soy is preferred both because it has the most protein and because it is a complete protein, but since the beans would be mixed with corn that will take care of completing the protein. Third part of the feed will be oats, which we've grown before, but we're going to need a thresher too (pedal-powered, I'm hoping).
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My thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nazrynn for pointing out this site:

I love good metal work.


Oct. 9th, 2009 02:30 pm
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Current warp set up is for 2/2 twill, all motion will be forward, no reverse (although I _could_ do that if I had the time... makes the diagonal zigzag the length of the fabric instead of across it the way a herringbone goes).

120 count, 12dpi

22 med grey/ 6 silver/ 12 heather purple/ 4 silver/ 30 med grey/ 6 silver/ 12 heather purple/ 4 silver/ 22 med grey

A fairly muted combination, but pleasing to the eye.

Current weft pattern is:

Began with 22 rows med grey then....

Row count: 6 silver/ 13 heather purple/ 4 silver/ 30 med grey/ 6 silver / 13 heather purple/ 4 silver/ 22 med grey/

Something like that.... basically 22 g / 13 p/ 30 g/ 13 p, with the 6 and 4 rows of silver alternating with each other as dividers between the grey and purple.

Note that the purple is 13 rows for the weft, unlike the 12 for the warp. This is because with the frequent color changes, the border can potentially end up getting bulky because of all the yarn ends that have to be folded into the edge. Having the purple sections be an odd number of rows means the ends will alternate between the left and right selvages.

The pattern forms a plaid. I'm considering putting in a longer section of the grey, then the above pattern at the middle of the scarf, then another long section and then closing with the above pattern. Or maybe just a long section in the middle... time is limited (but I needed to sit down for a few minutes so might as well write these notes down). And oddly, the change in pattern, while saving me some time and peace of mind, will also make the scarf look more custom made....

Okay, time to pull stock and then back to weaving.
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Ed Bronson, an incredible glass artisan here in Ashfield, will be having an open studio sale this coming weekend. He has work of all sizes and a wide price range, but it's worth it to go look just to see the pretty work he does. Directions are basically to drive to Ashfield, turn onto Baptist Corner Road, and then follow the signs to his place (the turn is on the right side, before you get to our farm -- Bellus Road, I believe. Very, very easy to find). I haven't been to one of Ed's studio sales yet, so I can't give more details, except that the building he works in used to be an apple barn.


Chena River Marblers is also having their open studio sale this coming weekend, 10am - 5pm

They will have marbling and bookbinding demonstrations.

What they have: marbled papers, silk ties, scarves, journals, sketch books, address books, date books, photo albums, jewelry, etc. One of my favorite things to do is look at the new tiny books -- Dan makes some that are free-standing, or as pins, tie tacks, or earrings -- I have at least one of each type :)

Address: 70 Justice Drive, Amherst, MA 01002 // 413.253.2835

Directions: From Amherst Center, 1.5 miles south on route 116. Right at light onto East Hadley Road. 1st right onto Columbia Drive. 1st left onto Justice Drive, 1/4 miles on left.

A nifty cool thing about Chena River Marblers sale is that you can go and make your own piece of marbled paper, for FREE. Both kids and adults are allowed ;) So, not a bad place to go and see interesting stuff, possibly pick up a gift or two, and learn a little about making paper, watching and/or hands-on. My recommendation would be to go do the paper-making first, then look around at the cool books and stuff, so your piece of paper has time to dry for taking home. They also have cookies and something to drink, so you can have a little snack too.
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- We got the merchant booth set up at the Community Hall and the cash box to Nancy for Saturday.

- Re-vamped sleeves of red linen dress to have buttons instead of lacing -- a kluge for the 14th c. outfit, as blue stripey dress is still under construction (have to do a re-fit for my arms, esp. since my exercise levels have changed with the surgery, etc.)

- L made a spear


- All packed for the event, and I may even have managed to get gifts for everyone.
- Leaving soon!

New stuff made in a week's time:

- Decoupaged and adorned 3 trays, 1 vase, 6 boxes
- 35 cards (print, fold, cut, stuff)
- 4 magnets

(rest of re-stock was complete last month)
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Decoupage proceeding apace. Have to put another coat of varnish on after putting up this post. Then on to printing more cards and maybe making two or three more magnets, then inventorying and seeing what sorts of signage and pricing I have to do -- with Nancy covering for me on Saturday I need to give her as much help as possible with being able to answer questions.

I'm pretty happy with the varnish. It dries quickly and is water-based so cleanup is with ordinary soap and water.

