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Aug. 8th, 2016

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I'm actually looking at different ways to assemble a Chinese headdress, but when I mentioned to [livejournal.com profile] fitzw that [livejournal.com profile] danabren was working on a complex headdress with parts that stand up and away from the head, he suggested looking at kabutos (Japanese helmets).

Didn't have a lot of success until I did a search that brought up a page from Sengokudaimyo.com. Of course. I didn't know Anthony Bryant well but we had some lovely online chats about Japanese clothing; he is missed. People interested in Japanese armor and underpinnings of same will be happy to know that a devoted group of volunteers are continuing to maintain his site and fill in the gaps - things that were lost or he hadn't had the time to finish are being recovered and worked on as well.

Also, there are links near the bottom of the side menu bar to his related sites on clothing, miscellany, and intro to Classical Japanese.


A few pages from his site:

http://www.sengokudaimyo.com/katchu/katchu.html (Chapter 8)

- Dealing primarily with describing different methods of helmet assembly, but there is this mention of crests: "Datemono (crests) could be attached to the front, sides, back, or even top of the helmet using a fixture called an oharaidate. Some helmet were even fitted with several different types of crest. Crests were usually removable. Even grotesques might have crests attached to them."

http://www.sengokudaimyo.com/katchu/katchu.html (Chapter 9)

- More detail on helmets. PDFs of templates linked in each section.

Key phrase for oharaidate: "Cut out and form the oharaidate (crest holder). There are more complex versions, but I’ve provided a simple one that should serve you well. Attach it to the front of the kabuto. Note that the central of the three dome rivets goes through the oharaidate. There is a second rivet lower down on the crest-holder, but it must be ground flat and is invisible."


- This is the PDF for the exemplar oharaidate. Diagrams and instructions.


When I get to seriously designing and making a Chinese headdress (Chinese opera-style), I plan on photographing the process in the hopes of sharing it with those interested. The opera hats seem to use hook & eye and ties, but I'm thinking snaps and velcro may also be of use. I was also remembering today about how for straps it can be useful to make slots/holes for them to go through - either one or two, depending on which side of a surface you want to have the fastener. The bending of the strap or tie to go under/over a surface redirects some of the force of the tension the strap is under, and makes for a "stronger" attachment because it takes some stress off where the strap is sewn/riveted.
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Long not as in having a three-day weekend, just a lot happening, starting Friday afternoon.

Got a massage - yay!

Went down into the valley and made a quick stop at CVS, then on to Applebee's for a quick supper...and ran into some of L's relatives who were in the area for the reunion on Saturday. So of course we had dinner with them...then a quick shop for ingredients for the fruit salad for Saturday -- got home late.

Saturday we went to the reunion and stayed for about 2-1/2 hours and then L was toasty so we went home. L mostly took it easy, I got a few things done, like picking a few blueberries and giving them a few gallons of water.

Sunday we went back to the family farm in the morning for pancake breakfast (and leftovers) - and yes, there were GF pancakes. No blueberry ones, but hey, can't have everything. Hung out long enough to be in a couple of family photos and then back home. L took a nap while I made a trash and recycling run and made another fruit salad for the Pennsic Pity Party. Not that we're feeling sorry to not be at Pennsic, but it was a chance to hang out with some people we haven't seen much in the past year. It was a cozy gathering -- and really, just about perfect for us. I got some really old artwork back from Fiona, from back when cut-and-paste was a real thing using actual scissors and glue :D


Today we'll be pretty low key, but I at least have more energy today than I would normally have after that much activity and traveling. I picked a _lot_ of blueberries today, and gave them more water. Normally I wouldn't be watering established plants but it's dry enough here that the poor things are already dropping leaves...

I also worked on getting access to a small piece of furniture (moving stuff on and around a table) and finished getting it clear today. It's part of an effort to make the office less cluttered and more usable...we'll be getting a filing cabinet from L's mom soon too, so I have to keep working on opening up space. It'll be nice to get the table out of its current location in the dining room, which is still serving as a storage space for things from all over the place, but esp. the future greenhouse space.

Oh, and we finally got the tiger tapestry up on the wall in the weaving room. It's on the large side and in a frame, so it was a challenge; only took seven months...yes, another year of chaos, but we're making progress.


Made appts. with an acupuncturist for Thursday. Let's see what she can do for L's continuing nerve pain and my various issues. Meanwhile, I've dug out the acupressure book and looking at and trying some possible points to use. I used to have a routine of points I did regularly but whenever something new is added to my or our lives I tend to lose other bits.


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