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FERC continues to suck:


Mysogynist Republican legislator heads up Red Pill group in NH:

-- To be clear, I'd post if he was a Democrat or other party as well.


On the home front, made some foaming hand soap and the decoupaged the jar I put it in -- yes, I'll try to take a photo. Also made after-sun soother spray, some Light Blue for my travel kit (helps with tight muscles and can have some relaxing/calming effects).

Debating the "hand sanitizer" -- non-triclosan homemade stuff. I'm sure it's great, I'm just trying to decide if I'm that often in places where I'd need to clean my hands and there's wasn't a sink handy. I have another one I've made that's for minor scratches and abrasions...I need to look at the different options and see if it makes sense to have separate things.

Lots more reading - and writing - to do. I can't always sort things out just in my head, especially if I'm comparing things, so paper is better. I may print out some of the sheets on different plants and highlight the bits I look at most...will probably end up creating my own pages for them -- then I can lay the pages out and look at everything at the same time.


I have a lot more energy than I used to, but still get overwhelmed sometimes by stuff out of left field, so I know I have a ways to go.

That said, have managed to move a bunch of furniture and stuff around the past several days. The warming weather helps, as some things can leave the house now or go different places.

I think I've made enough space in the living room again to do a review of the backpacks before they go out to the minivan (offsite storage of emergency supplies in case of house disaster or unexpectedly staying somewhere away overnight). That'll free up space in the dining room, yay!


I did a tiny bit of handsewing last night (mending). Hope to do some actual creative stuff soon.
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