12 Days of Christmas Meme )
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Have been madly cleaning, sorting, organizing, tossing, and also making up stock even though I didn't have a show coming up -- or so I thought. Ashfield's having a winter festival thing this coming weekend, the same weekend as Bergental/BBM Yule. Then one of the folks at Elmers said that we could set up on Friday, and that they have people to cover if you can't be there. Then Palestrina's Sitivit Anima Mea was giving us fits so we were going to put in another extra rehearsal on Friday. And other complications of course, like the %$*?! grass-fed beef pickup still hasn't happened and has to happen by Dec. 7. (You know, that fake expletive doesn't look right, but I don't have a lot of experience with that, sigh). So, no show and less stress, yay. And yet, I was still decoupaging things... (a few for us, but also for sale)

Then we decided to walk to Sidehill to get milk and yogurt and ran into Lester, who was cutting up some firewood for next winter. It's a good time to do that, with the leaves mostly down and clear ground. Anyway, of course we stop to say 'hello' and he says that he was happy to see us because he had something to ask me. Seems the Community Hall is participating in this festival and are still trying to fill their vendor spaces and was wondering if I might set up? We explained about the SCA event, but he said that we could do just Sunday. As we're talking Nancy walks up and says she was looking for us too -- same reason of course. At the time we thought we still had the Friday rehearsal, but Lester said he could be there earlier in the day, and Nancy said she'd make sure he remembered, and she even volunteered to cover the booth for at least part of Saturday. Sigh. They're trying to make sure more people know about the availability of the hall for town use, and one of their vendors cancelled, so.... we'll be setting up Friday at noon.

Even L got into it.... we may be having guests this weekend, but he said he could take care of entertaining on Sunday :D Although if they make it I'd like a chance to chat with them too... wonder if they could stay until Monday morning.... well, we'll see if they make it first, eh?

Meantime, [livejournal.com profile] countessinn asked if we'd found any order medallions here, but no joy yet. So I was going to add wooden nickels to the art supplies list and see about making a few, but happily she has that well under control. Brigit bought nickels and folks will be painting medallions. We also chatted briefly at the business meeting last night about the A&S competition, and I have to say she's really been getting into being the MOAS and being very thoughtful. Thank goodness for living in the barony we do! We're blessed with many very cool people :)

And, no practice on Friday after all. Our voices are getting tired from practicing two days in a row the past couple of weeks, so L doesn't want to push it the day before the event. Meanwhile, between the mp3s [livejournal.com profile] lady_jade01 made and the extra practices, we finally made it through Sitivit Anima Mea and it even sounds relatively decent. We may not have all the nuances yet, but it's good enough to perform at Yule. We'll get there yet, I'm sure.

So, managed to find the houppelande for Todd to borrow (barn aka the outer warehouse, sigh), and am slowly gathering together stuff for the weekend.

Can't find all of my decoupage papers and am extremely annoyed because I'm missing a couple of color families right now. If they turn up by tomorrow I'll give it a shot using some of them. Have to start varnishing today or tomorrow so I can't work on making new things after a certain point... Oddly enough, they may still be packed, although I thought I'd opened all the art supply boxes...

Also couldn't find the boxes I'd painted last year, so had to get some more paint to do up at least a couple more boxes. (tried the barn one more time this afternoon) Found my boxes!!! Whoot!

Meanwhile, forgot to check the apples when their scent wafted to me last week, so had some bruised apples to deal with, which has now been done. Still need to peel and chop a few of the other types of apples, but then I can make applesauce.

Hey, it only took 4-1/2 hours to finish this post, not too bad...
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I was just replying to [livejournal.com profile] harpnfiddle about gifting and she had commented on handmade gifts not costing as much as bought ones. Of course if one counted the time to make it.... the day of that concept being more generally accepted is coming, I think...

One year for the gift exchange I made a "book" using an Altoids can. I covered the surface with polymer clay, added various little decorative clay doodads, and after baking I also glued on gems (I pressed them in to make impressions and then removed them for baking, so the gems would have 'settings').

This was for my SIL K, who's Roman Catholic, so I took the prayer of St. Francis and cut and pasted it on my computer so that it would fit on several pages. Each "page" had a medieval border on it (some work I'd scanned into the computer ages ago). The font was some type of calligraphic Gothic.

Instead of separate pages I printed the pages in a long strip and folded them like an accordion (fan fold). Make sure to have a little extra bit of paper at either end of the strip. These extra bits will be folded under and glued to the inside of the box lids.

The idea was to make a tiny book that was like the old medieval treasure books. It actually took a bit of time to make it but I had a lot of fun with it. I was worried that she wouldn't like it because I wasn't sure how she felt about handmade things, but it had just seemed like the perfect thing at the time. Thankfully, she absolutely loved it :)

You can use Altoid containers (the rectangular ones of course, because they're hinged), but if you don't buy Altoids or have friends who do, some craft stores also carry blank tins. Tins and containers in general are great fun.

I also like decoupaging things, and boxes and tins are great candidates for making really unique things. Great little gifts in and of themselves, or you can put a little something inside too. In the old days people used to decorate all kinds of containers and cans -- cigar boxes, coffee (or other food) cans, candy boxes, etc. Keep an eye out for interesting things, you never know what trash could become a treasure.
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Gorgeous weather again today. Didn't seem quite as hectic as yesterday, at least upstairs. Was too busy this year to go outside, and no one to break me for more than 10 minutes (today -- no break yesterday). Sadly [livejournal.com profile] sorcieredeneige didn't make it up this weekend or a few other folks, but I guess something came up.

Sales went well, also some interesting conversations. Eli stopped by briefly for a chat and to pick up his Korean jacket thing (no idea what it's properly called -- he brought me some pictures years ago, I cut out pieces and helped with general assembly. It still wasn't done so he asked for help with it -- is now done, yay).

Sales seemed to be all right for most folks I talked to today -- a bit down from last year for some folks, but better than a lot of people expected. My sales.... were up. I think I've fallen into the category of acceptable gifts for a wider range of people or something. Oh, I also finished up my crazy scarf last night and put it up for sale today. Sadly I didn't get a picture of it -- but then at $80 I wasn't expecting to sell it. Oops... The lady who bought loves textiles and even though she can't wear wool she got it to put on an antique chest she has, as a runner. She'll be using it as the foundation for setting up some pictures on for display :) Always nice to know when one of the things you've made is going to a good home.

Also sold three of my regular wool scarves over the weekend, and there's a possible 4th that may go later.

One of the artisans has weaving stuff of her mother's and will be bringing some down in the future for me to see. Looks like I might be getting some more stock and possibly a loom! This would be excellent because then maybe I can loan a loom out. Be interesting to see what sorts of fibers her mom was into... every weaver's different.

And had a request from one customer to contact her if I ever run a decoupage workshop (she bought one of my boxes but would like to learn the craft as well). It isn't hard really, but does require a bit of time and patience. And a nice supply of pretty papers. Well, mostly pretty -- I've used plain newsprint a few times for background filler.

So, might do that. Hm, copious spare time, where'd I put that....

Still, if I could pull it off before the winter holidays it would be a chance for folks to make something nice for gift-giving.

Hm, tired. Sleep time.
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Been thinking of things to post but been too busy to post anything!

Did more sorting/unpacking/packing of fabric, winter & summer clothing. Some winter stuff still needs washing -- fell behind on laundry with doing other stuff around the farm, studies, writing people, artwork, etc.

Finished typing/editing mom's Chapter 5 and sent it off today. Working on her changes to Chapters 1-4 now. Should be getting Chapter 6 in the mail next week sometime.

Not moving along as fast as I'd like on the card project, but I know it will pick up.

Beltaine was great! [livejournal.com profile] harpnfiddle wrote up the ritual and was acting chief druid Sunday. We were at the Sunwheel as per usual, and the weather held up, thank goodness! This meant she could play fiddle both for the opening and for the Maypole dance. I loved how participatory it was, with people alternating reading. Great fun with the May dance, silly and light-hearted, with the occasional "threat" to wrap our our Greenperson, [livejournal.com profile] gwynt_y_storm :D The redwing blackbird stayed for the ritual, and also we saw an eagle off to the north.

We all took a walk up to the grove L and I are working on so they could see what we've done so far. The trillium were in bloom! Gorgeous deep red blossoms :)

Unfortunately we determined that one of the pines to the east had to come out -- it had a serious case of fungus and we didn't want it to spread to the pine next to it. Poor thing, it wasn't very old. We carried all the affected parts down to by the road, away from the woods, for later disposal.

I suggested to L that today might be a good day to start disassembling the loom and moving it to the other end of the attic (more room). We got much further than I thought we would -- disassembled, moved, and now mostly reassembled! I've moved a lot of stuff into the smaller room that the loom had been in, and am trying to set up some of his weaving materials so they're a bit more accessible. More tomorrow, like as not.

Lots of rain over the past few days, and much needed of course. But the sun has come out finally -- probably part of why it's supposed to be below freezing tonight! (Clear skies)

If the ground is dry enough tomorrow or Thursday I may work on removing some of the grass from one area of the turned garden beds -- potatoes don't like growing where grass has been, so I need to get rid of as much of the roots as I can.

Working on choosing clothing carefully for Pennsic so that we have more space in the vehicle. The plan is to fit [livejournal.com profile] harpnfiddle and her stuff in too -- good company and shared travel expenses.

It may not be that much of a challenge in some ways (to fit in a third person), as I may not be able to fight this summer after all. The shoulder is coming along quite well and getting stronger every day, and of course I continue to do the stretches, etc. But the other day, after I'd already belted myself in, I bent over in my car seat to tuck something into the drawer that's under the seat, and the shoulder strap slid/pressed across my shoulder and hurt like the dickens. If the nerves are that sensitive to a bit of pressure, imagine how a blow with a stick of rattan might feel! (Or don't, it isn't a nice thing). Mind, it's my right shoulder so I'm not nearly as likely to get hit there (shield side!), but pain also means stuff is still healing. It still itches from time to time as well.

I'm less bothered about the fighting this year than last, and I'll check the pain issue in another month to see how I'm doing. But it was a surprise because normal types of contact -- hugs or someone putting a hand on my shoulder -- don't cause any pain. Oh well. I should still be able to do archery at least, which is more than I could do last year.


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